CONFRONTING HIM At The ACE Family House (Face to Face)

h And I feel like just send me the address I'm pulling up This is their house, and where is this guy come out Good Morning everybody I am actually glad that people are talk to you because i owe you the world i saw just went partner I'm not sure if you guys know what that means But it's actually kind of a big deal like there's actual music artists in the music world that work their whole life And they don't even have a platinum (yet someone that can't even take a content cop does) Company to have one it is actually insane like it's something that actually celebrate like it's a big deal me and Alissa I'm so happy and it's all because of you guys man check out the recap Platinum flex You know we really want platinum Yeah, this is Sam Dude I have this on my wall My homie Likewise Hey celebration right so Melissa killed it you actually where's rice another sack

Where's the Rice go I'm a platinum recording artist I'm gonna need you guys to respect me like a planner recording No Good, but the thing is like sir No wars if you're good at acting or like good at certain things you get in the war But this is a war that I got this plan I got it because it's all about the number of sales the sangga and like basically the streams are the listens and like I could Not have done that hello like that was all you guys like everyone that listened to the song helped it Go platinum Thank you, so so much like I owe you a follow on Twitter Instagram my facebook Bro how did I just not catch that bro someone just threw something on my Know what though, you know I cannot make this up You know okay? I cannot make this up I was just blogging I can't even catch it man I hear someone just threw something at my door every Ben don't like someone read the bullshit I don't know what this is I was just picking it up This could be a bomb what who is dropping off these packages like guys I don't know what this is you're like what is this? What is this ace? Ankle stabilizer what I saw in the package someone gave me an ankle stabilizer basically is like ankle support So like people that play basketball have like we can't with that kit like the fan like people be breaking ankles right this is for People that have shitty ankles and guys don't call me crazy because I have a summer of like an idea of what is going on So don't call me crazy But I think someone is sending this to my house try to tell me that I need to get better ankle support because I suck At basketball or something cuz I'm confused I don't know what's going on and in the package Also had a note, which I haven't opened up full of it's at this day

All right Yeah, what the dude someone sent me? Oh no I don't even read Chinese, bro What does this even mean guys so one sent me a message in Chinese? I don't know what it means I don't speak the language But I was looking at I wasn't expected look at this right here look at this It says like ching chong ching chong ching chong is that an English letter? I was like an elder to me all right hold up hold up Omar like some serious Just went down I need you to translate me this in Chinese right now What do you mean sound it out? I'm not finna sound it out I don't even know how to sound it out

We're talking about alright guys I'm taking a quick picture for my mom yoga I texted my mom the picture of the Chinese encrypted whatever This is and she's just replied a what it means you just as she just said it means you ain't Shit come catch this L shut up No way, it says that no way still it wrote that in China who would write that in Chinese, okay? I really think it cuz first the ankle support like this is a sleekness He's basically stating that I need ankle support cuz my ankles are weak right and then he sends me this message And I have such a weird feeling I think I know who it is like me and this youtuber just had some Basketball-related beef and now this is like some basketball Trash-talking if you also lives in LA wait a minute that just means I need to pull up on it could Friday I might have a problem, so I just need to confront and hold on I'm not a stalker though I'm not a stalker I don't know the man's and I just I don't know their address and it might not even be them this it might be some random fan or something I can help us are so this man runs a family channel He has a wife his wife I know his wife's best friend hold up hold up hold up hold up Shantel look

I want to keep you out of the drama and stuff, but right now Okay, look look I think you still are good friends with I think her name is Catherine or something like the ace family She's dating some guy and that guy's talking shit about me rice gum you might want to take a break from fortnight And I need his ads yes, Austin I need his address, and I feel like he's talking that mad shit And I just he just says I can't play basketball all this stuff I don't know can you yes? I can't I can't look just send me the address I'm pulling up Okay, no one's gonna find out like it'll be between us I'm pulling up to do the you know what basketball Challenging him Okay

Okay, okay anything else I was about to pull up with the stick, but I might just pull up to play basketball These bellow is there and I okay, okay, okay, you know what let's erase that planet I'm going to play basketball can I get the address? Okay, okay, okay, all right, man Chantal came through with the address I have to do it This do can't disrespect me like that We're pulling out look at this traffic Okay

That's not cool All right, we just got in I've seen this house thought you people for this is their house hold up home I gotta make sure that's the playground I swear They have a daughter this might be their house Okay, look He sent me ankle bracelets say he's about to break My ankles get challenged me, and then he sends me a Chinese No I'm positive It's him He needs to come out because I'm mad bro

I drove all the way here just to see him I had to find his address You know I had to go through obstacles, and where is this guy come out where's Warm enough bro as soon as you come out bro I'm challenging him well He's challenging me online I break in person I do it in person Does it want it not time for that I gotta go do stuff

Where is this guy I gotta do it He's so lucky, I can't jump gates, bro He's lucky, bro Bro he's so lucky I can't jump gates bro Oh he's so lucky What are you so lucky? Where is this guy man swill brought me an ankle bracelet? I had a sauna huh, I know the brand is called ace and stuff, but like it's prime you know guys I know it's weird

You don't go into someone's house uninvited and stuff alike this dudes talking trash He needs to come out How could he talk trash and just hide in his house? I know he knows I'm out here lock it up in these windows like scary Oh shit It's rice come fuck Yo, do you got the right house, okay, okay? Yeah, what's that with you? I don't want to assume because I don't know you know I don't want to so but did you drop that no at my house? And all my competitors, I'm going on man you probably the best one okay, gonna, man I'm give you love okay, okay, but with that being said you're still trapped Bro, you're trashed look at that

That's here That's not me That's him That's you right there, bro All right look I need you to take back what you said it that no take it back in Chinese take it back I know you wrote it right

I can tell your handwriting, bro Why would you do that to me? You really pulled up I had to to tell you that I'm ready is that my ball Hey hey hey 8:04 you pulled up at my house a lot How are you shoot on my court? You're shooting on my court room cut that one out cuz he just stole the ball from me I didn't know that he was about to reach like that hey But on a serious note as if the cameras are off back up a little bit back up a little bit Are you serious are you dead serious play me right now We're trying to play right now play me right now Flavor right now boy I'm ready those away from I brought I'm ready dog lady right now, bro You're not ready brah You're not ready, bro I didn't know he was actually down Yeah, okay, okay? Oh wait I forgot you need ankle braces first

Let's get up on here You can't be doing that I was ready to play Ain't you ankle break for a reason you're not wearing I don't need I wear low tops use your BW drill them while wearing high-tops You need to ankle support look at this guy's couple over here bad if you wearing high-tops talk about hiding ankle support We need ankle support high-top wearing a low top you feel me I don't need ankle support cause I'm nice Yeah, so we got the player what ain't no deal Bro you locked your cameraman out Bro you locked your cameraman out, but you can't be doing that I Don't know if they took that sarcasm Hey Hi guys he walked away, I think he got the message Don't tell anyone, but like money's running low like I really need to put this on eBay and make $20 so I like

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