How I Got The New iPhone X / iPhone 8 Early (Unboxing)

Jesus we're currently going shopping with The Whole Crew and today's a different day Because afro kinda convinced me I feel bad for himself so I decided to let him tag along Ah! We are here about to go shopping it's so Weird Walking with My homie in public like we never Go out in public right yO gUcCi StOrE We're in the gucci store with Wolfies about the cop that- AYE we Gucci like The shirts with the snakes on them the shoes with the snakes on 'em Imma about to go find afro he Just wandering off- I'm about to go tell him can buy whatever he wants cause like he deserves it buy anything you want boy you deserve- it yes dude anything- Get It get It get it Yo could I get this- uh how much is it- uh 15 1

5 and you think i should cop this I dont f*ck with you dude You serious? Alissa Violet- oooh i'm not gonna hold back on this one- 100 million percent smash Yooo That's Expensive- You said anything- guys afro is actually pissing me off he's running it up right now Ah I finally got it, guys I never leave the house- I never get to buy anything, I'm with my boys my homies, we all got Gucci Gucci Why don't you hang out with your boys- wha- we're boys- we guc- we got to hang out with you because your Rice's friend Gucci- Rice over here still mad and sh*t bro stop vlogging on my sh*t bro Alright we in this elevator right now- its the same size of our elevator at home- but it has only 5 floors *flashbacks* omg no please Yo thats dope are you about to buy it?- its kinda fresh but I wanna get afro's opinion- wheres afro? Oh ah I think he's like over here you wanna go get him- yea lets get him check this out bro, view this- this is screaming afro gum Yo Rice can I buy this? Rice- Rice cmon let me buy this bro I honestly haven't been buying anything, all my friends- my names JeFf- what did you say to me boy Say It again Say It againMy name is jeff *slaps aggressively* just got back from the mall, I don't know what I'm gonna do- afro gum ran it up how am I suppose to pay rent? ah look at this- bro come on- bro the new iPhone's coming, I'm about to be spending more money, I'm broke No home button- No home button Waterproof? Nah what ? she's unlocking her phone with her face- guys I was thinking if this was my phone I want to unlock It could I just use like use a picture of my face and Just like– someone can Hack My Phone yoo emojis I need this phone- I need this phone right now yo I did this last year where when I feel like I want anything early I go onto this website called Craigslist There's like other people and maybe illegally maybe not (god I can not understand this boy) Mean I don't know but there's always some type of new phone on here I'm like trying to scroll through Right now oh? Ohh My God Apple iphone X 164 Gigabyte $3,000 in los Angeles- Only Two Left- Cash only come alone do not Contact me with unsolicited services or offers daamn- alright guys I'm gonna be calling This guy he's on Craiglist He sent you Guys the iPhone x Early I don't know how- i need that face- the emoji moving phone He picked up picked Up- hello? whats up, you got the iPhone X still? No, i'm not with the police okay yeah Yeah- now It works- I have the cash- send the address Send the address? Alright I'll see you there Well we gotta- I mean it's late but can you drive me? bro I got you- don't worry- no I can't I can't let you go alone Guys it's really really late right now I'm so surprised that Craig's guy even picked up I guess he's trying to make a quick buck He sent us the address were on our way there- and are you excited Bro it's gonna be insane- I'm excited but like this is kind of sketchy its Late- He's meeting us at like This Random spot I don't know what to expect Hi guys were here at the location you sent us he's still not here yet- It's getting late *click clock* I cant believe there's like moving emojis and Face Censoring Like dude there so- is anyone over there? Shit Guys- on the ad It said go alone I'm really sketched out RN Hey What's up He wasn't even American he had like an accent- alright you Guys that was pretty sketchy- But Im glad I got that over with- it's time, it's time there are channels on Youtube dedicated to unboxings- I'm beating them to it I got the Phone first- anyways because pop it open right now unboxing the moment of truth, right now in this box What is this? bro this is not the iPhone x right- no what the f*ck- this guy scammed me for 3 wraps yo BRUH! what the f*ck

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