FaZe Banks Might go to JAIL! #DramaAlert RiceGum GIRLFRIEND? Dr Disrespect UPDATE!

What is up Drama Alert Nation!ghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhc I'm your host Killer Keemstar, let's get right into the news! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a big story for you, a major update in the Faze Banks, Alissa Violet, and Barley House situation As you know Faze Banks had a court order on him

A restraining order, he wasn't allowed to talk about the Barley House incidents on Social Media, due to this restraining order However through his attorneys and the Barley House Attorneys, they came out with an agreement, where he could release a video defending himself against the Barley House's Video And last night, that's exactly what Faze Banks did He uploaded a video titled "I was not allowed to upload this video," now in this video Faze Banks defends himself from the Barley House Video, saying they just added commentary to security footage with no audio And that their video was very misleading, but Faze Banks also took responsibility

And said that he made mistakes, and that he never should of taken this situation to Social Media However the video was very well received The video almost got 200,000 likes and only 2,600 dislikes Now at the very beginning of this video, Faze Banks stressed this point, he told his audience, his fans, to not harass Barley House, to not harass Barley House Staff And I thought well that was really good

But apparently, that wasn't good enough Because today the Barley House Attorney's said that Barley House closed early Tuesday, because of harassment cause by the new (Ricky) Faze Bank's Video What!! Okay! I watched the video from Faze Banks alright he was about as nice as he possibly could be in the situation And he told his fans, not to harass Barley, not to attack them at all And apparently Barley Closed early last night

I'm calling bullshit, I'm calling bullshit Anyhow the Barley House Attorney's said this, 'Jeff Miller, an attorney for Barley House, said that bar employees were subject to "unrelenting harassment" by phone and online on Tuesday night The staff made the choice to close the bar at about 10:30 pm," he said

Miller said that he has plans to ask a federal judge Wednesday to find the couple in contempt of court and, and to issue sanctions for violating the private agreement I thought the agreement was to allow Faze Banks to put up his video This makes no sense Chris another attorney for the Barley House said that the new video has caused a public safety concern We have a lot of employees and their families who are worried about this guy reigniting this firestorm

Wow! I'm just dumbfounded by all this, like I said I seen the video where Faze Banks told his fans do not go after Barley House I feel like Barley House is playing victim Wow! Okay, okay, Timeout, Timeout As I'm filming this right now reports are coming in that the judge ordered Faze Banks to remove his Video If you look at Faze Bank's Channel his video has been removed from last night

This is just crazy to me the Barley House uploaded this video, they got to defend themselves, they got to say whatever they wanted to say, why is Faze Banks not allowed to give his side of the story Why is he not allowed to publicly defend himself, this is just absolutely insane to me Their taking this man's freedom of speech and that is wrong When the Barley House uploaded their video alright, Faze Banks got a ton of hate for this Why is the Barley House been the only one protected by this judge

I mean this whole situation is really messed up Guys were gonna stay on this story and give you every detail, if you are new here make sure you Sub with notifications on Also in the news, RiceGum has a girlfriend! RiceGum uploaded a video titled, surprising my girlfriend for Christmas, Instagram Model And it's a vlog with him and Sommer Ray I told you! I told you these two were dating! Nobody believed me! These two are boyfriend or girlfriend

But I'll tell you another thing two social media online personalities that no longer together are Boogie2988 and his wife Yesterday he uploaded a video titled: It's true, wife and I are getting a divorce Here's whats next for us Now in this video boogie2988 basically says that this is a really boring divorce They just weren't getting along

Their gonna split things 50/50 and you know both of them are gonna be okay But their just getting a divorce and we just want to let you know Which I don't believe ehm' alright I think that there is a lot of drama behind the scenes But I must say this, alright, people can choose to bring out all the ugly details on social media, and bring it all out for everyone to see or they can handle it respectfully and I think that is exactly what boogie2988 did

So, (claps) good job to boogie, best way to handle it in my opinion, however I could of had a lot more content here on Drama Alert if you would of just drived that bitch Regardless, if the divorce is going through smoothly or there's drama behind the scenes, this video from boogie ended up to number two trending on YouTube and is currently number three on trending And to that I would have to say what the fuck YouTube Over the last week two YouTubers that I really enjoyed started trending Kid Behind The Camera (Kidbehindthecamera) because Angry Grandpa died, and boogie because he got a divorce

Why can't their other content trend Why does someone gotta die or someone get divorced in order for it to trend I mean think about it, that's kind of fucked up And speaking about divorce, we don't know if Doctor Disrespect is going to get a divorce or not But there has been new information about the Doctor Disrespect infidelity

For those of you that don't know, Doctor Disrespect is a popular streamer over on the Twitch Tv He came out with a video earlier this week Saying that he was unfaithful to his wife and will take some time off Okay, so this caused the internet to go on a search to find out who this side chick was Alright, and there's a lot of theories of who people think this side chick is

However, there might be more than one side chick Because one of Doctor Disrespect's own moderators by the name of the oh mega (theohmega) Fired up his stream and said this: Damn! 4 Different E-Girls, a wait, wait, wait you better check yourself are dating an E-Girl right now Because there's a good that this man piped her I'm just saying, I'm just saying! Also in the news, Snake Bitch, Ericka Costell, you know I renamed her Snake Bitch and now calls her that

And well, shes playing us because now she's selling merch with snakes on them She's literally making money off of me calling her Snake Bitch We gotta think of a new name for her Like it's gotta be, evil, it's gotta be something so gross that she won't put on a t-shirt I'm call her (pause) Dirty Tampon, ladies and gentlemen, Snake Bitch is now known as Dirty Tampon

Try putting that on a t-shirt bitch! And now for our final story That famous black girl we all love Woahh Vicky She came out with an Instagram video where she got arrested Roll it: Oh my god! Woahh Vicky's Arrested! Oh my god! Hashtag Free Woahh Vicky (#FreeWoahhVicky) Woahh Vicky friends posted this on her Instagram

Vicky got locked up It's ashamed cops don't care about black lives comment hashtag free vicky (#freevicky) to get her justice this really fucked up (Crying of laughter) And then, and then, Woahh Vicky's Friend went on to say this Roll it: Okay, Okay, Cut the shit, Cut the shit, okay, Woahh Vicky was not arrested, this is fake The cop in the video is an actor, he's literally known as the Instagram Cop Woahh Vicky gotta get out of here with this dumb shit

Ladies and Gentlemen that is it for the news, did you enjoy this video? Did you have a good time? If you did make sure you slap a like on it or I will hunt you down If you are new here and you want to keep up to date with the drama, make sure to you sub with notifications on And before we go G FUEL code 'KEEM' has a thirty percent discount for now until the next couple days So you better hurry up and stock up on the G FUEL immediately for every tub you buy you, get a free shaker That's it I hope you enjoyed yourself

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