Yo what is up guys? How is everybody doing? – Woo! Today- I tweeted out to you guys to ask us questions I said 'special guest' Because I wanted to keep it a secret Here she is Hey She doesn't need no introduction, Ok here we go First First question! Let's jump right into it Does Rice flexing so much get you wet? Oh hi What's good I got these 100 thousands Woo woo woo! Ok, ok I got the off white Are you wet? No not yet Ask rice if apple would make a car do you think apple would add windows No guys these are good questions next question, will you ever get a girlfriend? im assuming this is for me not her i think its time i mean

it's been too long now i really like you, do you wanna be my gf? ohh my god rice i have been literally dreaming about this never next question, if u were going 20 miles per hour kami: uh huh how long would it take for you to hit 20 miles wAIT WHAT its a time like how long kami: 20 minutes *both laughing* then 20 hours wait read the question if you're going 20 miles per hour, how long would it take for you to get to 20 miles per hour an hour yeah an hour not 20 minutes or 20 hours kami: oh my gawd hold on i know who you look like rice: who? like legit, my dad was obsessed with him who? jackie chan dude, thats not funny like i swear alright you know who you look like honestly, i dont know who does she look like I cant put my finger on it idk, someone though alright guys, so next question is #askrice thoughts on xxtentation and amigos fight? ok ok, yo i heard about that i saw the fight is right here I just feel like you just gotta be violent nowadays, you just gotta be peaceful and loving like fighting the fists is not the answer, you just talk it out why cant they just talk it out kami: i agree (same) Next question, do you see the optical illusion? Alright, so this is the optical illusion I don't know what I'm supposed to look for, do you see it? K: Uh, no

? Look I like, see a smiley face over there Ok, no, no Alright, well- K: That's a brick After I tell you, you can't unsee it But there's a like a cigar, like, right there Oh, shit You didn't see it? K: No Now you can't unsee it Ohh, I cannot unsee it You can't unsee it, guys, I can't unsee that Ok guys, so next question is

Ask Rice- What's a body part you would not mind losing? I wouldn't say, yeah, no, I was going to say ear too Because you do have two of those, and it's just on the side of your head, it's fine I mean, if you lose one ear, you have the other one And then you would only need one earphone for the rest of your life, I mean, I can't complain Ask Rice- How hard can you clickbait this video? Oh, we can do it real quick I can clickbait all you guys real quick-

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