2nd Best Fortnite Player in The World Roasted Me (TSM Myth)

Yo what is up everybody, how are you guys doing? I hope everybody is having a great day because, I'm not having too good of a day I'm actually having a pretty bad day man

There's this guy, apparently he's one of the top Fortnite players in the world, he's really good at the game, but like, he was just live-streaming, and roasting, and talking bad about me! I was figuring that we could that we could just respond to it, but I was like, "You know what? Lets spice it up a little bit Let's react, respond, and play a game of Fortnite" Alright guys, I just hopped into a quick game I need you guys to look at the top right That is the Controller Cam

Yes Do you know why? Because, people keep saying it's not me playing I'm sick and tired of it *Dramatic Camera Angle* People keep saying that someone else's playing, I'm getting a gameplay from someone, like stop I'm about to go in this game live

We're droppin' tilted, and we're going to head on (to) some buisness Alright, my bad guys, I was picking up guns- AHH don't look! *camera zooms in* How do I even know about this guy in the first place, because he's always in the same conversation as Ninja You guys don't know who Ninja is? He's like- p- people say he's like one of the best Fortnite players in the world This guy's always in the same conversation as him So that would make him, you know, he's up there with them

And so, apparently, he was live-streaming one night- *Dramatic Noise :O* Hold on Oh can I get the shotgun?! Alright I'm trying to- hold on hold on hold on Ow Anyways, what I was saying, was this guy was live-streaming, and

some guy told him to impersonate me, right? And so- you guys just need to look at this clip "RiceGum:" "Yo what up guys, look at all this f**kin' money! We- we gotta hot girl, she's gonna be strippin'" "We're playing Fortnite bro, oh my god

I'm not looking I- I'm not looking! I'm lucky! I got a boyfriend!" "I- I'm not looking! I'm trying to just- I'm not looking!" "S- Stop it!" "Stop!" "Those videos are actually like, 'what the f**k'" Wow That's all I gotta say: "wow" I mean, I'm kinda speechless man

The amount of disrespect bro *Primed and ready to disrespect back* Like, are you serious dawg? This fool was really disrespecting me Mocking the crap out of me! And it's like, if you're impersonating me, it's like, at least sound like me, or like look like- you know what I mean? Like, what was he impersonating? He didn't look like me He didn't sound like me Those weren't even things that I would say

Oh god Oh sh*t, he shot me Holy crap I just almost died But like, when how I even said those words, like, how are you mocking me if I've never even done those actions? Like, I'm trying to think back, like, when have I've ever done that? Girl: "No looking! Stop" Girl: "Stop staring at me

" RiceGum: "What? I- oh -okay- I- I looked at you once I LOOKED AT YOU ONCE!" Girl: "Stop staring at me like that, ew" RiceGum: "I'm not! I was playing this gam-" Girl: "You were side-eying me!" RiceGum: "No I wasn't" *Eyes move to side* Alright you know what? Looking back, I- the kid might have a point

Like, like, and the kid may have a point Maybe sometimes, I do come off that way, but he's making it seem like I'm always obnoxiously loud all the time I'm not always like, "I'M NOT LOOKING! I'M NOT LOOKING!" Not all the time, like, I talk normally too You know what I mean? Oh god Oh god

What? WHAT?! Oh, he almost killed me I feel disrespected, he didn't even say, "I'm not looking" like once or twice you know He just kept saying it over, and over I mean part of me is like "Yo, he's a fan he loves the videos" you know "Like he watches-" Yo I can't even talk or something? Like this fool, why did I land tilted is the question Hold on I gotta kill this guy first

But its just like Bro like this fool is being super obnoxious about it too, its just like it, it pissed me off, and at the end he says stuff like, like "wtf" *Gets Interrupted* Hold on, Oh My God, OH MY GOD *Inhales Heavily* At the end though he says something along the lines of

*The Guy* "Those videos are actually like What the f*** " What the fuck is right You know the thing is I never acknowledged this but like, I guess I will since a lot of people, not just him, hate on me for doing these types of videos, The strip ones I only did it

*Gets Interrupted again* AHH! We got him Why do these guys keep trying to kill me? So the first video I did, the first strip Fortnite If it didn't do a lot a views, if it didn't go viral and blow up Then I would've just stopped it there

Like I wouldn't of made more But the fact that it blew up, the fact that people watched it a lot Is this a guy? *Gets Interrupted once again* Oh Wow I just missed

Don't watch that guys, I just missed that easy snipe *Nervous Sigh* Look at this guy man Look at this guy build man Jesus Christ *Inhale* Anyway, as people keep interrupting me as i'm trying to talk and play at the same time, But look! If the Video Didn't do good, I would have just stopped it there you know what I mean Just one strip fortnite But the video did so good, that I had to do a part 2 I had to do a part 3, I had to do a part 4

And so that's what I did Its like why would I spend- *Once again interrupted* AHH! Get off of me yo! But like think about it though If I knew a certain type of video gets a stupid amount of views, like an absurd- But like if I know that why would I not abuse it and keep pushing it out, you know what I mean? And I did look at the views bro Look at the WOAH! CHILL! I'm trying to talk to my fans! He's not chasing me right? Oh god *Weird Noise*

