1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay) #2

OH MY GOD THIS DUDE IS ABOUT TO KILL ME! I GOT A KILL I GOT A KILL YO, WHAT IS UP GUYS!? How are you guys doing, this is four days in a row, what am I doing? I'm doing YouTube now, holy crap, but today day I was thinking like up on a four day streak I don't really know, i'm out of ideas, I'm out of good ideas, but wait! It's okay, because I was like "You know what? Imma pull up my IPhone too" Are you ready, are you ready, alright? I need your help though, because I really don't know what to do so like do you have any ideas for today's video? No, because I'm not really trying to like cause any of you know, beefing ruckus, I've heard of this game

Have you heard of Fortnite? You've heard of the game? How do these people don't know the game, but look, Fortnite, like, it's a game, It's popular and I feel like if we play it right now together, we could get alot of views! Actually, what if we do this how about I know I told you that we're coming over to eat some food and stuff But I was like, how about every time I get a kill in this game, you like take off a piece of clothing (Not this again!) I'll give you a punch egg right there like I gave you a shout out like boom and And then I'm really not good at the game like you know I mean like No, because like if I get two kills like you just take it off like two shoes like it's a hard game I'm not gonna trust me, but guys tell her tell her mattress Okay, YO SHE'S DOWN!! I need your consent beside right here in the dialogue alright We are about to be good Are you ready (Girl: All right) You can't back out halfway, so do you know me, pinky promise? Look, it's sealed the deal Do you know what's going on right now? No, I'm in a pre-game lobby Imagine like a hundred soldiers, right? A hundred soldiers is landing in one playground and we're gonna ballot out to the dead I mean, I'm really not good, I guess we're gonna find out guys tell her I'm not good

You have nothing to be worried about Here we go Here we GOOOO- WE'RE ABOUT TO START BOYS, We're about to start Have you ever skydived, ever? Girl: I've never We're about to do it right now

Look look look WEEE, LET'S GO! Alright, look I just landed It's about to begin You got- Alright, look I think there's a- look at that, shotgun, boom

Alright, this is about to save my life Do you know why? Girl: Why? Because these people are gonna to try to kill me Oh my god, look look look, guys guys I don't have audio Why don't I have audio? You shootin at me Oh my god Guys tell her what that means Guys, tell her what that means, okay? OKAY! OKAY, WE'RE BEGINNING! So, uh, what did you eat today? What did I eat today, uh

, vegan sandwich Are you vegan? No, but I try not to eat meat Why not? I love meat

I can't live without meat (relatable ecks dee :joy: :ok_hand:) I know, I love meat too But I try not to

Boy: In my mouth Oh godOh god

OH MY GOD, THIS DUDE'S ABOUT TO KILL ME THIS DUDE'S ABOUT TO KILL ME! *Screaming Children* I'm doing the dance while I kill him alright guys Do you know what that means? I mean, I don't wanna You know I mean, I got another kill Holy guys I'm about to die I need to heal the *** up right now

Yeah, I got a question What's your question? If you were to punch yourself, and I heard it Are you strong or weak? Strong But you're feeling a pain, so you're weak Both ways It's pretty clever Think I see someth- Alright guys, you guys might know, but I've been chopping up the video

There is only twenty seven people here I can't find anyone There is two I have two kills I'm kind of freaking out! I'll try to get her naked right now, guys You don't get me naked

I'm gonna take your change (I'm going to leave this here Hopefully someone else can finish this) What who makes these rules? I mean do you know how much it is change It's at least four dollars That's how much it is

Uh hello I see a guy yo guys I actually saw comments about me rice gun is hiring people to play for her People say that I'm not playing I'm getting someone else to play like what what does that mean? I got another kill with three kills it up every yeah Because there's really three people left I need to turn up right now guys I can't take an L guys I need to turn up yo so I was actually on your Instagram, and I saw you had like this Where you're like boxing and you're looking like mad sweaty and delicious and s*** But like would you ever like fight another youtuber cos like that's like the cool thing to do You might be down? Wait hold on I see someone I need to tell you something

Ah! You saw that! You guys see I'm doing you need to take up with our clothing, but basically while you're doing that I just want to let you know There's this girl that I really do not like right is a youtuber She basically lied about me hitting her and that's our serious thing You know I mean she just got away with it You know I mean I made a diss track to solve my problems, and I can't fight girls You know I mean could you potentially? Handle my business for me, you know what I'm saying? I mean if you pay me What you really are asking for money like how much like two dollars Two dollars, I'll take it

I'm going up to the sky and not only am I going up in this here, but in this world in this life I'm going up to the top Did you see what I just did that I basically just did a trampoline and now I'm just Talking death traps you talking that trash to get the fuck back all right now take that comment back about does it take that I Like it hasn't been that long It's been about 15 minutes Yeah, I feel like we've been friends for a while now But like I just think like Be like I think that we should take it to the next step I'm loaded boy I got the gold star baby, baby I'm Yola ID'd these kills the games all was over I only have six kills last year had 40 kills question Tianna In your Instagram videos right where you're working on the stuff Or you just went out like one and leaving the gym when I feel like all these Records are just filming them work out for one second, and then chopping it up and then I'm out of here like Activist You will not hear while deal it up with squat off right now Dude I'm so bored, yuria, okay? Be patient and the skin that's not a part of my video That's against the rules Joe that's against the rules yeah hold on Okay, you know I just gotta kill I wish I could look a little right now, but we gotta turn up you what I hate you good idea top There's only four people left guys last kid Okay, don't eat all my How come you didn't ask me first like can I grab? How come how come you can't like just ask nicely first like Genetic it like gonna have one bite like I mean like you can't just take stuff That's not yours I mean Oh my god

Oh my god Okay Guys I don't care take it I'll put it everyone's gonna laugh at me all you guys are gonna Ah Not only do I let myself down? Oh god This is not happy so who is this guy yo, you kind of? Like I know you're in the instagrams No thoughts no nothing left I think the tops coming up next let's go wait so you say so about a friend I thought I got a Way do you think you can give her my number just So I gonna bring her up then so let's rate like so what's her name to even begin with him yeah Okay, I know I never that a she's like she's one of my good friends like I know something like she lives this house I know she's your friend, but you guys don't talk about being stuck And I need to get a kill this is for the squad guys this kill She has no accessories on that should do it Ah all right look I'm healing up you said okay look I know summer summer Rae are we talking about like the same summer? Big booties Instagram model I know her all right I'm going back into ashes

Okay Okay? Well how about missing all my shots dawg? Massage me Look at you what I looked at you once alright, so don't even assume Don't even be a soothing You know I guess I'll go back Y'all go back down here guys I need to relax They've sauce at one time I'm healing up, so I I don't need to pay attention to the game

I'm healing up right now I can shoot him later I just I feel like I might never get I might never get this opportunity again I'm getting nervous a little bit oh Boy alright guys I think we need like three four tails the shirts coming off the pants coming off raw everything I'm dinner naked Let's get it boy

Oh my god Yo You always get me killed you're almost to be killed you always get me killed you almost get me killed you almost get me killed This buddies build I'm a builder Take off the top, I got a kill no I got a kick Ok look last video of the girl did it get an egg in this video I was kinda hoping she would and you're not negative is there a way we can just I won the game I mean Way so the decisions on see I got you guys

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