1 Kill = 100,000 V-Bucks in Fortnite w/ My Dad (Battle Royal)

Each kill, a hundred thousand v-bucks A hundred thousand? This is not good WHYY WHYYY WHYY add bruhitzliam4 on snapchat That's right

Oh, yeah I see a lot of youtubers making videos with their little brother their sister Their girlfriends this and this I see no dad's making video So I haven't totally cool that I dunno cheese story you guys know that little window trend I have a ledge no script fortnight with cheap stuff you already don't Do it I'm not stripping brows you said you were down to collab I'm not stripping I'm down to clap, but I'm not stripping Raps the head is definitely not coming up alright You don't stress that we're stressing that how about this you have any game Do you play for know yourself up like one of the better players alright? He's one of the better players He's hopper to get each killing you get I will give you 10,000 V, but 10,000 just for every kill every cure you get down If you guys don't know what V bucks this is like this virtual money in this game You can buy like guns and scans I don't know, but I look I was trying to outstrip He's not down, so we're chatting up the game plan whatever hopping again Let's do it alright here

We go We're hopping again I don't know how good PR is look at this time I got the videos if you don't a deal to worry about to land dog I'm going to tilt the towers man That's crazy, bro You're you were playing four kills That's where everyone's that I know but not only that but you can die easily to I'm not gonna I'm not gonna die I'm gonna get kills

Yeah guys I just got back from the bank got this money I really don't think I'm gonna hand it over I'm gonna Just go spend this at yo hall I think what it's my headset alright Yeah, I'm gonna switch it That was bullshit, I didn't know my headphone was like gonna

Tell me dude the cord who's running it right here It's coming, but you couldn't see it commonsense Hi, Lola, since it's a lot of money on the line, and I was gonna say one game I'll give you one more game All right all right a lot of kid second game where you going dog? Dude, I'm can I turn this headphone How do I turn these headphones on there way too loud? Thanks, man, I got she does all right how much am I getting per kill listen boy one kill 10,000 beaver okay one kill 10,000 be but 10,000 giving this equivalent $200 Let's go where every kill so hundred every killer Where you land a boy I'm going to tilt it That's where all the people are ass not again

You saw what happened last time It's not a good idea, bro You just want to play it slow, so you get you know mommy fine, bro I'm going to get kills I'm gonna get like a G from you Dude I got fortnight on my shirt for a reason I sell Kia blended You got oh you got a gun you got a bro shit He had a gun are you trying to get money or not get a gun my listen listen I feel like you don't have enough motivation to go hard because you think this is a joke we now know I like it's a joke he had a gun you have the Entertainer of viewers listen listen listen each kill I'm an aunt I end up I'm gonna turn it up each kill a hundred bucks Guys I would give them a million bucks primero a shake good crash shake on this bull won't even get a kill I mean worst case he gets two kills whoopty-doo It's a few bit of money started us last games I gotta go that way I gotta go so lap so last game, but I get one kill for us, please no I will get a killer cheering up play The Undertaker music My boys were diving in a man queues that are please get at least one kill at least one cute guys Everyone pray for keep start

I'm getting this money I'm not going to tilt it again That was a mistake Gee That's one there you really just gonna kill, okay, okay, okay one two This should be I'll put this right here Damn alright guys I'm a thousand dollars like down now I just went to the bank

I just lost $1,000 to this man That's two dude, you just died two times in a row back in there looking like trash now you want to play Now you want to play all pro and shit, bro You're getting hustled not to make it three What happened, bro you're camping up Three Guys each kill is a hundred thousand zero is equivalent to a $1,000 He's got three kills the game is not over guys I just hit 10 million subscribers You know I make a decent amount of money but I don't have enough money to be given a Thousand per kill you made the bet oh, I didn't know you wore money more money more money You said you Joe you better die if I can build over that guy is trash Yo, yo yo yo yo, yo, you're the upper I was thinking how about each kill is like a Know you said I know but I didn't know your about these guys I Don't know what to do you want 6 HP HP in a dream, but let's go all right guys he has 6 kills I have lost a total of $6,000 he made see my god He followed me follow me Trash this guy is trash no your Trickshot what am I watching right now this pool I'm thirsty

I'm thirsty This kid is so bad your gun it–to bro You're giving me more He's dead Oh shit Dude that's six grand so far You owe me six grand nah, but six grand equals six hundred thousand v Books like what are you even in a fighh in the store? There's not even enough things for you to buy in this game everything I'm gonna get eight kills Dude, I'm on fire right now

You see people watch these guys What are you shooting bad guys? This isn't fair bro, I didn't know Another drug kills how does he have max health guys? This is not good This is not good Dude that guy was a noob Look at tower boy, man It's full all right look

He's kept up He got that high advantage You're dead you're wrong I got him I'm bringing down those buildings Oh He lost shield wrong You guys know how much $8,000 oh shit oh shit girl 8,000 I could buy I could buy a lot of these we thousand dollars That's all I gotta say I could give it to charity I don't want to give it to this unit I told you I was gonna get killed your dad Already got a job you already got money You already got a house

What do you need my? Like can we give it to charity I'm gonna go for nine watch, bro I swear to God if you get one more kill um I have to box you, bro They're just taking my money Like you want to set up a boxing match Welcome to old the Box bro, but I still flip I run these hands, bro Cuz you can't be taking my money over there just to you raise the deal Oh Bro it's one of those things where it's like you can get a kill But like why do you have max health still like are you gonna? Uh you know? I'm gonna win this game guys I'm fucked how about this quick quick idea if you win the game? I'll double the amount I'll double it okay If you lose, I just take it all back Because like do you know yeah feel it feel good deal good deal All right guys if he wins he just double the amount if he loses I take all the money back just cause like Bro, I was nine kills done Yeah, I'm ready nice to know I'm on wireless I was thinking the worst case scenario

He gets to kill You know I mean, but like Roses really at the end of the game like this And he's in there Oh God it's good Yes dear nothing What if he dies I get to keep all the money right so? That's where a player's know if I win I get double the money all right There is every rest chat every reward whatever bro push a push up no hell no just 18 grand on the line right now Often like run Adam no no no it's the controller run at him I intense moment bro your champion rub time to get up your camp in Brawl Skies I was trying to do some strip for that I didn't know her, but these buildings go get oh shit Killa What is that guy doing why is he nice to meet you bro, he is dude do you pro Why? Why would you bail? 80 grand bro 18 grand give me that shit No I Was planning to do a strip for them with keemstar he said oh, I don't want to last-second decision on my are I you know quick video

Let's plan for some money this fool dies wife He told me he wasn't good so I was like yeah Let's do a funny deal beggar, so I can title and good you know I mean PP people like a lot of money But then this guy is over here game 10 kills come on man all right, man Use your channel subscribe if you're new subscribe excuse divert more that guy I'll see you guys tomorrow

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