Alissa Violet New Daughter / Son? (Gender Reveal)

You know what is up everybody! How are you guys doing? I am back I know I haven't posted in like a week I'm, sorry I felt like I needed a little break But yo Guys, what type of weather adjustment i live in LA, why, is it so gloomy, like, where is the sunny LA weather man this, is kind of pissing me off but you know, what it's not pissing? Me off the fact I am almost at 10 million but chances are if you're watching this video I already hit 10 million so thank you for all the congratulations man Yo I'm vlogging! Why is there a baby crying? I didn't even know we had one

Wait who is this guy? It's my baby It's yours? Ricky adopted a baby Oh so you didn't make it then No does it look like I made it? Are you calling me fat? No, no no I mean it kind of does look like, big so look, (I named him Santiago) yeah bro What are you doing? You can't breathe that stuff in (I'm just kinda hungry) Bro did you

You're weird Look at my child He's gonna be a bomb a** youtuber, subscribe

He's gonna be a youtuber! Okay Wait so do you think you have time to like, take care of him because like you have a lot Going on in your life, you know? No I don't I quit Youtube I have nothing else going on Yo, so since she's a mom do you think she's a milf? (romantic music) Ooh! I'm telling Banks! I'm telling Banks! Okay guys so apparently she's like pregnant or something I don't even know what's going on

Anyways I am about Sommer! I am about I'm about to get 10 million subscribers That's really, cool, I mean I have 18 million so What?! What? You can't be happy for me though? (inaudible) Youtube is better bro come on But look! Time the serious, stuff I'm back I'm posting everyday But while I was gone I was gone for like a week or two I'm sorry While I was gone people were talking trash on me calling me out! First off

Jake Paul made a video about me I don't even think he's relevant enough to even watch the video even to react to it so I didn't even watch it I'm, sorry bro you're going downwards, I'm going upward i'm sorry but These older youtubers called me out and they're actually like the biggest family channel on youtube so let's see what they have to say Now my next opponent, he's actually the homie I didn't even know he played basketball

I looked up some of his highlights Not bad He is the true definition of never judge a book by its cover Wait wait Never judge a book by its cover? Are you basically saying that I don't look like how I play like My outside cover doesn't look like I'm good at basketball, are you roasting me, are you talking s*** Ricegum you might want to take a break from fortnite Start practice

What I'm not even playing fortnite right now, what are you talking about On top of that that i don't even need the practice that's the thing guys I searched up this guy Not only does this guy have Like the biggest family channel on Youtube like he used to play college basketball not anyone can just play college basketball You have to be kind of good to go to college and I searched up his highlights and he's kind good man, but that doesn't change anything I still like you Guys, he's trying to find someone to play basketball against because I guess he's not trying to box you know everyone's boxing he's out here trying to play, basketball just cause you know

He's better than everyone because, he played college basketball I'm not having it! But you think just cause you play college basketball you can beat every youtuber, so i'm like Why you calling us out? Come on! Let's play let's do it right now! But I only had a few topics planned today I don't know what else to talk about So I'm just going to go vlog some random stuff so the video is kind of longer Stop it! You're gonna get me killed! No, guys I actually bought him this a while ago I'm not sure you guys remember and he just ran away and so did his friend Maybe you guys know how Banks has a dog Alright I'mma buy him to this one

Guys I know I gave you the present a while ago but money is running tight and I need to return it so I'mma need it back Give it back, dude give it back! Give it back! It's mine! Here you go click triangle How are you doing that? What? What the? How'd you get another kill!? Ok, ok, Alyssa — think — what the — Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Oh, okay, another — are you ser — are you serious, oh? OMG you just got another one! I thought I was the best in this house I thought — Not anymore b**** Who remembers these things (barking) Why do you want it so bad? It's so last year (kisses and weird dog interactions) Mommy won! Mommy won a game! Mommy won a game! Wait yo? So where's your other baby Uh, me and Ricky It turns out, we couldn't take care of it

We're not ready for parenthood Okay so what did you do with it? We gave him back Alright bro Why are you on my bed? Just Get down This fool is really on my bed just drooling like that Alright get down You really drooling like that

Give me back my ball bruh! Give me back my ball (lit music) Captions by @sofieoko

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