Ex Girlfriend EXPOSES YouTuber Boyfriend!!

Hey, what's up, I can't believe you made it So do you have any like juicy stuff that, you know, no one knows

Of course I have something to say Yeah, what is that everybody I'm back for another video if you watched any of my previous videos You guys know that me and Fousey are currently in some beef I just got off the phone with his ex-girlfriend, we coordinated a time and place and she's actually about to pull up to the house any second now So while we wait till she comes, I'm just you know how much as you know scroll on the internet trying to find Savino funny videos or some memes Or whatever Oh, oh, oh, she's hot Oh my yo, that's a long-ass tongue

Dude I've seen some tongues and that's a long one She didn't even lick the ice cream she licked around the ice cream What is the point of having an ice cream if your're not gonna taste it? No, she really sat down to ice cream She didn't even take a lick – just to what – to twirk? Have some respect for

You know, I think she's here Hold up guys Oh word! Oh word! Hey, what's up? How's it going? When I was coming cause the cameras looking all bad and stuff

Okay Yo, yo, I can't believe you made it Yo, so before we get to the juicy stuff, I feel like I should just show you around the house, right? Do you feel me have you ever been here before? But I have never been in a house that has an elevator Never in your life, that's crazy waste so boozy never had an elevator in his house No, he's not doing like me, I'm really outta here I'll let you click the button Oh, yeah, where do you want to go? 1 2 3 or 4? Can I click 4? I mean, if you want to While we go I gotta make a quick phone call

Talk to the person Yeah, so here's the fourth-floor man, you know, I'm talking about you go look at around, take a look around you don't say It isn't pretty go so look so longer out here, you know, you like me and fuzzier, you know kinda end like, you know Like you wouldn't know a lot about him So do you have any like juicy stuff that you know that no one knows that could like you've kind of ruined this for really? you don't say like Oh, she says, of course I Can't put it in the video I can't

All right Yo, she's a great axe out Although they're not dating She's like, you know what? I don't want to expose expose but I won't put it in the video I promise I won't put it All right So tell us what's the juicy stuff? Yeah, but exactly know like you don't even have to do all that Sleeps with socks on Look at the view over here you see this view no and we got this nice little pool every day I wake up, you know, sometimes I wake up you're just like ah, No, but look yo, I'm not sure if you know this but like you look really good and like stripes and stuff like You know, I mean and white, do you know? What do you mean I was just complimenting you I will just compliment you call me thirsty All right, look, so states are kind of special to me

No saying I need to show you like the secret passage No one knows the secret passage You know I'm saying ladies for the super-passionate leads to these guest rooms come in here and let me show you some look at this You do like YouTube and stuff, right? Yeah, so see how this room has a bad Nice big flat-screen TV bathroom like you could you know move it Oh Wait, what do you mean? You know, I got your bed Yo, these girls are so needy It's small All right, so I get that room is small but here I'm gonna show you my room No, I got the master the room looking kind of nice You don't say no guys first time I may have pretty brought her to my room All Right, it's not small yo, these girls are so needy come over here look at this Look at this right scum main channel a million subscribers I can channel a million

I got two of those Okay, so you wanna roast listen you stay right here stay right here man she's over here open this up Yo you even real I mean I don't think so hi guys So she's part I impressed if she's seen this before I think Lucy has won one You know what? Everybody does he have this stuff know what the plaque man only youtuber don't want platinum a no Come over here, man I know you went to fitness and stuff Look at this dude, man I really got a gym on my crib Like it takes a while to get improvement it takes a while, you know, I mean What man? Why does she keep roasting me right here? We got a whole little club saying no a lot of open space

You know what, you know, I'll sit right there I'm gonna take a picture of you Yeah, like France together So, you know sir our smile Smile okay Good, okay I know it does not take that long to take a picture you're recording No, I'm taking a picture But I haven't even showed you the best part man I know girls love their whole bathroom stuff, you know, like you can do your makeup here, you know, all that stuff I got the two sinks

You know, I'm saying I got the flat-screen TV if you're trying to watch them No, I got a route that you can sit on You know, I'm saying big bathtub These foods even have a big bathtub No, I'm saying come over here It's not one How many is that? Not one, but Who's who showerheads? You don't say so I could be over here doing my thing

You can go do your thing You know I'm saying look at the closet This thing is really walk-in closet, man Like you can hang up your clothes over there stuff, you know, don't even get me started Look at this It's a urinal who really even got a urinal like that You don't say so Leaving yours it's rented I Thought I was coming over to actually film some real content not you just trying to impress me and This is so attractive You don't wanna go on a dare

I Need another that was like oh, you know come to film and we do other stuff, you know You know, can we Really? You need to leave cuz this is my room But this is my room I should go but this is my room Man I didn't want phousi sloppy seconds anyways look man I do my outro outside because like she kicked me out of my own room Let's say if you made that Thank you so much I know I've been posted I'm always in activists They're just super random So if you guys don't watch my videos I understand, but for the people that show support every time I upload mean I see you guys think eyes also money Yeah, I will be also opposed to getting a mom

So thank you guys so much Once again, I will see you tomorrow

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