What Michael Doesn't Know Is His Girlfriend Has Been Listening To The Conversation From The Bedroom Your Supposed To Be At Your Mom's House Yo! What is up, everybody? How are you guys doing? You guys know me, I'm always making videos in my dirty, messy room And finally was like "Dude, I'm at 10 mil subscribers

Time to take this shit serious Look at this new spot! But look, I don't know how long you guys have been a subscriber to my channel for But I made this video like over a year ago about this youtube channel, but hold up, quick recap to the good old times Girl: Can I give you a hug? Damn these thirteen year olds ain't loyal I was reacting to this show where, like, boyfriends and girlfriends to see if they were loyal or not

like, that's so stupid But it's been over a year and I haven't checked up in their videos in a while So, let's see what they're up too What? *record scratch* Wait, what? This dude drove three hours already? Dude, the video hasn't even started I already know he cheated No one's driving three hours for nothing, like he's driving three hours for a reason Like, he's tryna smash *mouthes* The ex Doggy style? Dude, I'm cringing What are you doing?? no no no no oh shit oh shit Ah yo, I think this girl is a little bit overreacting Don't you guys think? Like, why is she so mad? You're the one that set this up She's the one that arranged this It's like she's basically asking to get cheated on at this point, you know? and it's like, you gotta be realistic Like, look at yourself in the mirror Like you guys know that Drake & Josh episode where the movie theater boss lady or whatever Like, she looks like her So like, if I was in the same situation man, I'd probably cheat too yo yo yo, look at that girl in the reactions! She's so devastated, like she had to open her mouth and everything Bro, she's so mad Bro, I'm so confused

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