2019 MY NEW HOUSE TOUR ($25,000,000)

Whoever wins Who shout out the meaning of this next video? ever wins out the beginning of the next video whoever wins shoutout to the ace family and all the ace family members man, I really lost ? YO WHAT IS UP EVERYBODY How is everybody doing today? Today's a special day, It's kinda a sad day Take a good look around man This might be the last day you see me in this house

I'm basically packing my stuff Packing my bags and my clothes and I'm basically heading out you guys are probably wondering "rice why are you moving out of the clout house? you've made so many memories here So many you know good videos here Why are you moving out?" Honestly just to be honest and to keep it as quick as possible Let's just think about the people in the house So we got Alissa violet, she's like always in her room we got banks in the crib, always in his room

i'm really just not feeling their vibe me and banks been bumping heads a little bit just, i'm really NOT FEELING THE VIBE and sommer bro She has not made a video with me ever She never wants to make a video anymore bro why am I- I'm outta here I have a lot of clothes Oh my goodness I'm taking everything with me

But yeah guys we actually kinda have a problem because this is WAY TOO HEAVY I can't even fathom carrying that you know me Don't worry look boi we always got solutions dawg don't sleep on me Two hours later All right guys after further thinking it really isn't that effective So we're gonna try the chair now rose is, yo That's a lot of clothes Oh my god

Oh my okay, I should help Oh God oh god, oh oh god, oh, oh YES Yes, we got on the chair Yo people really think I'm stupid out here man I see comments saying i'm stupid I figured it out bro, easy next level thinking bro, next level thinking oh god, oh god, okay rice why are you moving out? I just can't do this anymore

I just can't is it cuz I took your toothpaste the other day? That one time, you really made me angry You're so annoying get the f*ck out I don't even want to be here good, we don't want you here WHAT?! take that back

Few inches later yo guys we are actually in my new house, in my new room I'll show you guys the bathroom first, I wanna show you guys the front I wanna show you guys the pool I wanna show you guys the backyard and stuff, but like I can't yet you know I gotta wait a bit alright but i'll show you guys my bathroom so yeah this closet is pretty nice, the bath is okay guys come here we got a fireplace bro, We got a TV, so when I'm ready I can you know, watch it big mirror, bathtub and are you kidding me? LET'S GO ! Don't even get me started

One shower, one thing to go underneath you know what i'm sayin oh wait Gave me two, gave me two, gave me two! Are you kidding me? I got this, I got this and I got this to clean my butthole All right, guys All right I think I just got it all figured out I know you guys clicked on this video because you're wondering why I'm moving and I've hardly even talked about it so instead of click baiting Let me get more into depth, you guys know Banks' name is Faze Banks and he's been working on a lot of faze stuff and not really that much clout stuff So you know what I mean, I gotta you know get away from that and Don't even get me started on Alissa She's just been super annoying and sommer I just can't even, I don't even want to talk about it

but look guys i know I told you guys I was like only going to show you guys my bathroom, but I feel bad now because you guys are really the supporters in the world and I can't just hold on you So, ima give you guys just a quick tour, but don't tell anyone just a quick tour of the house Alright here We have the elevator, lets go up one floor alright, here we have a little wine thing you know wine over here we have a little chill spot and I swear the clout house where banks and all them are living, they're over there man, Screw those guys I'm in my own zone right now you know what i'm sayin we got the gym, I know i'm always saying ima get buff it still hasn't happened but wait on it, ima use this, i'm gonna utilize this

COME ON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? RUN! Look at this! Look at this, Show them that bro! we got the whole thing poppin' bro the house is coming broken, what is going on? All this space bro it's a freaking night club what's up everybody ! It's a night club in here! but guys the best part, we got a piano! the last house didn't even have a piano the pool table! you already know! look at this! We got all this space yo! it's bout to be lit Yo, this is literally last house x10, look at this, come one! yo! that could've been bad Look at that long ass pool, and then you come up here So dark, you guys can hardly see but there's another bro We really out here Yeah guys really rough rough tour of the house The lights aren't even on, it's dark out You guys can't fully see it, but that's the point I didn't even show you guys all the best rooms yet You know what I'm saying like there's other cool stuff I just can't show it off Anyways, you guys made it to the end

Don't forget to drop a thumbs up and subscribe if you're new tomorrow I'm thinking about dropping a clout gang expose video talking about banks and Alissa and Sommer just behind the scenes stuff But like I told banks about it and he was like, oh I might sue you and all this shit It's just a lot of stuff going on So I'm gonna figure all that out, but that's the next video Most likely thank you guys all so much man You guys are the best, real supporters for staying and sticking by and I'll see you guys tomorrow

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