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He has visalia ca adult personals 21 individual World Cup events and has five gold medals in the World Championship. It was engraved and had silver and gold plating. His real estate investments are worth more than 25 billion kroner.

Famous people in norway

independent incall escorts windsor He is one of only five male Alpine skiers that have won a World Cup race in all its 5 disciplines. Sverdrup died on November 26, As a scientist, he was noted to be the first person to clearly explain about the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis. He died on April 9, He was born on April 5, in Bergen. His fourth and final astronomical clock was the most complicated clock compared to clocks of the same kind. He also has his own ature ski apparel business.

Heyerdahl was an adventurer and hot asian milf personals 56156 and had a background in geography and zoology.

26 things i learned about norwegian people after living in norway

He is the Norwegian and World Road champion for Sonja Henie Sonja Henie, born on April 8, was a bemedalled figure skater. Aamodt announced his retirement from the sport isabella quakers hill escort January 6, His feats make him the most winning World Champion and Winter Olympics champion cross-country skier of all time.

Included in the list of famous Norwegians are artists in different disciplines — art, music, theater and movies. Escorts albany georgia second experimental boat was names Ra II, made from totora or giant bulrush sedge growing in Lake Titicaca.

Aamodt is an all-around Alpine skier who has several distinctions. He achieved good grades except for the organ, a prerequisite for students of the piano. He experimented with magnetized model balls called terrellas and found out that an electron beam when directed to a terrella will move toward the magnetic poles and produced rings of light around tampa female escort magnetic poles. A crater on Mars as well as a crater on the moon were named Bjerknes in his honor.

He experimented also on building a boat he named the Tigris, again using reeds. And he was also credited for inventing the process of fixing nitrogen to create artificial fertilizers, called the Birkeland-Eyde process. He showed great talent at an early age and violinist Ole Bull, a family friend recognized his musical potential and convinced his parents to send him to poynor tx adult personals Leipzig Conservatory to study under Ignaz Moscheles.

Leif was regarded as the girls acton escort first person from Europe to land in North America, except Greenland, about 5 centuries earlier than Christopher Columbus. There are also Norwegians whose inventions are still being utilized today and some that have made historic discoveries in the field of medicine.

Famous people from norway

While visiting colleagues in Tokyo, he accidentally took 10g of the drug instead of the recommended dosage of 0. Vilhelm Friman Koren Bjerknes Vilhelm Bjerknes, born on March 14, in Christiania was a meteorologist and a physicist who had been exposed early to fluid dynamics as he worked as an assistant to his father, Carl Anton, who independent escorts manhattan earlier conducted mathematical analysis and discovered the analogy between oscillating and pulsating bodies in fluid and the magnetic and north chelmsford ma sex personals actions at a distance.

He was undisputedly the person from norway person to reach the North and South Poles and also the minn escorts explorer to traverse the Northwest Passage, a sea route passing through the Arctic Ocean. She and Dr. Helge Ingstad, her husband, discovered a Viking settlement through their archeological digs in Newfoundland and Labrador between and He was a radio technician, an inventor and an avid clockmaker. He finished creating it inusing his own tools and his own funds.

It was a marvel of art fusion, bbw winnipeg escort technology and exquisite craftsmanship that he only worked on during his spare time. It was believed that that plane he was in crashed into the Barents Sea due person from norway thick fog, although his body was never found. He navigated the route from toan exploration that had been attempted earlier by several others including John Cabot, Jacques Cartier, Henry Hudson and Christopher Columbus.

He became famous for his Kon-Tiki expedition aboard a pae-pae raft made from balsa wood that he used to sail 8, kilometers from South America to the islands of Tuamotu, the largest chain of atolls in the world male escorts perth in the Pacific Ocean and inhabited by Polynesians. It was in when he identified the leprosy bacterium, although he failed to identify the Mycobacterium leprae as bacteria so he was not able to get the much needed support for further research.


He studied medicine due to a promise made to his mother who wanted him away from the shipping industry but he quickly quit school at 21 years of age after his mother person from norway to give in to his longing to be a sea explorer.

He is a professor-at-large at the University of Prostitution in kullu manali, the president of Applied Biophysics shrevepory escorts also an institute professor emeritus at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a privately-owned research university in Troy, New York.

Sverdrup later ed Fridtjof in his exploration of Greenland. The boat was constructed in Iraq and successfully made its 5-month journey up to Djibouti. They spent three winters there from to and discovered the islands of Amund Ringnes, Ellef Ringnes and Axel Heiberg. He debuted as a concert pianist in in Sweden, graduated in and gave his first concert in Provo eden escorts in Franz Liszt was instrumental in giving Grieg the chance to get a travel grant to go to Rome in Morten Harket is the founder of the band, which gained international success during the s up to s.

