How Many Dislikes Can This Video Get?

Yo! How is everybody doing? Back for another video Today is a very very special day I want you guys to look me straight to my eyeballs, I'm looking straight to your eyeballs Heart to heart conversation Thank you guys all so much, I just hit, 7 million subscribers, I don't know how, I don't know how is this possible But I just worked really hard, and you guys are just always supporting me

Oh, shut up You are only where you are because of me! I helped you so much in your career! Yo what are you talking about? No dude I'm like DONE, I'm sick of it, I'm never getting credit, I'm never getting shoutouts! Like 1 million subscribers, no shoutout, 2 mil subscribers no shoutout, 5 mil 4 No shoutout ever! It's 7 mil and i still get no shoutout? Alright alright chill! I'm never getting shoutout is 1 mil so forever No doubt two rows of servers no shell 5 Ml for no shoutout ever it's 7 Oh, you still get no shell or all right share like it's not that serious, bro shoutout AfRa Happy dude you kidding to save my last name are you I'm done I'm done You can't even say my last name What I gave you a shoutout break Now the oscar is that I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart yes

I work hard Yes I post videos, but millions and millions of people post videos and work hard I mean only so few have such that strong following and I somehow Have you guys and I just want to say thank you because without you guys This would not even be possible and when something really good happens for instance like I get an A on my report card I would run to my mom "mom look at this" or if I did get in a basketball game I would go to my mom "mom look at this!" And I hit seven no, and I want to go to her and be like oh mom Look at my sentiments But you know I live in La she's back at home So I have a roommate that kind of reminds me of my mom, and he's like a mom figure to me So I'm gonna go talk to him I'm willing to his reaction alone Whoo hey hey hey what you up to right now, oh I see you listen to some beats and stuff, but let's bro I just woke up I checked my sub count I'm at seven million subscribers dude Well, yeah, are you like is that good? Seven million bro

Sh*t yeah, Brody Should we go pop some bottles they go celebrate? Almost well as you know don't move or you're at like what like ten or something you're at sixteen? Yeah, no, but seven is still good though, right? Yes, like oh Half – like – So I shall pop bottles, and I should hit the club and stuff I mean no I mean you can I mean you just have to know that in the back of your head The second thing is own house wow well I didn't think about that I used to be the biggest and now you're in here, and I'm the second I'm just about to be in your shadow now Yeah, I uh I'm a really wait at my side I do want to ruin it great no No, I understand though like sixteen is just so much bigger than seven That definitely killed my vibe a little bit But I actually understand where he's coming from and seven million really ain't chevy he'd hit that like three years ago probably So oh one last thing before you guys leave I know I've talked about daily uploading for years now I always fell through but I'm on a five-day upload should get up honestly serious

I'm like keep it going today I didn't really have a video That's why I'm making this short one, so I hope you guys aren't mad at me I'm gonna pick right back up tomorrow with another banger, but if you guys live to the end Thank you so much and one last favor man How many do not dislike this video – you do that for me if you guys can just thumbs on the video I don't want any likes I want is going to have zero likes do not like to build Thumbs it down and the reason for that is because YouTube is like a game, right? And I don't know how it feels to get million of views I know how it feels to getting really numb likes I don't have A freely get know enough comments, but I've never even got close to a million dislikes So how many dislike to this video get rank guys? I'm not joking I'm going to do to dislike this vote I want to see this dislike bar Just just be so much zero like and a ton of dislike can we do that But one last thank you for seven million one last thank you for disliking the video Thank you for that I really appreciate if you are not a part of the team yet to win to Journey to eight males

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