Do You Girls Like 69??

I don't know if guys heard that hold up Shut your ass up

Oh my gosh your room is so tiny Sommer where are we right now? London All right, maybe get our luggage right now in London Apparently Lissa has a billboard she does For demons Bros She's not have an international bro Get out of here

Oh Shit, that's not you Man that shit taken forever man I'm outta here man You two turn around and tell me what the name of the animal is arrest your ostrich It's a beer No, it's a flamingo You're at the store right now Yo this shit creepy man Do I know obamas last name? Yeah, isn't it like care or something? You know, that's Lou You know how many figures are holding up? Booya guys has got you see I'm in London right now

It looks mad different bro It does not look like la right What's up, man? How's it going? Look good dog Every time I'm in a different country yawn Are you ready to go savage mode today? Hey where the hoses? I'm just kidding dude I got a tone it down Oh, yeah, I tried to vlog a bit at the airport, but I was just so tired I'm still tired now It's the same day right now We're trying to get some food right and you know uber doesn't work out here But there's this food place that's only out here in this country is never in LA and Caliendo about to pull up What's up, man? How old are you? You're a really international man

We had to hop in a quick taxi what my Boyardee oh the time It is listed summer ELISA acts like we all came to London They're sleeping right now What are you doing? Let's go Look at my room though guys Sometimes you just kind of hung yourself Look at all this space, you know, I mean, it's really not that much Actually

I feel custard flow big man Look at this bathroom heck is small I have no space but look, I always look at the bracelet I'm not all about flexing, you know, I really like to humble myself Sometimes I don't know guys heard that hold up Oh My gosh Whoever Bookman, I'm kind of mad at you bits All right, because we're going to a bigger hotel right now It better be a nice but we're on the move with goal

Okay, new hotel kind of spacious Let's check out the view one time Are we really not in America? We is London We thought it was quick shit we thought of the squid yeah, we thought it was quick We just got done are you ready to get mobbed apparently there's fans outside you got security on day SFF to where you already know For it I feel important today Yo fam, you know what sig heart? We're about to hit the road I'm gonna explain more of like kind of why I'm out here Just take a look at our car man We're gonna be in this car like the next like two weeks Oh, I'm les Why is that camera so big This man You know just full-time staring at the car in us We really are guys we get gas right now, yeah, that's all yo do you like this on You like 6-9 6-9 is dope

Yo do you like 69? Wait, no, not the parappa the rat what's up? We are at what? Do you see about that? I see that I meet him in the video Are you scared of like I know he's in gangs and stuff But like it's alright Yo, she was just kidding Six hours on the road I don't know how I'm gonna do it, dude I can't even be in the same room with you for six hours or so annoying So right now we're in London and we're going to France I've never been to France before it's a six-hour car We're basically gonna be driving into this thing and I'm really excited because I'm good with my friends so we can spend some quality time Again, but it's like a race man We're going to France today then Tokyo on another day, but just like all around the world and the thing is we're not like the only person doing this like this is our car but there's also like hundreds and hundreds of Other cool fast exotic cars and it's like a race

So we're trying to get there right now There's this other call Coughing and shit, bro I'm trying to fill I'm just sick of your whack ass videos We do we have a sick car, but we have a convinced a bad following guys You know, I've said I got people following us just a filmer We really are I Know that is like far today I got this shot Wow Bro, why are you just eating normally bro, like use the tape right don't you have a table, bro? No, there you go

I guess we're on our way to friends that you guys can see this thing right here Basically, we're going on this trip Okay Come on I'm blog again Disco is vlogging me to our phone basically to go to French I think you need to go over water So we're going into a train and it's gonna transport because you can't drive on water out who said you can't drive on water Jesus this Whole conversation I didn't even have my mic on what why did my vlog need to know that for? You just gotta keep that to yourself Have you guys heard of like the Chinese fire drills like a car game but yeah, we should try the Chinese fire drill Are you down? All right, well, okay Thank you doctor China, honestly, okay

Why why would you bring that where are the thoughts and We what summer? Alright, you can't wait three more hours like come on You don't need a piece So I'm not trying to stop We figured it out Yo, we just got some friends guys, we just got through the border look at these guys waiting on us Alright so we just made it it is dark out and you know what that means? Let's turn off the light Look at the stars man Look at this car the car Just rudely interrupted we just landed here and dude all these cars beat us man Like out really so slowly doesn't matter who came here first or who came here last man We really in friend And if you look around it really does be looking Francey out here like oh look at this point a building

Oh, this is Alright, why are you talking about other cars? But our car is right over there trunk still open like wait till the truck is down at least You can't we talk about other cars like all this shit is you this act I know it is but look at our Like come on, bro, all these guys over here looking at other cars and stuff Like I'm very satisfied with my car, like look at this man We got stars in the roof nest and see that Hey, we got a summer Rae Hi Sagar Hi Alysa fixing my nipple go get the car, dude I don't know cuz I was just right off four hundred thousand our car I don't want to go and See anything right now? You want me to say that again? Oh No, bro, it's a golf car I was right in there

We know four hundred thousand dollar car all day I don't even want to touch this but it's European leather Oh, really? Okay We really hung here Yo sober say something smart Man, I don't think I understand what's going on We're just driving around just casually looking at these castles one day I might get a room in there Who knows they like that could be the new cloud bus

You don't say all right We just got back to the hotel Listen so we played a ton of activities and all sound like a dinner tonight for some reason all my friends like oh I'm so tired I want to sleep early no-one's even trying to go bro them Makes no sense how you're gonna be in France and go to sleep early No I'm saying so with that being said, you know, I could go to sleep, too You know, I got two beds, you know twice to sleep a big mess No, whatever, but I want to do that I don't know just lay in the dark for no reason like, you know, I'm gonna go to this dinner, you know I'm gonna go along no screw it All right guys, I believe this is the address I don't really know where I am right now I feel kind of lost and I don't know it's dark and kind of scary Who's gonna walk in? All right guys where exactly you know, what is this a It's a giraffe

No, wait a minute Yo, that's a straight-up zebra Yo done I'm not playing around Oh wait No, it's not is it it's a horse

Oh, no guys, like the more I sit here and look at these horses I get kind of sad like why are they behind bars like they deserve freedom? I imagine just being locked up, you know, yo, man, I'm gonna get you out I browse like what was the name cord area steel cord irias, bro I'm gonna get you out Don't even worry about it I'm gonna break you out one day All right, I don't know man, Perry make a dinner here or something You know, I just saw some horses or but those guys bro Where where am I right now? You know, like what this doesn't look like America, but I'm really in another country

Yo, no, where am I right now? Yo, look at the kiddos Okay, it's nice and romantic Oh, no, this is fancy Yo, yo, man Just got this gourmet, you know five-star looking all nice So I turned on my lap

He's Bulls in France eating mcdonough sauce Apparently, this is a French plate You know, I'm a couple hundred dollars You know me all right guys, just got back to the hotel last couple of days was a lot of Traveling so I haven't been vlogging that much but I will be posting another video tomorrow you guys made through the end That means you guys just really care of my life because this video is just a daily life video thumbs up Do not forget a comment I'm reading all comments I see you guys

Thank you Once again, man, and I'll see you guys tomorrow We really hunger your summer say something smart You YES WE ARE GOING FOR THE 10 MINUTE MARK 😀

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