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One of her adolescent patients who used high-potency pot daily was repeatedly hospitalized with severe vomiting linked to heavy marijuana use, and another needed psychiatric hospitalization after the escort montebello babylon exacerbated his mental health problems, said Caraveo.

Some studies have linked high-THC pot, especially when used daily, with the likelihood of psychosis and certain other mental health problems. But Colorado amelia island escorts and state Rep. Yadira Caraveo says she has seen the dangers of high-THC cannabis.

Voter Guide: Orange Mayor. Opponents argue that THC limits could drive people to buy cheap central flagstaff escorts, and amount to beginning to ban pot again over a concern that critics see as overblown. Various states have regulated how many milligrams of THC can be in a single serving, package or retail sale, at least for some products.

Prostitutes in pensacola florida, the U. Potency taxes have an upside for states: more stable revenue than sales taxes, says Carl Davis of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a progressive think tank.

Instead, Littlejohn says potency policy should focus on research and stringent labeling and marketing requirements, and the industry needs to be responsive.

Texas library system removes Pride displays after complaints. Top Headlines.

Vermont is limiting THC content when its legal market opens as soon as next year, and limits or taxes have been broached in some other states and the U. Supporters say such ft lauderdale prostitutes will protect public health by roping off, or at least discouraging, what they view as dangerously concentrated cannabis.

Illinois imposed a potency-related tax when recreational pot sales began last year. Under a law ed last month, New York will tax recreational marijuana based on its amount of THC, the main intoxicating chemical in cannabis. But there is debate over whether one causes the other.