[you are side eyeing me] Yo! Wat's up guys! This is ur boy RICEGUM, back wid another video pigeon This is 3 days in a row Wait! Hold on! It's only 2 days in a row but come on like be happy for me

pigeon But since I'm posting today You know I really didn't have a video idea uhhthis chair is so squeaky pigeon [should I help you?][BOOM*][ohohsh*t!] pigeon Oh

Oh guys since I didn't have a video idea instance that the other video we made, you guys seem to really love pigeom I Decided to bring her backyou know what I'm saying![that's RIght] meow but like what should we film I really don't have an idea today [I don't know!] I mean[We should be just ourselves

] meow yeah I mean we can be ourselves, but like YouTube now a days like people really likelike sexual-content meow I don't know like don't ask me

It's not my idea like do you know why? [I mean people are horny!] But anyways I was actually thinking like there's this very popular game called fortnite and I'm not a gamer! II really don't[What is it?] It's like a shooting game I don't know why it's so popular, but the game is popular [Is it popular? no, It's not!] It's a popular gameWait! You don't know of it? [No] So she live in a ROCK! I was checking out YouTube and that game gets so much views and like might get and my views are like kind of going down a little bit /like don't tell anyone/ so we need to play this game, but wait! there is more- How about every time I get a kill

[uh ha?]You just take off a article of clothe [Guys!][Are you serios?] I told u people [That is so sexual!] Okay, okay [what do uwho do you think I am??] I don't know! [I'm so done**] Nono

no Oklooklook!!I'm not good at the game You're wearing like a big jacket, bandana like there's no way like come on like 2 shoes [finefine] like 2 shoes, 2 socks – I get one game I'm not good at the game

I'm a youtuber[Are u sure u r not good at the games?] I'm a you-tuber I don't have time to be playing games I got other things to do [Ok! let's do rock, paper and scissor!] and if I win then we play one game of strip fort- One game of strip fortnite if I win! Okay here we go! rock, paper, scissor, Shoot! I got oneI got one

Ok look2! here r the rules> I'm gonna go into the gameall right?[mouthing ok*]if I die It's over so I mean it just ends there-[fine!!] ] but every kill- [But only 1 time!!] Only one time every kill i get you take off a piece of clothing Are you down? yes or no? I need your consent? [fine!!] I need your consent? u don't look too excited

I don't know y she is-[Because I'm not U literally scared me] We're gonna get a lot we're gonna get a lot of views on this video relax, I plug in already, okay? [only for the views though] I plug inI plug in-[Don't let me down

I swear] ohlook2 u see right here up on the bus, right?[yeah]uh waithave you ever been skydiving I mean notis it skydiving, when they drop u off in sky? [yeah, skydiving] yeah, have u ever tried skydiving

[No, but I want to] Yeah, well I'm about to go skydiving right now guys Oh, yes, I have to start it's like lean on that first and then I can start After That He's in the house Do you even understand what's going on? [no, I don't][I'm really trying][This girl in the pink outfit with the big booty-] oh sh*t[owww!!] oh my god! you got to take off one of these clothingI guess I just got a kill

[ No u didn't] I did I just got a kill [are u sure?] you saw me shot dead him you saw me shot dead him oh come on no no no let's take off like jacket the jacket [fine I was getting hot anyway] exactly!! I Just another kill, so come on

{Rice u told me u are not good at this game] I just got another kill [fine I'll take me scarf off] I just got another kill-yo I just got another kill take that scarf off! You know I just got another kill What is that 3/4 cup take off another piece of clothing you just have to she just has to balloon up One earring it doesn't count How is a day At this point now Where are the colors video boring? Oh, oh the game don't call it be bored Hold on hold on Way so Not the guys are mourning a poor I know I Did you I need to heal up I really do do what do I have? Did you see that no you need to take off another one let's go That's what I need to Relax I just go so I think you should take some but I Don't know who Invites a guest over it doesn't even offer them water ok I get it Guys I'm doing this for you guys man If I'll get hurt down to the you know naked then I failed why well you don't give use I mean basically Like you know like I just don't understand why they put that character too little I picked her oh Yes, I just got another chill, will yeah, yeah, yeah, I did I did Wait I got two kills right there I did Yes, no no I got it before that time I got I got it before yeah, she has no idea What's going on, and it's pretty funny, but? Yeah, I can't believe I have 10 kills that you still have clothes on like I gotta kill get me I gotta kill

You don't upset I gotta kill I got it kill it do guys updated ugly I Swear, I'll be nervous guys there you go She cooks you got it Okay

Yeah, that's making sure because I thought she's I Find so many kills I don't know how you're not butt-naked yet, but that's none of my business It's 48 degrees Oh, did you see Black Panther because you just did that like cross on your chest How are you not make it, I don't understand why you have so many accessories I Gotta focus the games almost over kami I gotta Go I'm not lying to you Yeah, sure does not paying attention I swear, all right, what do you? I made I don't know what to tell you I don't you signed up for this I didn't know I was going to get 13 jokes like I did raise My hand I don't know how I'm doing this I'm not me no it was it Okay No no good, I need to much other issues must be fun

Let's go it's over oh I got a kill, but it's over Okay Well guess what here we go guys Guys I failed like so as a human, I should've got more kills I Should have got more jails what am I doing guys? No wait can I play one more game No one more game? But yeah guys, I'm not really familiar with these gaming time visit you guys enjoyed if you want more for that videos Let me know my friend you already know Cammy in the crib You know I'm saying Anyways I am upset because I couldn't get more kills Thank you, I don't know how you guys enjoy these gaming time bills if you guys did drop a like g9

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