I Mailed Myself in a Box and IT WORKED! (Human Mail Challenge) (Almost DIED)

Um, alright guys, Um Um Once again, not sure where I am right now I should Woah Woah

What the (girly screams) Hey guys, it's me again So I haven't posted a video in seven days I know, I've been slacking, but I can explain So my last video did 300,000 likes in the first day, and I was like "Let's go! Celebration!" I deserve a little vacation So I was like you know what? I wanna go to California, but nowadays man, plane tickets are so expensive

So, I was like you know what is there a way I can travel, where it's a little bit cheaper? And then it came to me I remember a while back I saw this Youtuber NO bullshit I am not making this up, The dude went into a box, tipped it up, brought some food and literally shipped himself like through the post office Like as if you're buying something off eBay, or Amazon, as you're shipping someone, something He shipped himself in a box! It's so God *** hot in here "Agh, Agh," I'm getting cramped Dang, this dude's a genius

Although he came up with this amazing idea, I think it's fake because a lot of things didn't add up, And for all I know he could've just sat in the box and just whispered into a camera Don't you think if he's going to go through all that trouble to make a "good" YouTube video, that he would try to capture every moment? I don't know, man It was just kinda weird how he didn't film the part where he was in the UPS truck about to get delivered or when the UPS guy carries him to the door step You know? In the video, he just magically appears at the door-step He comes out like "Oh! Fresh air!" But it was like, it was just weird Also, in his video, he brought himself to the post office and they were just shipping him from there back to his house

So the purpose of him shipping himself in general Was just to make a good video Me on the other hand- I'm going to be shipping myself, from the post office to California because I just want to find an affordable way to travel and meet my California friends So lets begin! First step the box

So this box isn't big enough for me I thought it was but it's not So I've got two boxes and I have to tape this box on top of this box And it's going to be pretty hard There you go Not bad Cut cut, snip snip Cut cut, rip rip Cut (rub for good luck) (sigh) (Tape up

tape some more) (Tape even more) Guys, I don't know how but I'm almost out of of tape and I didn't even tape it the much yet God! (pat for extra luck) Alright It's pretty good! It's a pretty solid build Alright, so I secured the bottom so that I could sit here, and they could carry me around

I also made it taller I might have to tape this up more, but this is, like, the basics of it Um I'm excited, bro! I think I'm going to do one more layer just in case Alright guys!! It's pretty secure, but, yeah, this is where I'm going to be spending and probably, uh, 4 to 5 days? but I can't just ship my self in this box, I mean, it's going to be so boring I'm going to get hungry and stuff like that so So, let's pick up some stuff So, now we are here at Walmart And I'm going to pick up some essentials (walks over to cold stuff, pondering what to get) (hmm) (this looks good) So I was thinking, like, I'm going to be there for a couple of days

So, I need something to hydrate me, but water is kind of boring You know what I mean? So, I'm going to have to switch it up sometimes (grabs jug of Lemonade) Probably like a lemonade Also I was thinking that I want to save as much money as possible, right? So, I probably can't afford express shipping So, this might, honestly, take like 3 to 4 days, like, who really knows? (grabs bag of chips aggressively) Guys, I really want to take hot cheetos, but, like, think about it, is it really a good idea? Like, I'm going to be travelling, and like, What if my stomach starts hurting? (Sadly puts bag of chips back

then grabs them again) Guys, uh, I'm going to do it, because that's the risk I've got to take (moves stuff on shelf to see camera) (grabs fruit snacks) So, basically, what I am trying to do is, like, I'm trying to pick good foods, but healthy ones too I was picking some really unhealthy stuff, so let's stay healthy! (walks around suspiciously and grabs box of cereal) (throws it up and catches it smoothly) (thug lyfe motherf*****) Yeah, guys, I think, uh, I think I should have gotten a cart

(grabs cart and tosses everything into cart) You guys know me, I love me some UNO Alright, push me again Woah, woah I love me some Bop-It Alright, so we're about to check out, there's lots so it's gonna be lit

Alright, so just got back from Walmart, and I picked up some very important stuff Cereal! Doesn't always need milk, it's actually really good without milk Fruit snacks! I'm always trying to stay healthy The box does take up a lot of space, so I, we're just gonna Let it fly Hot cheetos, because I'm gonna be bored and I'm probably gonna watch some movies in there, so I need something to chew on

