shoutout vanitymc Yo whats up guys! How is everyone doing? Today is a special day So you guys know the NFL they are in town for the all star game I'm on TV

I met the monster sector right now look at my face I'm on the wall boys and girls man instagram is real serious I need to get these instagram pictures here we go Not on one Shelby Drive look alive look alive niggas came up on this side not on the other side Oh well fuck them dog We gonna see how hard it ride I get Cut that out no everyone go like my paper go like my picture What are you waiting for go? In that car you guys think it is boy does this like a Toyota Prius or something? Suicidal nomads me this car right now It feels soft and stuff, but is it fast

I will let you know Alright guys, we're here at the all-star game Lily put me behind this like last thing It's like bulletproof You know I got a lot of haters, so you know you gotta be safe alright, so it's the next day I thought I've lost more yesterday That's like the all-star game that have the parties and stuff, but like I guess I did it so yeah I picked up the camera picked up right where I left off Let's go come on guys come on guys Twelve seconds all right guys like its story Oh, yeah, cool right here at the tattoo shop You know spin the wheel um I get a tattoo today boys Bro we got here for 30 minutes you've been standing at the exact spot staring at this girl Why she's not real stop looking at her like that I? Understand she has the nice cakes, but like it's kind of creeping me out like I'm starting to think you're kind of weird Rose got a Gucci jacket, she's still wearing that role five days bro as a kid, you're like yo, I could get his jacket Crazy about Lea tattoo in a bit banks is going first man I'm excited to see what he gets about to take a look Are you circle or X Oh, that's such a random Deeper dude, I'm trying to catch an altar your why why why why? That was unnecessary You need to yeah, so like it comes off right all right bakes just got done Well, what are you doing? Don't don't do this the real funs over bro

Tell him to not do it, please Help your boy out, bro Hole is the G bro don't do this This is real v your YouTube I'm sorry I gotta go man You guys can't be doing this

How are you feeling right now? So I've got like so much adrenaline Excitement and just love running is remembe I in for now Yankees But how do you think like your mom is about to feel like you don't even get her name tattooed but tattooed slick Just to let you guys know This is not a fake tattoo No clickbait like this is real ink These guys don't click me like they really go out of their way to just stand out I guess boy I would never do this I feel bad for you guys to be able to I'll just wish it was me, lon How would you wish this on yourself aside? Yeah? Yeah, how do you feel about this role? As soon as he's done It is my turn big guy's tattoo He's getting his done I'm next do you have the stuff? Minutes later so in most tattoos have like a deeper meaning a symbolic meaning right so what's the symbolic meaning so so Jack you? Guys we were just playing this game, tell me why this landed for me out of all the things that could have landed Oh, are you sure you want to do this bro? No? You love your viewers, so are you gonna? Do it rice? Yes, yeah? You really are not looking for this everybody gets to see Rice's ass I Told you bro, chalo chalo wasn't that bad was it? Oh don't cry rice Alright guys he also never had a tattoo so we're gonna try it out No, ink you know I mean the TVs are pussy it Steve is a pussy

Let's get it To retire Well you feel it oh Okay Felt amazing I just wanted a little bit when I got my tattoo You call me a blitz of Europe all right this watch my face You want to call me a pussy Yeah, right the bone the bone the bone Yeah, so what are you having for dinner tonight? Did you try to hold it at a the worst? Guys he's next Nah bro come on no come on How did the grab swords?(YO i just wanted to tell everyone,SUSCRIBE TO DAVID PARK!! I dont have a profile picture

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