1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING w/ Alissa Violet (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay) #4

FIRE!!!! I got a kill! I got a kill! Ah, I got another kill Ohhhh! Let's go! NoOooO! You know what that means Hello everybody, how you guys doing? I'm sitting here next to Alissa Violet

We haven't made a video in so long How have you been? Keep us up to date with your life Pregnant Pregnant So am I

But, yeah guys I need a big gay today Yeah, that's really cool I would like to eat a chair So we're sittin here Okay, are you serious? Can you hurry up? No I'm filming look We need to make a better day, and I need your help Can you help me? No

please? Okay, look Have you heard of Fortnite? No Okay, it's a video game where you shoot people, okay? How about every time I play this video game, every time I get a kill you strip a piece of clothing Why not? Cause I have a boyfriend Okay, I understand that But, It will get a lot of views

Actually though I was actually just talking to banks earlier, I'm not lying or anything, but he said he was okay with it where swear Just helps the video you know how they make all those graphics, oh wait can we Let's go look right there, I so every kill right you're gonna Just have to undress the clothes I know it might be weird to give a boyfriend and you know they were not on that level But it's like it's what it's for the views, so I'm like are you? I'm not that good at the game, so I think you're just gonna take off like suitably either, so it shouldn't be Okay, I'm skydiving have you ever skydive to do life Do you want us? I thought you brought me here because you wanted to talk about like a new song We could make I mean our last I did good, so we could do a potential one, but I mean I just need you for this no strip thingy If that's cool No I mean Okay, how should the song go do you want to like hear a pin B sing? Are you show us a little song right now? Nah, but do you even know what's going on though? Yeah, it's a cute town, but this guy's shoe me right now It's like a I guess It's like a bad area to live Kids here to say no wait a minute Everyone is talking about this game It's pretty addicting, but it's not as addictive as cocaine there Okay, why you swerving in my? House a killer, so you know what that means Alisa? No, I I mean

I just landed I got my first kiss one feel like relax You know what that means? Hey, you know what our hot fresh intel yeah, she's hot Listen why are you stupid? Yeah? I never make you song, okay I know I kind of tricked you What the hell hold up, I'm chasing them down, I'm not I'm not look at this That was a cure right there, you know what that means, Alyssa you suck No No you suck, cuz All right Okay, why do you wear so many layers up top

I mean it's like it's kinda hot in here I mean cuz it's cold Denali Oh, I like you're sure that's a dope shirt Yo, I saw this pepperoni pizza and they were like, are you going to start blogging again Or like what are like some of the ideas that you have Okay But you're like you're about to do naked Tuesdays and porn Saturdays like I've been waiting for that on the channel like when What is that client? Okay, so who are you posting those videos for it's for your fans You know I'm your fan

I'm your biggest Mean Ricky already started making the videos See you know you guys like a suit yeah No, I'm okay look Alyssa, I've been sitting here for a while now I just got three kills in the last like ten minutes like I don't know what you're saying You know what that means guys There's only 90 people have left guys I only have tree kills guys I'm turning her naked I know that she'll lose Ames change Can you lose um? like the game I'll give you $2 Wait so is your real name, right? Do you think that Do you think my mom named me right? That would be a donor is your real name Alisa violet? Let you go for another shirt wait you just were like you keep taking off shirts Yeah, so as soon as you just took that off

You might have to do it again Okay, I know this is weird because we're like friends and I me like I shouldn't be why are you wearing so many sure? What is this guys yo guys, so there's like this new gun that I'm using right now Oh, I just saw someone But it's like oh good what yeah that like it's such like a pad or a place from Avatar Like what – what I live there It's so nice to like write in this game Yeah, I mean it's like a nice lake view and the trees are very naturey or peep this penis Do you smoke trees on this video that's bad guys W choice, Oh have you heard my new song, Alyssa oh, yeah Wait I'm just building like do you know Bob the Builder yeah? I mean you sign the contract already you sign the contract We just have to Okay, what are you? Okay? Okay? You have a boyfriend, please You can just stand up and take it off normally oh Let's talk about the tie listen guys there's lean Twelve seconds later There's no way I don't know why you just poured Why are me for no reason like what is that? Don't do that again because I'm wet now I'm not talking in a good way Guys there's only seven people left I have seven kills ELISA violet I said we could discuss that off-camera

I don't know why we gotta talk about it right now I'm not mad I'm not mad okay I had this shirt on first I don't know why you're gonna be putting on No, I had this shirt first Yeah, you actually uploaded YouTube I'm as proud of you you have it you haven't posted like two months Yeah guys

Oh god I don't know What guys she literally posted I heal up She's posted What like for a bit in the last year It's so oh my god guys it doesn't make sense cuz normal youtubers If you don't pose videos like you might fall off and become irrelevant like Alyssa No, I just I don't know what I did Holy crap yeah, what did you do to deserve that like like like did you pray to the social media go yeah? Dougen I love my fans to and ah No, I swear my viewers Just love sexual content And and it's helping me wait So what you just know so I basically put down a trampoline majiggy Bobby and just flew away

Yeah, so how was your day today? What'd you think someone who told you No guys I don't have a bush guys I shave I don't know why she would say that do you have a bush Melissa there's four people I have nine People think I suck at this game I'm nice Yes

No I'm not actually I don't wanna get naked on camera, right? Okay, what are you doing? Why you trying to distract me? Do bake said it was okay I talked to him He said he wouldn't get mad like he said you wouldn't get mad all right It's almost over You don't even need the yeah, I swear to god You killed nah

I'm not good I told you this early Oh my god I got a kill I got a kill he's gonna No

He's not oh my god You know that be you does that mean What's going on here nothing not enough like it's a YouTube video You know I'm saying your little strew Nah, no I thought that's okay, I thought you'd be okay with that shit I Thought you'd be okay with that no Brah like I don't we need to do this job done say you're sorry Bro, why is a sorry? I'm sorry Say Alyssa is a very respectful beautiful woman Unless I was very respectful beautiful young women the whole person she should be getting naked for his face banks Say it can't hit off camera say and the only person should be naked for his face banks boom there you have it Oh my god Don't ever don't ever dump my monitor bro like how am I supposed to play my game like this, bro? My MA Damn, Alyssa get dressed Dan text for my axe at least you know I'm up next yeah, they hate when I flex it Don't really make sense Yeah, I got a lot of enemy!

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