Blasting INAPPROPRIATE Songs in the Library PRANK (IN PUBLIC)

Oh miss my neck My back lick my pussy and my crack Yo

What is up guys how you guys doing? I am back I actually remember at the start of this year I told myself I was gonna post a video every single day I know I haven't really been uploading a lot But 2017 I'm uploading every day well the year is almost over and I didn't even do anything Close to that

I have not been uploading and I'm sorry I've been really really slacking lately I just be getting too comfortable when you get too comfortable And you're relaxed and every other Youtuber is just grinding and about to pass me up eventually so I got to really get back on my grind so for next year I'm gonna really try to upload as much as possible, but since we're almost close to next year I gotta start practicing now so today We're going out, and we're making a video, but I don't want to go out there alone in the real world That's gonna be boring I just need someone to make a video with Man you guys know Sommer man She's always down to vlog with me, man You always make such amazing vlogs that see what you do when you feel me Sommer: Hi Rice, Ricegum: Sommer How are ya? Okay, I got a question Okay

We haven't made a video in a while Do you want to go? Oh, they all miss you and they miss their you know what? {sexy music~} Look I was wondering if you wanted to go out today and make a video Rice I'm moving out today You're moving out today Where's all your stuff? You can't leave You can't leave you can't leave I need you in this house Rice stop I'm just moving rooms

Oh Oh, oh your just moving rooms Oh shit look at the cake All right, so summer's busy a today because she has to do all this stuff, so I don't have anyone to vlog with Wait a minute How are you? Kinda are matching , you feel me

look i got a question i need to make a video I was wondering if you wanted to come and help me make a video I come with me to make a video you know i'm thinking we should go out in public to libraries and just play like inappropriate Music out loud and just like get people's reaction You know I mean like i'm really on collage campus and shit I never think I would ever come back here ever since I dropped out but like shit Here I am I I got bitches Every day sucking on my balls licking on my balls bitches They know My back lick my pussy and my crack my neck My back my pussy and my crack First you got to put your neck into My booty like a Willie nigga I'm for real nigga in the bed with the booty killers in the fruity niggas We wake up taking booty pictures in the nudies nigga Yo straight

Dude you were losing Keep straight on my nigga dick on the love he only worried for my dick Let her try it's pretty embarrassing Ran it down my vagina wait bring it down my potato Ran it down my potato Remains yeah, I'm kinda Shy Michael chained up Bring it down my vagina Rena died my vagina long short that dick totally calm sir technically Kong slurp that dick silicon Speck my a cyclotron Suck that dick Telecom Guys things were going so smoothly, and I was pretty embarrassed you know, but as much as I was embarrassed I want to keep going but my computer is not working This is not functioning we need to play music somehow I'm trying to embarrass myself, but in the meantime man I think yours is gonna go around and basically They see ask people if they want to make baby What did he do? Daddy better magnesia Fuck me my tunnel loves a deep, bro lick lick lick lick I wanna eat yo bitch, but I can't fuck some my nails so imma pick it up with chopsticks Now wide open mouth wide open mouth wide open like I was wide open mouth wider Or your fans character in the pool Yeah, I think that's all we're gonna do today, man I just can't take it just to cringey doing it over and over I just gotta get out of there I did this which is embarrassing But yeah back to the clubhouse All right back at the cloud house if you guys made it to the end Thank you guys What is that noise yo, I'm filming an outro I'm filming an outro render no You need to keep it down Bart

I'm filming an outro right now Okay, okay, but I'm still me an outfit I don't get a hold on you But look we share a balcony now We've done Oh guys guys guys We share a balcony it connects to her room This is my room

We need to make this place look cool I think Christmas tree Christmas yeah, that's gonna wrap it up Thank you guys so much you guys Manson And I really really do appreciate And I know there's a lot of times in life where I make promises where I'm like I'm gonna start posting, but I never really do but I'm actually being serious this time like I'm actually being serious I'll be posting tomorrow, and if I don't and you guys can delete my channel because that's how coughing I am So you guys see this girl That's always stuck in my head now here that was classic it in front of a library

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