I'm gonna give out free shirts Oh my god Rice! *fans screaming* Never in my life have I felt so disrespected! why are you watching this video it is good but no sweg and tell everybody to pause here because you can and stuff yeah I put my life out there for your guys entertainment and this is how you guys treat me?! I put my life out there for your guys' entertainment and this is how you guys treat me, are you serious!? Are you serious?! So, you guys know how on Youtube, theirs a feature where you can see all the subtitles and captions so you guys know on youtube theres a feature where u can see all the subs and captions for all the blind viewers that can't hear you can just read all the captions and so I'll go to the subtitles on my last video, subbed captions, subtitles and look at this: it's- Its saying ding ping gong- I'm not even saying those words! I'm speaking English I didn't say "I'm asian ching chong", that's racist you can't just do that! I was clearly speaking My English Hey guys it's me again back for another video We're here today, and I'm third wheeling once again We're about to get some food

is that our food ello ching chong i like asian food ding dong Oh My God Walking through the mall I got a check on me

Designers look best on me I got a lots of pressure lots of stress on me Independent I got people that depend on me Knew you was a fake you can't pretend on me But I used to spell What the heck bruh they got Vload at this thrift shop

Off white supreme at the thrift shop What's Banks hiding under that snapback of his? Man looks hella' dirty like he just sleeps in them clothes He need some water and soap on his crusty ahh #banksneedabath Yes, Alright guys so I just tweeted out that at the grove mall in La I told them I'm going to be there to give out free shirts today I just feel really bored I have like these shirts right there And we have like a cool hundred of those going to go to the mall just Throw them out to my fans hopefully people show up, and be like like 10 to 20 kids are going to show up But it's going to be fun

How you guys feel about me getting back to my fans i just wanna give them back some shirts Do you think that's a very kind gesture of me? I think they deserve a lot more Damn Oh my God rice Yo You serious bro Hey Rice come out this side I got here, but it was so weird cuz I really said I'm bored and let's just do this God Rice Descends Upon His People This is crazy front front now Y'all think we're going to have to leave okay We're gonna have to go oh God with them Are so the mirror went well man always cool to see people's faces when they see me? They give so height when they see me eggs Dope man I love the energy the only thing was I came here to throw out shirts for everyone

I wanted to be fair I want to just throw out a random shirt You could have grabbed one right, but when I got there look at this clip man These kids literally ran at us overpowered us and just were grabbing the shirts man So we're taking three somewhere taken two They were just grabbing it We got outnumbered I'm not even joking it was incredible how these little kids overpowered us I do want to do this again in the future I just really need more security I feel like and I mean I just want to keep throwing out shirts man, okay? Guys, we're going to have to use like the best thing ever and it's healthy And it's sweet and it's good for you

Ah let's go and so to seeing couples argue What what oh draw? You're such an ass Goes Come on get it gone get it your ball Why did you do that? I told you let's come take it off favorite friendship bracelet It was a friendship bracelet isn't something weird that you're asking or two years ago, and I've nothing to do with any much he told me all this didn't know a Needy ceo I had this like two years ago after the band has no phone industry there are doing right now guys But it happens I mean, it's all about having a strong relationship and sidon past these hard times so is that why you're screaming in the car? Thank you Get mad love just Listen to this Guy's mad healthy mad good, and it's gone

Maybe Why is he not your love screen broke that's fucking wack No, it's not Alright guys I'm finally huh, oh Look look at my room the maids came through It is so I've never seen my room dis clean and so long is my bathroom clean oh, yeah Oh dude Oh my I bet I just have you seen you in here this you guys what your reaction on them

Here's the first one Oh shit Yeah, and they're hard I got on for 350 bro Welcome you renting 50 bucks Yeah, but kind of hell Are you yeah kind of used but these go for like 800 bro GO WATCH DUNKIRK IN THEATERS NOWW But do I'm gonna clean it when they're gonna let a real Guy that pulled off twenties because I need to pay than made we need to pay her 400 bucks It's all good if you guys do end up moving in bro Made every single day coming your room and clean it and we just pay them so we have to never spend time sitting and just Spend all our time making videos right we don't have time to be cleaning and and picking up stuff We just need to make videos I wake up pranks right now in the most classy way Guys, I'm not as well as I used to Tonight for dare we're sticking with the ramen noodles Ukraine shot Stop don't ask

You know fallon hot chick with a dick lick wang I LOVE NOODLE SO MUCH, CHING CHONG What thousand two hundred milligrams of C17H2NO4 walk a couple of that shares CHING CHONGS together stays together? Oh? Yeah? FYE WICE I should do that thing where the noodles are in her mouth and your mouth and you like hold a baby just chill hold on jail jail jail jail fuck oh, oh, shit ah ah All right guys it is Madly just a little segment I like this bridge in La and it's like a really far jump this dude wants to jump off of it It's really dark out Oh guys can see me out of you guys can see anything, but if you walk like let's go dark I'm so serious Bro, do we really have to hop this fence again? This is no trespassing we just walked over, but yeah outside our house if you walk like like two feet There's like this bridge area aren't so we're currently trespassing but we're going to this bridge things about to go down literally Hey, what up the climb offend you guys didn't tell me this you guys did not tell me this I'm wearing flip-flops You know no one told me we had to jump a fence barbed wire fence dude And it's kind of my flowers break out of jail dude I want to catch it out Yeah, how the hell is she can do it if I can't even do it? How easy is it guys? I'm not wearing shoes you go to rush me Yeah Come on

That's Bob Why that's my boy? That's not that you're sucking you're so right here You're putting it on Okay, okay, well I? Know you're just a gay old photo picking your photos breaking up over it Oh my God today They guys oh there you go You're good It's a beautiful view there, but to jump down

I don't even know I can't even see you guys Just black prices But look at this beautiful view look it's like purple, Elsa turn that shit off dog Fuck I got it Honestly guys I'm only here because they told me to you know come see this and it's not my idea I don't even want them to do it, but they're doing it

I mean this is dangerous man Oh Come on Are you dog dad you're live He's good Johnny I'm Serious I Believe all right all the time There's the homie already out here editing is late guys

It's like midnight 9 minutes like 3 pm I'm up editing look at I'm grinding I'm posted every day, so I'm mad hungry I don't have time to be picking up food soon Which is order some food

I believe the food guys should be out here How is their stance? Good I would love to get my postman it really expands outside Yo you guys can't be doing You show us up G? Dude, dude, you can't be doing this for as badly I just gotta get my food No, no, please don't no, please don't no no oh, no Where's oh How'd you that fan came inside, and I really called the costume how to get them out of here But the postmates still isn't here I need to eat my food, and I'm still super lazy so imma wait right here, and he's gonna throw it up Hopefully, he does a good throw if he misses it's gonna go down splat, but I trust this guy's arm You throw it up in our stairs are broken You're the stairs only go up with the don't go down

So we have to let jump off to go down hard hard hard Rice: Throw it towards bruhhh Song: Nav – Call me

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