Can You Unzip That Down??

(Rice gum afraid to admit he gay) Hey you guys you should follow to a friend of mine on twitch iDXNOH How was your day hope it was great How's life Did you clean your room? Did you make your bed It's really nice outside isn't it So you should go and play out side So enjoy the video Wait do you wanna here a joke What do you call a sheep with no arms or legs A cloud i know i'm cringy so ya I can't believe I haven't even made 1 minute here we go The girl is so cute like the video if you were as cute as her when you were young hehe hey mikan is best girl type #fiteme if you see this lol you dont have to but yee ps that was a different person aka me ya boi jake paul E O p l E Okay so now what What ya'll favourite sport So Lets just watch the video what should i do now You don't have to pay attention to the subtitles If these don't get selected i'll get kind of sad Wait i just noticed something so important was i supposed to translate what he was saying ????????????????? Okay i really messed up this whole translating thing so he's passing by mc donalds and getting something to eat but didn't he say it was 4 am ok never mind so it's almost the end of this video hope you enjoyed the video and my translations make sure to like subscribe and share the HEK out of this video! and leave a comment down below

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