The route passes along the northern coast of North America through the waters in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Grieg was 15 at that time. Six years later he gave tissue samples to Albert Neisser, a German physician who discovered the strain of bacteria that causes gonorrhea.

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He made cheap south east palmdale escorts expeditions into other countries including the Easter Island and Azerbaijan. Four of his Olympic medals are gold medals he won in 12and 1. Everything in that clock was handmade except for the pendulum.

Vilhelm continued to delve into the theories of electromagnetism and thermodynamics while he was a professor of mathematical physics kettering foxx escort applied mature escorts mississauga at the University of Stockholm.

The clock featured Prostitutes freising city and Gregorian calendars, the locations of the moon and the sun in the zodiac, incorporated local time with daylight savings time, with sidereal time as well as GMT. It also included leap year, corrections on the lunar and solar cycles, local sunset and sunrise, phases of the moon, eclipses, sunspot cycles and tides.

He and his crew burned the boat in protest prostitutes in costa rica san jose the war raging in that part of Africa. Harket was born on September 14, She won the European Championships six times from to Henie won the World Championships a record ten times form to and became the Olympic Ladies Singles Champion three consecutive times inand Sonja Henie also became a movie star and at the height of her career person from norway one the highest salaries paid in Hollywood.

It was initially thought that leprosy was hereditary although Hansen gave the conclusion through his epidemiological studies that it was a specific disease that occurred due to particular cause and traveled to Vienna and Bonn for training.

He was the inventor of the electromagnetic cannon. He was born to a musical family and his mother was his first piano teacher. He developed an electromagnetic cannon that failed in a demonstration because the targeted velocities were not reached. A relative of his mother bought a steamboat and Sverdrup became its captain and met Alexander Nansen, a lawyer and brother of Fridtjof Nansen, also an victorville ca escort. His boat was able to sail from Morocco to Barbados.

He worked with Daniel Cornelius Danielssen in to study leprosy that was plaguing Norway. He learned different survival skills from tribes he met during his sex personals pa pequea 17565, including the handling and use of sled dogs, use of skis and the wearing of animal skins rather than the heavier woolen parkas.

Neisser was able to stain the leprosy ellensburg escort and announced that he discovered it in Anne Stine Ingstad Dr. Ingstad was an archeologist born on February 11, She was born in Lillehammer. The young Vilhelm devised several instruments to demonstrate the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

Birkeland was suffering paranoia and was taking Veronal to help him sleep.

He won a total of eight Olympic medals, the only Alpine skier to achieve that feat. His total medal tally for the Olympic and World Championships is 20 medals, which he won from to Upon retirement he became an established fashion and real estate businessman.

Not as celebrated as Roald Amundsen and other Norwegian explorers, he was still considered a dublin asian escorts in Norway.

He was the one who identified the Mycobacterium leprae that causes leprosy. Hushvod was born in Grimstad on January 18, He is basically known high class escorts in melbourne sprinting and time trialing and for having the most stage wins in Grand Tours for a Scandinavian.

He disappeared in the fareham escort of while attempting to rescue a crew coming from the North Pole. She had won Olympic and World titles than had not been surpassed by a ladies figure skater.

He constructed his first astronomical clock and a large reflecting telescope in the early s. There are also several famous skiers, as Norway introduced skiing to the western world. The three islands were known as person from norway Sverdrup Islands collectively.

He concluded that the same is true with the occurrence of the Aurora Borealis, developing a theory where the electrons that were ejected from the sunspots were directed to earth toward the polar regions by a geomagnetic field thus producing the visible unique escort service colorful play of lights.

His astronomical clock was exhibited initially free online dating personal the Time Museum in Illinois then moved to the Chicago Museum of Science and Technology.

He had several inventions to his name but only a few of his inventions were patented.

Like Amundsen, he ts atlanta escort his crew were able to survive the harsh winters applying the Inuit survival skills. His explorations resulted in 35 academic publications. Although he enjoyed studying he did not escort in lincoln ne the discipline imposed by the school.

Since the days of the Vikings, Norwegians have been explorers so it is no wonder that there are several explorers coming from Norway. He made several experiments and established observatories under the regions where the Aurora Borealis occurs to collect data on magnetic field.

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The journey took days and ended on Redhead escort hobart 7, when the raft smashed on the reef on Raroia in Tuamotu. He has two silvers and one bronze medal he won in Lillehammer and one another bronze from the Olympics in Albertville. He contributed primitive equations used on climate models sa escort provided the inspiration for Carl-Gustav Arvid Rossby and V.

Walfrid Ekman to apply his theories on a large scale basis for motions of the atmosphere and oceans, leading to the modern method of weather forecasting. He continued working on several experiments while attending school and became an assistant to Henrich Hertz who was then working on electromagnetic resonance. He later created another version he called the aerial torpedo, which also failed lynx of sherbrooke escort it led to an astounding success in creating the process for making artificial fertilizer.