Is this our first lucky person okay : What?! Boom Donation right there Stop it Oh my God

Yo what is up guys how you guys doing? I just woke up OMG YO WHAT SHOULD WE DO OMG WE GOTTA CALL DA POLICE (but do they know de wai) YOYO WAIT IS IT BETTER I PUT A BANDAID ON IT PUT MORE BANDAIDSSSS Bruh it says put ice on it

ICE ICE ICE yo this is some ice right straight ice bro Yo, my neck feels so much better I just needed to put some ice on it, but man you see this CLOUT chain right here you guys know You guys know I'm in Clout gang I live in the clout house I HAVE CLOUT I had to to make myself and design myself my own clout chain You guys know how I know it's real – so apparently this technology can tell fake diamonds for real diamonds if it starts to beeping Real yeah, cuz I've seen rappers have videos talking about diamond Stone, bro So my diamonds are real But I would never promote something and advertise something you guys can never buy because diamonds are like THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars So there's an alternative there's three different price points starting at $79 depending on what material you get obviously if you get a real diamonds will be more expensive if you get something that looks like Real diamonds gonna be cheaper, and I just wanted to make it where everyone all you guys could afford a CLOUTING chain So we're all in the same GANG, but yeah man ITS free shipping(and free Real estate) and once you buy It's lifetime guarantee so if something breaks You know its lifetime, so I don't know what you guys are waiting for but If you want some ice if you want the clout chain just like your boy GO right now first LINK IN DE DESCRIPTION You know I'm saying and I was just thinking man people on YouTube We're getting mad at me for buying like thousand dollar shoes ,five hundred dollar hoodies They were mad at me for FLEXING (on de haters) NOW I have like 20,000 on my neck another 20 another like 15 I have thousands on my neck NOW people are gonna be outraged even more mad at me so I Have an idea I feel like after you flex people won't get mad at you if like you do something nice because like it cancels out the flexing So BASICALLY I saw this other YouTuber donating money to attractive live streamers And I'm just like what about all the non attractive one like why is she discriminating?? Right so today I'm donating money to anyone honestly It doesn't matter if you're attractive ugly dog milf it doesn't matter everyone's getting donation I also used to be a live streamer myself So I know how hard it is to make money being a small streamer so basically They'll fund these streamers that basically have no viewers and just bless their day a little bit all right guys I'm on Twitch It's like this live streaming app so people are alive gaming right now, so I guess everybody get their reactions It could be funny is this our first lucky person, okay She's pretty attractive

That's gonna help to clickbait here We go about to send our money $10 boom boom You're beautiful boom okay first one Sweet thing oh, yeah, thank you right for $10 Hold the $40 way better than $10 this time smile baby show me what that Thing Does many things those biddies digs up trying to find out? I'm fine if she's wife here or not like kiss she make a sandwich So I'm giving her $100 I'm giving baby girl $100 right now I want to see her freak out come on, baby girl Right now sandwich on three three one last big $100 series get up right now and make me a Spanish on on stream for one last big surprise What kind of family now we're talking? What kind of sandwich? I don't know like maybe I were also baking maybe I want some salami She's gonna have to surprise me surprise, okay Okay Oh, she's not the biggest I said with all the wine Yoshio some tanks Yoshi's back Jelly, I was expecting like a ham turkey sandwich She brought peanut butter jelly serious fine

I'm taking Lick it up like all right So there's like three people in this last year me pry her and this other guy the other guy Just type didn't lick it off right like Whoa, what did you just do we play that replay that? Yo, I can't get over that knife lick yeah, I guess you get the big surprise in that here we go I'm leavin her $1 It's just like a joke I'm Surprised it's like She's expecting like $2,000 upset Yeah a dollar We put some cheese they can't let us you know, I mean maybe able to drop somebody down saying Thank you for that surprise yeah, I wish she was a good sport about our next one off to the next one All right, this girl seems pretty nice I'm just gonna throw in 20 you have Oh My god 20 dollars, thank you guys so much today rice Is that the rice w yes, it is me I am the actual rice come baby girl

