10 REASONS why YouTube Rewind 2017 sucked (PewDiePie, RiceGum, iDubbbzTV, Jake Paul)

you guys ever had that one friend with that one mom or dad who whenever you first meet them always tried to act all hip and cool to the point where it gets super cringy like this parent would always be around the age of 40 years old and every word spoken every goddamn conversation or even just being around their general presence you could just feel this aura using from them as if they're trying way too hard to fit in with a younger crowd and then eventually after a while it gets so bad to the point where you just have to break things off with that best friend you've known since five years old and you tell him I'm sorry Kyle it's not you it's your mom it's just whenever I'm around her I feel like I just want to hop on the next Elon Musk rocket fly away as far as possible from the scott forsaken planet and never come back i mean my god what a terrible situation to be in and to be honest i feel like i'm in that very same situation right now but in this instance youtube is like that cringey mom or dad and i'm that kid who's on the verge of you know what everyday I'm sorry for that long-ass analogy I just had to start this video off with something so yeah right now um I know the last video I put out it was all over the place like it was obviously a comedy video it was for comedic purposes a lot of people didn't realize that and a lot of people got triggered that I didn't recognize their favorite youtubers but you know this video I just want to explain and put my thoughts in a constructive manner just to let you guys know how I feel honestly about this year's YouTube rewind okay so first things first first thing I got to point out is that late night TV show comedian Stephen Colbert if that's his name I don't know why did you to put him in a video I think that was a big mistake like why not let a fellow youtuber be the opening act of the video instead of this Jimmy Kimmel wannabe like I understand the concept they were trying to do but it just made me think goddamn why do we always have to have some TV personality in a video that's supposed to be about youtubers at least that was the original idea back in 2010 and I have to say this sarcastically that I'm very impressed that YouTube is allowed to reference national and global tragedies and their YouTube rewind and get ads placed on it meanwhile if I mention decade old Wars like World War two I instantly get demonetised and there are a lot of channels who do that stuff you know political channels that get demonetized all the time so how come you tube can do it how come people like that Jimmy Kimmel wannabe can do it and get ads still on their video but us youtubers we get instantly demonetised I don't understand the hypocrisy now on Tajik Paul because now he was a big part of this goddamn YouTube rewind and you know Logan Paul was – why were the Paul brothers in this year's YouTube rewind and not rice gum idubbbz or even PewDiePie like I find it hypocritical that Jake Paul Logan Paul and all the other side men were featured in this video you know ksi and his crew but rice gum was missing he obviously wasn't invited to this YouTube rewind and I know a lot of people gonna say well rice gum is a bad image for YouTube he's not family friendly enough but um have you seen what Jake Paul has gotten himself into do you see the drama he's created this year don't you see all the negative stuff that Jake Paul has done on our website the guy acts like he's a goddamn Saint a guy acts like he's family-friendly when he's actually not YouTube gives him a pass for every goddamn situation he's been in way more drama than rice come even Logan Paul has been in way more drama that YouTube would deem not family-friendly yet they were still featured in this year's YouTube rewind I don't understand the hypocrisy like I don't understand why not feature someone like idubbbz what's wrong with AI dumps the guy pulled in like 10 million views on one video the content cop and now all of a sudden they want to cut PewDiePie out because he's too controversial but you could say the same thing about the Paul brothers they're controversial as well now since I don't want to make this video that long I'm trying to stay under 10 minutes I'm just gonna move on to another thing that I found disappointing now in the YouTube rewind ksi I saw that he had a very big part like he lasted like what 20 to 30 seconds in this video while other youtubers got like half a second like a millisecond like why did Kaos I get so much airtime in this video while other youtubers only got a split second I could barely see them like there were obviously other youtubers who have major contributions to the site but I couldn't even recognize them because how fast the goddamn video was and this leaves on to my next point in my previous video I know it was obvious that I didn't recognize a lot of the youtubers shown partly because they were really random choices and mostly because a lot of them were international youtubers from different countries and that's a really big problem because I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who didn't know who these people were like really once you account for the youtubers in different countries who have content in a language other than English not many people accept their core audience will know who they are like the top Spanish youtuber the second most subscribed channel in the world he has like 30 million subscribers right I didn't know who he was and there were a lot of people and you know the US and others english-speaking countries who to know who he was either why try to cram in so many goddamn content creators in one video what's the point no one's gonna even recognize them because there's not enough screen time so this leads to my next argument I came across this specific video that this UK youtuber by the name of Emma blackery explaining how YouTube basically fucked up the YouTube rewind by just trying to cram in all these different content creators from all over the world in one seven-minute video check it out you want to know a simple solution that will make YouTube rewind amazing next year you can have it for free I don't mind giving you this gift make regional rewinds have YouTube rewind us have a youtube rewind UK or Europe or Asia or India or Australia Antarctica do different videos you have the money you have the budget it means you can give more screen time to those specific creators you can use songs aren't just food and esposito okay you can use songs that are actually popular in those continents and like I guess you could argue well Emma isn't this just dividing people no it's giving your creators more screen time it's giving them a spotlight you have the money you have the capability and people will be happier there you go so like I honestly agree with her 100% why the is YouTube being so motherfucking cheap with their budget and not making separate youtube rewinds for each particular region wouldn't that make more sense and then afterwards if you wanted to you could maybe incorporate a mash-up of all different regions in one video so I mean I know this is kind of like a rant video it is actually it seems like the YouTube team is very disconnected from us the content creators and then it's like with the whole to monetization thing it's like you you aren't allowed to make content other than slime tutorials or knife cutting videos anything YouTube doesn't deem controversial honestly it's just so goddamn sad but have to give him credit where credit's due I loved the animation at the end for the first time at a long time animators are actually not being over by YouTube and I guess that's a step forward in the positive direction you know but yeah everything else YouTube's fix your shit

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