Apology for the diss track (I went to his house)

Hi, I'm Dave from Boyinaband I wasn't sure if I was gonna make this video But I've been talking it over with some friends, and I feel like it's the right thing to do

I haven't released anything since the day I dropped the Asian Jake Paul diss track with Ian, because I've been feeling kinda guilty about it Like, I've seen a lot of really venomous comments against the guy and granted he's done some questionable things in the past, but I don't really think it warranted this much hate, and I want to take responsibility for my actions here So I've bought a plane ticket and today I'm gonna fly out to where he lives and apologize in person because he's pretty public about where he lives And hopefully he can accept my apology and even if he doesn't we can- I can at least say I've tried and I can move forward so yeah, let's get going [Instrumental of "I'm Not Dead"] Right, I'm sat at my gate awkwardly talking into a camera at the airport I'm kind of nervous if I'm honest since I guess the- the first interaction I've had with the guy was insulting him through a song on the Internet

He actually DM'ed me after the song dropped and he was quite nice He actually said like he liked some of my content He said don't stay in school was something he really resonated with for instance Yeah, I'm feeling kind of nervous about meeting him to the first time This is probably a terrible idea I hope Ian doesn't mind as well

Like- Yeah Maybe I had a point, but I don't know it's- I don't feel like it was right to To go that far, but I feel like it was so uncalled for really Yeah We'll see how this goes [Instrumental of "I'm Not Dead"] I'm at the hotel I'm gonna go see him soon

Yeah I don't really know how to feel I was reading this book on the- I was reading this book on the plane I was reading this book on the plane called Sapiens Which talks about how humans initially evolved and like why we are the dominating species on the planet like Homo sapiens as opposed to the Neanderthals or some of the other Homo species Hehe And it said one of the leading theories as to why that is is because we have the ability to gossip, where other species did not And gossip allows us to know who to trust and what to value and- This isn't like what drama is Previously, I used to think that drama had no value; it's just this trashy thing There definitely are instances where it's trashy but there are also instances where it's valuable where it teaches us what other people in society value and who is worth supporting So there is value to drama, and I guess I hope that by apologizing like this I'm contributing to that value like showing you what I think is valuable

I suppose in the comments I'll show you what the rest of the people who watch this value so we can make more informed decisions about what to do in the future and and the kinds of people to be But, yeah Alright, so I'm here where he said he was gonna meet me Kinda anxious, I don't really know how this is gonna go or like what to start the conversation with, but- I'll see how it goes I might have to cut straight to the conversation because it'd probably be awkward to film the meeting but uh- We'll see how this goes Hey man, I know this is a bit awkward, the whole thing's considered, but I really wanted to meet you face-to-face so I could properly apologize for the diss track

I just don't understand why you had to attack my tattoos, man ♫ I was more disappointed than when I found out Casey Neistat didn't have nice tats ♫ I know man I'm- I'm sorry I mean not just to you but to like all the people with tattoos out there, you know? Is there anything I can do to make it up to you? Well there is one thing that comes to mind Anything, just name it How's it looking back there? Not that big, is it? No, no! It's tiny, tiny You can barely read it

OK You think we've got it? We're done? Yeah, I think- I think we've got it That- that is a nice tat [Ding Noise] Oh, and just a reminder: RiceGum still hasn't given any evidence on Twitter that he's donated that $10,000 to charity or given it to the the winner yet When are you going to do that, Bryan? I wonder if he realizes that he's breaking both YouTube guidelines and the law? Cheers for watching and have a nice day!

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