I am the actual rice go $40 do destroy us some nice positive box She seems nice like a jolly girl here we go $40 what are you doing in here the actual rice don't? Get out please just donate your stream I get idea I gotta give her something that only I would say hold on the whole wad in this stream Can I? Guess that's something I would say oh, yeah I can't forget hundred dollars here we go Alright fine, I guess I'll stop it dead exit out Wow okay on to the next person Alright, I don't discriminate this girl seems pretty nice I feel like trolling her a little bit

I was gonna say something behind her move Hopefully she turns around Boy behind you moved a little bit, I'm not joking race gone Thank you you print the donation I have $40 to tell me jack I feel like if you give him money go to anything so bro Do you been a sandwich? I think we're off to a good start kinda strange Why did I just get another donation? You a jumping jet why? Tony did $40 20 lots I'm so confused yo so sometimes on Twitter people send fake donations like stolen credit cards whatever so people always are skeptical I'm gonna let her know this is real money She keeps the money whatever She's like yo Yo, man this girl's here enough makes me want to tear up there All right, I want to give her a compliment you know to make your day a little bit better Are you single kind of bad like that is a good thing like it's a compliment like that is attractive no I'm sorry here We go your race gonna be for the $10 donation and my single you kind of back

What look and First of all this is a gaming channel Okay, there's a same IQ pit anywhere It's you can be met Seyi harmony yo alright naughty harmony But like it was a yes or no question Are you seeing what I was just curious you didn't have to be so rude to me I gave you $10 whatever man next girl man All right, so this is our next lucky victim I think we just asked the same question Are you single because I guess that might piss people off apparently, let's see if she gets better Are you single my single? Yes see it was a yes or no question this girl seems to be pretty normal Just gives me a straight answer the other girl wants to get all pissy with me Wait I am the real rest oh and hold up hold up, I need to know Would you let my stub pipe? ;3 Parenthesis smash I needed know would she let hold up Would you let rice Gump I smash? She really typing me up and Looks good, I love here on him

He's good-looking My next girl I feel like giving this bill a little compliment here We go what that mouths do Ten dollars to personate price gun person a good girl I'm the real deal like I'm the real risk Oh, all right, this field looks pretty interesting I'm all about positive vibes give her a good message You are the most beautiful women in the world and your voice turns me on okay my dad started downloading during the night That's Weird no I was complimenting you what do you write scum wait? Is that who's that? Oh? Did you just say who's that oh? My god, I'm irrelevant now man Oh, man It's they're donating money to attractive streamers and being so positive Let's donate money and mean comments so attractive because if you think about it How awkward is that if you get money like $100, and it's I mean comment you're just gonna be like We're gonna because a few it's gonna be awkward right you're gonna start out nice

So they're just like confuses her No, what's up with the donation sound? Thank you so much rice go my appreciation dollars, you're very very sweet my sweet though that donation sound so good I know my that's my best friend Cameron All right, so present that donation sound like the guys singing is like her best friend or something that made it for her This is gonna be off with I like your screening, but I'll be honest your donation sounds fresh So salty I mean, I'm I appreciate the donations, but you're kind of mean You want to be appreciative, but you're like talking shit about my best friend alright There you guys I kind of feel bad I'm just gonna tell her I'm sorry I feel bad that Donations sound really is heard in my ears Alright time bitch is mine your again Yo that shit was trash i'ma just be honest I'll have to leave I take my apology back You know I don't want to do it This is gonna be so awkward Like the weirdest oh nice incineration I am every Show looks a like that was pretty we're on my end too, and they got a trap Batman But if yours they actually keep giving money to these girls that pyro deserve it Let me know I'll make another video, but look

I know I haven't posted like a week or two I'm sorry I thought I needed a little break Brownback no for real actually back on Mike G post And I have us two full commercial you guys know football You know the final championship game those two bulls are pretty hyped up No youtubers out here made commercials like me now I'm saying so be able to go for that I'll be posting again tomorrow I'm sorry for the break once again

I'm back I miss you guys I love you guys so much for all the support I really do you guys stream yourself just tweet at me And you know I'll go in there and bless you with a few bad Anyways thing guys all so much for making til the end if you guys did that base? You enjoyed it because you watch to the end and you might as well drop a thumbs up You might as well subscribe I'll see you tomorrow

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