Abdi Ibrahim: all you care about is money now and I miss the old ricegum Rice: ( having a bad dream) These are 10 douchy things the rich kids of Snapchat do

Flaunt their wads of cash (Ricegum surprised) If there is one thing we can't stand about Snapchat, its the constant need for these rich kids to show off their watches (Rice thinking about him flexing on his gabbie diss video) Wrist lookin' like those 50 bands from that last diss that I did on you Now RiceGum: Damnit Over the top purchases If there is one thing the rich kids of snapchat are good at, it's shopping and showing off their purchases Rice: Alright so I bought a hoodie I'm excited, so this is the hoodie I bought

Look at this shit it's black on black so it's just clean It's almost cold out so I got to prepare myself Rice: The thing is it was $1000 dollars Complain about thier lives They complain about their lives constantly Rice: People think youtube is all fun and games

That my life is amazing it's always fun fun fun, but like every night for like 4-5 hours I just sit here and edit this whole thing up Rice: Alright enough guys i'm reading the comments on my videos and I been seeing so much stuff You know people saying Ricegum stop showing off your wrist, stop bragging about money Rice: guys i'm not showing off i'm rich

These are just things I do on an everyday bases You know youtubers vlog their daily life They want to allow their viewers into their personal life This is just me allowing you guys into my personal life Rice: I'm not trying to flex on you guys at all

You guys are the reason why I have money so why would I just show it off to you guys you know what i'm saying Rice: Also I came a really long way and It's just kinda crazy that all this is happening and I just want to share with you guys the whole journey Like look at this old clip, like it brings me so far back Rice: I'm about to eat some breakfast My mom over there

Rice: Hi mom Rice: I'm walking to school right now This is so awkward If someone see's me with this fuckin camera dude Honestly some people are looking at me man Rice: I'm in second period right now and i'm basically a like student aid

I'm bringing his lunch right now To the um to the refrigerator Rice: Let's see if this video hit's 200 likes Like i'll take a bite out of his lunch next video Rice: No one actually comes in here and like you know during the summer I was on the grind

So I got a mattress in here I'm out here struggling bro I don't even have like a headboard or what ever Rice: That was two years ago and my life now is just so different and I have just been always sharing my life on the internet and this is just a new chapter to my life And for everyone who is still there continuing hating and just calling me out for other stuff

Rice: There's other youtuber's you guys could watch Youtube is a platform where there's millions of other creator's So if you know me I don't match your personal preferences There's probably someone out there that would match your personal preference So go watch someone else

But this is what your gonna get Rice: But the funniest thing is a lot of people don't know is that I just act rich and try to show cool things on camera But as soon as those camera's turn off I just have a normal life (sad music) Rice: Just got done filming a video About to make a late night snack before I go to sleep

(sad music) (outro music)

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