It's time to handle business let's go we're on our way There's a little bit of traffic come on, bro

He's right here, bro he's talking all that shit It's time to handle business let's go we're on our way There's a little bit of traffic come on, bro He's right here, bro He's talking all that shit We should do youTuber dogfights you already know he's calling everybody out yo any youtuber's dogs any celebrities dogs wants it, hit him up he will fight any one of the paul's dogs right now

Yo, the man is in the house ohh what you saying look at his hat DAMN STRAIGHT Damn straight What the fuck you doing yo leave me alone im editing what the fuck Squad basically we kill somebody and we're burying a body don't tell anyone bro why has this spot got rattle snakes i didn't see Erika here we're just out here burying a hole I'm never killing anyone again

This is taking way too long alright guys We're all done here the body's under there Just making sure everything looks normal everyone here We never speak about this moment again lets go home and get some sleep what the fuck is that these kids obviously googled Boys and girls work to a little team dinner right now, man I want to introduce you guys to some one, this is comedyshortsgamer 'he's first time in LA first time in America Dawg? Yo? Wait so you've been here before? well not here but where'd you been? Downtown

in LA? yeah bro that shit aint even special anymore bro I thought was your first time here it's not even special no more Nah but bro, you said you never ate at Cheesecake Factory before? no first time It's kind of good wait Have you heard that Drake lyric it says why you always fighting with cheesecake You know I love to go there

No? No oh okay well Man we showed up at the restaurant it said a 40-minute wait I dont know if its worth it 4 hour wait No its not Yes it is dude, ay there's a water show, look Alissa look

i have to pee, it's not helping Wait why yeah yeah do it do it do it I Actually thought he was gonna do it Dude ay we have every race Light skin, dark skin Zebra We don't have an indian, bro

We don't have an indian Yeah, we do your indian now babe, will you buy me shoes? I buy you shoes all the time and they get chewed up by dogs or she doesnt wear them This fool just asked me about Afro Gum Bro, he thinks i'm Afro Gum Do you actually think thats him? He's Afro Gum

Bro it's not me people think it's me with the wig it's not ayee KSI whats- ohh What the fuck Yo is it good? it's good chicken? Tired? Yo guys I randomly have a lighter just laying around my house not like I smoke or anything but For some reason the homie, wait do it There's no way you don't know how to do it Like bro, it's really not that hard Alright bro, you gotta go yo guys, i heard that Jake Paul was talking mess about my friend

Whoa whoa hold up,first thing first thing I notice man boobs why is he doing that? Me versus comedy short boobs that's like kind of body shaming another man He literally was getting mad at me for body shaming – you're making fun of something that could be out of Someone's control and everyone should feel comfortable in their own bodies and everyone can look however the fuck they want like bro I'm done this like comedyshortsgamer is getting cooked but he's in the same stand as jake We gotta pull up what hold up what's good first official day in LA yeah bro So what you trying to do today, man? i dont know im just gonna like lay low, Chill a bit, I mean I could show you LA or we can like handle some business when you say business what do you mean like you know handle some business because like people been talking mad dirty on you I feel like we should just pull up on them Yeah, like I can call the uber

Let's go to his house and just see if he's about it in person wait, are you being serious? Do you know he lives in LA like he probably lives like 30 minutes away? I mean seriously Do you want to go? i wanna handle business so yea let's go It's time to handle business let's go yo, i got this for you bro From UK Yeah, well is this adidas? Oh? Yeah? Oh wait

We all know just kami kami Hi yeah, thanks, bro All right guys the uber is here It's time to go uber uber uber what's good boy Alright we pulled up a location this was my idea? How you feeling man? I'm syced bro, yes you got a seatbelt on cuz he know what time it is we're on our way There's a little bit of traffic bro are you ready mean, he talking all that shit? wait what why did the phone take me to the garbage kid Nah nah? He's not in there Bro he's not in there bro the uber directions brought us to the wrong location Dude, I think I guess the Internet thought his house was in like the garbage trash can so that's why they brought us here But now here, we'll put in the other location hold up all right so we drive for like 40 minutes We got lost early went to the wrong spot

I think we're about there about to pull up come on, bro He's right here, bro He's talking all that shit Call you boobie and shit like what is that all? Where are you? Where are you? Oh my god? No no, no chill chill chill my GPS messed up it brought us to the wrong spot This is old house We've really been driving for an hour drive to the wrong house, I'm Sorry, man This is your first day in LA bro like you don't deserve this, bro

I'm sorry I know you wanted to fight him because he's talking the shit, nah nah I'm sorry Dude blame my phone It's my phone fault Alright chicken Tikka

Do you wanna get some chicken? what chicken? okay alright man, i know i brought you to the wrong location, but I made it up right? It hot but I guarantee you it's good first taste test Do you forgive me? Beside you dive right into the wrong spot i forgive you Ayeeee i, i forgive you

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