Oh Shit that was close I'M TRYING TO TALK TO MY VIEWERS! But yeah I got a lot of hate regarding the whole strip Fortnite, uhh thing So I Just wanted to clear it up, man Hope you guys understand *Stock transition* O ya GUYSGUYSGUYSGUYS Tomo- no, actually maybe Tomorrow or the day after I'm dropping a brand new song, legit (uh oh) *Appears on screen* full song, it's water *face cam blurs mysteriously* I-I honestly think it's the best one yet *Stock transition (2x)* sO aNyW-gUys BaCk tO tHe ToPic *Untranslatable* the guy that was roasting me talks about- I'm not looking! I'm not looking! That guy Yeah He roasted me again, like There was two different occasions *Realizing that ranting while playing Fortnite is a bad idea* There was two different occasions (2x) Look at this!! Ooooohhh! Hi daddy! *Camera flies towards his face* I look like Ricegum! *Dramatic hit, laughing in background* oh, no! *Demonitization* I'm sorry It's not- ha, it's over! I enjoyed you looking like the rock for a second, then you had to change it all up *Camera hits face* Alright, FIRST OFF!11!!!11! Alright, alright, alright! I am a daddy (wait what) I don't know what they're talking about *Interrupts rant another time* Second off, ima kill this guy *Target Donald Trumps his way out of being killed* SeCoNd OfF as soon as my name Was Y'know, brought up – as soon as he heard my name, he just started acting *unintelligible* like his whole vibe just changed, like his whole vibe dun got switched up An' he was just like "nahh, he's not a daddy" Uhhhhhh he had a moment Oh, you ruined the moment It's just like wha- uhh what have I done to this guy, know what I mean? Just from the first clip of him mocking me, second clip of that

Y'know'what'I'mean???? I just can tell he doesn't like me (Really? You think so?) I haven't done anything to him *Pauses rant for fiftieth time to kill a thing* BUTYEAH, MAN, I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING TO THE MAN So, I'm thinking, like, what should I do next, coz usually, when someone roasts me, y'know I hit 'em back with a little *Implies he makes diss tracks for every roast everyone makes* *Inhales* Bu- How it's been going recently, oh god (2x) How it's been going recently, it's like When someone roasts me, when they start it, and I would just respond to them roasting, like- I would just respond, I don't even start it anymore (huh?) I don't even start it *stops talking suddenly* *Complaining about recording the rant WHILE ingame* But, like (but wait, there's more) People usually start it, and I reply to it, but I always get the most hate (wonder why) *Lamenting about having to take criticism like a big boy* I didn't even start it, like, I didn't even start it So there's really no winning from here, even if I were to roast them, I'm gonna get hate, like People just love to hate me, I don't know why I didn't even start it, y'know??? NANI?! Shields down! *Ken Burns intensifies* But ya man AIJLKJZLKJXGH a warning NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED *belches* pardonne-moi I'll let this one slide, just this one though, y'know (boi making a video about it isn't "letting it slide") *Intensity Intensifies* NEXT ONE any sneak diss, any impersonation – mocking, it's over It really is, Ijghusts laik *passes gas* Those two stream clips were two strikes, (music here is Sneaky Snitch btw He probs didn't put it in the desc) You get one more strike, and then *bell noise* Ooh-hoo-hoo you might get a diss track, you might get a boxing match (I'm so scared :O) *Reacts to punch sound effect* Y'know wut I mean????? I'll cross that bridge when that time come, but I mean Dude, that impersonation, bro, that hurt my feelings, like I-I, shiiiiiii *Gilbert Godfried voice* Not looking!!! But yes, approaching the end of the video, man, I-I really appreciate you guys staying to the end of the video Man, I-I really really do appreciate it, and *Inhales, camera flies into his face at mach speeds* I'm dropping a song this week *Confetti* I'm so excited!11!!1!11!! This song is toxic chemical fire Weaughuehgh Wuh- check up tomorrow, if not tomorrow then the day after that (didn't he say tuesday or friday?) *Kills a thing and reacts* Oooiiiiiaaeeee there's two people left oh mah gawwwd I think I know exactly how to end this game (by trying to kill the other two, duh) Check this out boys There's this brand new gun Called the MAAAUUUGGHHFFFFF Nyaahhhh *sucking sound* Uh wuawaghuwuh Guided missile, alrighty? *Loud exhale, Ricegum expands drastically and without warning* Oh OHHH OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH *Ricegum experiences euphoria* *Record scratch, but no freeze frame* IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! That sheep weaker than my stroke game (what?) FIRE ZE MISSILES *Stoned* broooooo *Misses* It's over, Anakin, I have the high ground! Stawp hiding!!!!! Ima just keep firing ze missiles Victory But at what cost *Teleports to the Krusty Krab for a victory burger* Thank you guys all so much mheeszshhdzs SUBSCRIBE!!!! Like the video if you haven't already And new song, ready Are ye ready, kids? The new song is ready, i'm thinking 'bout dropping it thursday or friday Ima let you guys know, thursday or friday If not though, tomorrow's a brand new video so wait on that *Large inhale* But brand new video, brand new song on the way, thank you all so much for all the support and love, see y'all tomorrow It's over, it's done *Boring outro stuff* Ricegum

YO WHADDUP GUYS LOOK AT ALL THESE PILES O' FREAKING MONEY WE GOT We've got a hot grill, bro, she's gonna be stripping while we play Fortine bro Oh my god!11!!1 I'm not looking, I'm not l- I'm not looking! Stop looking, I've got a boyfriend! I'm not looking, i'm trying to look at the sc- I'm not looking! I'm not looking! (2x) I'm not looking! (3x) Stop it! S-S- STOP! *Ricegum voice deactivated* Those videos are actually, like wut hte frick!!!! Outro 2: The reoutroing Thanks boys, captioning's been fun

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