I Fake My Fortnite Gameplay (The Truth)

As you guys know there is a ton of speculation around my fortnite game play people think its not me playing, there tons of videos trying to expose me (like Kwite and Kappa Kaiju) where they look at my hand movements to match with the in game movements it's time to take some stuff off my chest it's hard to sleep every night having this information, I fake my fortnite game play SIKE! YOU WISH I DID, THATS ME PLAYING i just had to clickbait you to grab your attention, do you guys see this set thats been getting built out im about to get like this gaming set right here, i am basically streaming every day on twitch, starting tomorrow starting tomorrow @2PM, you better be there, Wednesday, mark you calendars, trust me you don't want to miss it i'm giving away money, i'm giving away merch, there's a ton of new ways be there tomorrow and for anyone who thinks i fake my game plays You can come watch me on Twitch live for like three hours

You're gonna see me do good Imagine if I do good in my videos, is it on should be my started sucking It's like things aren't adding up now Trust me It's gonna be lit, yeah, I actually have to go somewhere I need to catch a flight to a dirt really quick Yeah What is up party people how are you guys doing today I'm getting back into you guys where telling me you guys missed the vlog So here I am, but guys I am actually in Norway for a few days check the view

Okay? Okay, and here's my roof, but wait do not sleep on breakfast You gotta eat good constantly So I woke up today I gotta get my energy right now I'm tired of people under estimating breakfast this is called like egg benidict I like before I you know start that sheet up Let's have a little fake You know, I was really thinking like why is this van just look so creepy Like I can just imagine free candy on their life This is I'm gonna just stay away cuz like I don't want to get kidnapped alright we just got to the secret location look but you guys know I love for tonight and for tonight is poppin and you know since I'm traveling I think we're like nine hours away from LA and like I couldn't bring you know all my gaming stuff But I I need to get this gaming in right? I'm about to stream on Twitch like everyday stelae I gotta get good at this game

So I hit up my boys and we're pulling up to the night headquarters Look at all this art Yo, shout-out to Brussels The art is nice, but look, but a Loki came through Let me show you nice up throw You know what time it is I don't care if we in a different country We always got fortnight on deck

No, you're trying to play some cornet or what? Come on, come on I don't care up up over seas boy We still played for day why they're not big Game of this I want to show you guys these guys is headquarters rolling Look at all this Harley our house in our headquarters is like a flex cutter But like this is just cool vibes like it's like a ran down like You know tight feel or this place seems low-key because I costly got fans that like try to follow me everywhere But like this place like no one's gonna find me here – it's cool That's cool

Bra bra bra bra Just Dylan 89% has been like 20 minutes three hours made Any of the gameplay, but tell me why I'm travel with eight hours across the sea to just play through nine hours I really read about my life I really took a plane over ste to Norway like a country I've been to like what I really just was in the room for like three hours playing Fortner I can play format at home Why am I even here like a mess of X Games? They I don't know what it is I saw if you're like snowboarding stuff I curse for you is like four ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends to come in It's like who's the best one? I don't know What does the FBI stand for bro, I'm so curious why is it The water's like really cool it's like negative so On a different boat no, I remember jumping off of shit and now we're about to go fast I'm about to take flight away Hold up I've been told that there's like a secret passage down Yo, let's go

What is going on in here? You guys Dude, what I could live in here Is that like the way you pee out? There's a room right there but look at this kitchen look at this bathroom is not the mole my god What? Don't touch my camera like that It's a virgin camera Did it feel good, though Who is it girls were on this boat right now? Look at this house Don't lie It's just crazy because life magic coming out of the houses gonna have like a big pool Like this is a sick fool right guys, we're over here still cruising fast Look at these houses though guys a bloke

He like at these houses like as a kid, I would always wanna like you know games, Playstations, and stuff And as you get older bro You just tryna cop some houses and move your family out here you know what I'm saying? dude, I'm tryna buy a boat one day I wanna buy that little house I wanna buy a boat one day I wanna buy this boat one day

I wanna buy every– dude I want to buy that tree I wanna buy that flag Rockets and water plant that shit sounds like a 2k matchup But I try to pull the game is 2 am Here the time zones be weird while they're playing right now in America Sorry, you could not view the content from your local And wafer we are in a legal website Three days course with the vlog it looks like I've been here for like Brian you know, I just need a time to get out

Anyways, thank you for watching like the video, please

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