1 KILL = 1 DARE ! Fortnite Roulette w/ Model Sommer Ray

I got a kill! I got a Kill! Spin the wheel! Sommer you already know what time it is R: Hello Everybody! Get off your phone! S: Sorry, sorry I didn't know we started yet Ok man, me and Sommer haven't been in a video in a Long time so- S:He's really been missing me, I keep telling them to stop crying But Sommer! Guess what we are doing for today's video, just take a wild guess, just take a wild one Lemme guess, your gonna use for clickbait, your gonna make me take off my clothes Have you heard of the game for tonight Okay, look

I just bought this wheel alright you see this wheel right here We're gonna Do it everytime I get a kill Okay, everytime I get a kill we're gonna spin the wheel and depending on what Atlanta is what you have to do On it

I mean here we go We're just gonna just do it off the top cuz I don't even know first one don't look I'm gonna show you and the camera at the same time Boom, do you see that? What do you mean, okay? I haven't been in school in like two years My hair is bad Okay No, I mean I'm gonna spell it If it lands on that then we just have to do it and your crazy face on it guys can't Touch your bus get one free touch sure but All right, what else should we do Well I'll shoot you one hour all right I think I figured out the wheel guys on here We go eat raw egg ice cube with your pants Look dirty confession, so it's like you know I'm ashy stuff like You just have to answer if I lay on it got twerk right here shit, and then touch your butt oh my god I guess we're just gonna hop into a game right now

All right You're about to pop into action Are you ready or not? Hop skip and a jump? Okay, yo all you guys have been asking summer, and I do a format video here We are I'm Skyy Okay listen, I women why don't you use that other one? No I landed in this game I'm picking up the guns because I'm not the murder people you know I'm saying I'm not to take out people's live in a shit And I'll get a kill hold on What is breaking all right? Well I'm basically I hear someone above me Because oh oh shit All right I did not feel your lips, so we never go Check this out I'm doing the old switcheroo look at that You know what that means under your toes Okay go boom oh shit Oh, my oh my god Okay

Oh my okay For our whole friendship I always wanted to go to Disneyland you never will be with me so Basically we're gonna Put ice cubes down your shirt or pants that you pick You sure Yeah, tell you why I saw but I'm just you know this good authority That's flowers Do you hear it does I do Oh Oh? Yeah the juicier one I mean I mean the cuter one Okay, but here's the thing though could I do whatever I want Does I really like this new concept like the strip 3 is like too repetitive I gotta switch it up

You know I think we might as well do truth so I get to ask you something you just need to answer it truthfully So to fully I have you ever Done dirty stuff with the girl Thick you didn't answer my question right yeah, you cleaned the house, but what does that mean did you like? Did you like Did you Say No, I summer me my viewers Don't appreciate the cheating right you said the cleaning house thing that's cheating you made the do maid beats work That's cheating You'd even suck on my toes You licked it That's cheating like You signed the agreement you signed the agreement Okay, why are you telling on my business because use it Tina all right hold on I'm gonna I'm gonna kill this guy so we roll this again now We're gonna get Every guys every viewer dream is right here right now Spin the wheel summer you know what I'm Dirty confession, okay Do not dodge the question all right

I don't want you to think that I'm asking for myself like my friend He was wondering so I'm asking for a head like don't think that Just don't think it's me asking you I like it's not me asking, but like the size matter like Lelaina I mean like sighs like where is let me ask you There's my two people left oh shit you're right, you're right, holy crap I Don't why you down on me summer Oh my god I haven't actually talked to you about this, but you remember when you run wild and out yeah That's kind of cool You know I mean like most people aren't they know on that show so props for that black Thanks, dude I kind of felt jealous when you were like kissing another girl

I was just like Why? We're not scripted You get on stage, and you kind of do whatever she can to kiss me a little Bit don't kiss me yeah I mean mxs way, so you didn't want to kiss her oh Girl, it's great guys I was thinking like I love the vlog and stuff But like what's the point of vlogging when I can just sit here and play for name you know like I'm just Why why go out of our way to have an entertaining vlog when I can just sit here play a game and get even more view so No, no no guys I would have be flogging sue I just gotta get a little fortnight wins here and there so I can get my view So I'm trying to get 10 No you know the deal subscribe summer Thank you Whatever she stroked for next time And text for my ex at least you know I'm up next yeah, they hate when I flex it don't really make sense Yeah, I got a lot of enemies

I don't take L's

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