I Got In TFUE’S GAME And This Happened…

Yo what is up Everybody man how you guys doing, if I sound weird right now it's cause I got diamond teeth in man Ask me why I don't know I ran out of things To you know, flex witth so I gotta you know step it up, shout out to the popular jewlery with but look now a lie bout me really thinking but then I won't think they're gonna I wasnt even gonna post this video I was gonna post a completely different video man, quick recap You guys know man fousey tube dropped a whole diss track on me I reacted to it and I saw that he had like a YouTube girl or whatever I hit her up

It's like his extra song So he know it caused some controversy and we ended up like make it a bigger day Anyway, I was gonna post that but I thought fousey is my friend He says how about just being suicidal and like he's going through a dark time right now They're like, oh if I should do that to him right now Alright, I'm not even a mean person He does this reach first source is like how no master I was gonna post that he had like a few nip slips So that takes like a while to edit all that I don't know if I supposed to do or not guys You guys should let me know in the comments if I should or not How about you know, I made her laugh a couple times on how to bring her to my room You know first time ever brought to the room had to do what happen, dude I'm sick No, I'm not a mean person I might not post to let me know man I need some answers, but look me last time I did a veil on for night It involved the girl if people say it was like two cents or whatever I thought well, I really do think I'm like really good up the game in order to test myself There's this guy named G

Fool People say he's better than ninja I think so He's like the best in the world apparently and if I can kill him that means I'm the best ever alright So I just need to kill a one time to booth my so our mother join em up right now and I wanna have one Camera, so if I just fill myself playing with my face, you guys won't believe it's me playing so I'll show my hands Alright Are you good? Oh it's not the saver What the fuck I'm gonna fight your ass Nope Hi guys, I'm just getting warmed up man I haven't played it on wow This guy plays every single day of a listen and we ended up playing another one and we to be proud of me Oh Do guys chill man, he's like the best in the world like it's hard to kill a but listen, don't worry

I got it It ain't over dawg This moment that evening he fucked up Alright guys, you know what they say my fourth time as a char No, I'm sayin I really do believe right now I kind of know how he's playing that wait on it Nope Back nope I don't want to hear it man This guy's the best in the world You probably can't even kill him But listen, I saved the best for last Oh Shit Oh Dude I was about to kill this is really jumped off I didn't even get the satisfaction of killing a man I'm not fucking around too Oh Nope it was at this moment that evening he fucked up

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