Yo, what is up? Everybody I am back for another video How do you guys know this out of guys are paying attention as close as I am? But I am close to 10 million subscribers so after twin time or do anything whenever it takes to get there as fast as possible It's the last week I posted two video game videos

I never play videos I never post this type of content, so look at the numbers just look at the views in okay not make another but I just kind of have to like it doesn't matter what other video I Make these videos is kind of what you guys want right now I so I just got to keep doing it, but the thing is guys We have a really big problem like I need someone else to you know do the stripping and I don't have anyone I've asked all my contacts and no one is down and I Really, don't know what to do because I need to make a video I don't know what to do, but like I'm kind of thinking and I kind of have an idea I'm gonna see if this works Yeah, I need help making a video and I need to borrow something from you I need to borrow I you know you have like a girlfriend Yeah like right there What You think I can borrow her for a video? whoa video You know that this for Easter Egg video you Yeah, would you mean you want it to strip like? Just for a video you know Please do I need this video that's my girl bro light Just call me stripping in front of you and sh*t I mean I understand where you're coming from but it's just as soon as the reel is done It will be quick just 10 minutes 10 minutes this is 10 minutes, and we're out of there, and I'll finish really fast 10 minutes

I mean Charlotte I don't know I need Charlotte I need your help I posted five days in a row and I just need to make a video and you can save the day I Don't know I'm gonna pay you it's not just free work like what do you think this is look at it? Yes? All right, we're here We're about to jump right in have you heard of the game for tonight Have you heard of it? You play the game no way all right well well, I'm letting you know right now We're gonna do this thing where each kill you get you just need to take off a piece of clothing I Paid you $2 I think you know I mean it's worth it

It is worth the ISO Oh shit We're dumping it here We go all right, so it's like the first time We're actually like you know talking meaning the like What's your name? I? Mean, I know but I'm asking for the viewers You know I'm saying Charlotte, okay, could you know my name? It's right

It's just rice It's my bar Oh sh*t Oh God wait my shiz glish yoga, this gave Matic glitches How are you gonna get a killer ready to hear You so bad We're one killing already You know what that means Charlotte You know what that means? Yes, way you know it the UK? He almost got me he did almost get me he did almost every Naba Shila actually, I dropped a new song on Russia if you heard it here

Do you have a thought? Why are you searching you might just need them you know what you know, I'm saying You know what oh, no this guy had the good stuff, too This guy had the good stuff All right, so go on your phone Type in rice gun Bitcoin Okay It's not like kind of not gonna lie I've had better But okay, but you couldn't just lie on the camera to just make them think it's a good song lately You just gotta be honest I spent like three days put in my blood sweat tears into it for you to say yeah no way longer like It was a lot of hard work for you to just disrespect it like that hold on There's a dog guy right here You might as well start taking on Let's go God yo people in the game Oh As soon as you took that office target smell oh yeah, guys if people keep saying that it's like not me playing like who else does playing the game like tell them is me I Mean I understand you guys think I can have like a ghost player anyway I play our rice flavor gun if you guys know anything about me if you're a date one fan Here's proof Yeah, whether it's your boy rice plain super gums you call me Brian That's my real name I just keep you guys so V as another cow so I just have that you know go on this account way so when you Say that you heard better like who do you like listening to? Do I'm actually Maddie good at this game

I'm trying to think what the time, huh? I'm gonna technician doesn't say well Why don't you just take off the top? Like why why do everyone always wait to it like till the end to do the cutaway? Thanks, yeah, I was doing like yesterday I saw you that I had like pictures with like burgers and stuff Right there is gonna kill Bees correct correct yeah, those are the rules are just type it to something you might as well And I swear if this starts thinking I'm a just enough It's not my feet always put the sock to my nose, and I'll be the judge of it You're a cloud not us since you like food so much Straight and you given me a banana No no no I thought about your Instagram pose that you like food so It's healthy People keep saying it's not be playing I'm not good at the game I'm a beast Is it good Way so how'd you meet my boy, Frasier you know like I'm actually glad you guys met I have a video today or tomorrow yeah Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, what part of money I Got another kill gold stars Shit I'm nice at this game lag I know I'm trying to eat

I know I know your boyfriend plays this game too, but he's not me in this game I'm nice Watch is that a Rollie No, so I know like often pretty girls have like other friends that are girls that are also my homeboy It's a 22 Guys guys guys the thing is I got 40 kills last game, and she was almost naked Eye I'm almost ready We're going all the way through this time boys I'm almost there

What are you take it off? Baby cheated Random question, but what do you think is happier a pound of cotton or a pound of steel? What is heavier if you're comparing to a pound of cotton and a pound of steel, or do you know what kinda? But do you want to answer that question that the good stuff Would you pull that book You know at the start you said you're like a pro at this Yeah Like do you understand what's going on so whatever I do it right now Okay, what is he a building with? Wood great Okay look in the wood chopping good Okay Okay? Okay? She goes What's up? You saw that you saw that we are you down to almost anything, Oh what else do you have You tell me So worth it oh Boy guys are we coming up here again, risky seven people laughing

I'll plant a hell of a game right now I feel bad for you I feel bad for you I really do I'm a bit Colin Are you cold? I'm sorry after this I'll give you a Rice Mercury Do you know I yeah? Do you know what that is? Yes, do you think it's like oh? This is hard, I don't have nothing to do guys Oh, it's about to get a real quick guys

Oh boy Oh boy Do you even know what's going on Lily about to jump on this trampoline look at this Boyfriend I wasn't even looking at you I keep seeing you again I was looking at past you like Look at this though look at this though He has no idea

I'm above her You know I'm saying stop I wasn't Listening yes It is it's worth it I fine I'll give you another two dollars and a half promise So what's next? Oh, my god? What's next? I have no idea

I gotta kill like you know what that means Okay Do you think money grows on trees or something like do you think money grows on trees or something oh? No of course not I know I'm aware he's my friend I would not want to cross that line With him finding out, but if he doesn't find out that it okay? Oh? God Oh, Oh God the game is dead okay, and I need your phone, so they gave me, thank you I can't yes Of course This is gonna Be census

Ya know like do you know how they have like black bars and stuff yes There will be trust me nah trust me I wouldn't want a burger Take me already wand because I kind of got what you know I'm saying what I wanted But I mean I'm gonna censor so you can like uncover you're right I'm gonna yes with a sense right, so just you know cover uncover your hands like it's gotta be a horror at that point It's gonna be hard Guys guys yet, nothing else to take off So it's just kind of awkward because like what do we do from here like does she have to take off skin? There's one person left I mean guys if I win or lose it really doesn't matter Oh God Can you hurry up son? Relax what relax? Hold on oh, yeah game over oh Yeah look at this look at this All right, no staring her I might give you my birth weight right here wait right here All right boys and girls look at this merger look at this much Here You go It's time to come up Okay guys listen here boy the girl I will be posting tomorrow thumbs up share the video tell your friends four nights on the come-up If you guys enjoyed the video up a thumbs up right now subscribe if you are new follow her for spending time out of her Day for four dollars

I really appreciate it Thank you She'll be back in the future You can go back to Fraser now whatever I got a video Let's go bigger Dan text from my ex I think she know I'm up next yeah, they hate when I flex it Don't really make sense yeah, I got a lot of enemies I don't

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