Also we got some bananas, gonna put these down lightly so it doesn't smash Also got Clif bars, these are really healthy and have a lot of protein, and apparently it keeps you not hungry, so that is Major fat food I also realised it was going to be a long bumpy ride, so I needed to get something to Keep myself entertained

Uh, we got the Bop-It, which is a classic game, and then uno cards But yeah man, once again I can't be bringing all these boxes though, it's too much mass I already have this at home, so I didn't want to buy it at Walmart But I got some bread, uh, a knife, and then I got some Nutella Uh, that's gonna come in handy

Big time And then last but not least, the hydration You got some AriZona Lemonade Once again, did not bring water, because, uh, that *** is kind of boring Oh yeah, and the other guy, he had this bottle he was peeing in

And that seemed so hard, and you have to aim and stuff So I just got this jar and you just pee in this Close it up, And, yeah pretty much Alright guys, so I could've organised it a little better I gonna take a step in there, right

But as you can see, everything is pushed to the side I'm gonna sit, probably around here, somewhere, just chill there, and, Honestly, um, I'm excited It's gonna be a mission, but I'm going to climb in for the first time Oh Bro, can you help me? Ow, my leg Alright Alright Trying to kneel down a little bit Oh!!! This is going to be a challenger Alright, I don't know how I'm going to do this, man ***, this is hard as ***

Alright, so I tried to go from the top, and I think I'm too tall So, we're going to do it this way Hopefully it is, uh, I did tape around the whole side, So, if I do shake around, the box won't break, and it's pretty secure So, I have my GoPro, with which I'm going to be documenting my life for the next couple days Uh, and in here I'll give you guys a little tour if you want to, uh, come in

I got the, uh, you know, the entertainment back there I got some, uh, substance to stay hydrated Some food, got, you know, nice little sandwich-making stuff right there Alright, so today is the day It's about to go down

We are outside Outside of the United Postal Service Store We're about to get shipped out real quick, uh, On this box, it has like this little where you can say if it's fragile or not, so I'm going to say VERY VERY FRAGILE So, that they're, like, very cautious with the box Because there's a human in there They have to be careful Uh, I also want to let them know that they should have it this side up

Alright So, usually they would probably have the box like this, and that would really mess up everything, Because all the things would just fall on me So, hopefully, they pay attention to these arrows, alright This is like a little roll thing Uh, I'm going to hop in this, my brother is gonna, um, roll it into there Get All the tracking info and stuff like that, so

But yeah, man I'm kind of nervous, um, whatever I'm just going to hop in, alright, so I have my GoPro in there, I hope there's a flashlight in there, I think I put one in there It's really dark in there if there's no flashlight, so I'll see you on the other side

Alright So, basically, I can't believe this is happening But, basically right now, I think he's pushing me to, uh, get checked in or whatever He's gonna put me through the UPS And then get my tracking number and stuff like that It is pretty bumpy

Sorry No, you're good Alright guys, I think we're all checked in We're in the back right now Uh, I don't know what's going to happen next, but, I haven't slept all night

And I'm really tired So, I'm going to take a little nap, and then we'll go from there I was up all night trying to make this box Making sure it doesn't break, you know, halfway through, so everything's good Um, take a little nap, and then we'll go from there

Oh my god Alright guys, so, I just woke This is so bright Alright Alright guys, so, I just woke up

Something woke me up randomly Um Alright guys, so, I just I think I'm in a car Alright guys, so, I think I can talk normally now Uh, I was whispering at first because I was in the UPS Store And there's probably people working

Then I was in a car, I believe, and now I'm at some warehouse I'm assuming, I'm not sure Um, I'm starving So, I'm going to make some food Is that gonna be a struggle? This is gonna be such a struggle, trying to make food

On top of that, hold the light and a camera I was gonna spread it, but that's gonna be too hard Oh my god Nutella, baby Alright, so right now I'm trying to set up my WiFi Hotspot

Basically I'm trying to hook it up where my iPad can Have WiFi Yes Guys, I was listening to that music for, like, the past 5 hours, and my headphones, I believe, are out of batteries So, that sucks

But, I'm going to just put them around my neck, so I look cool Oh yeah, I think I also forgot to mention this I actually googled a random address online, and basically this box is going to a random address And I just think it's going to add more of a, you know, funniness, you know, to the end of the video You know, I'm just gonna ship it to my own house

That's like, that's stupid Let's add a twist, ship it to some random house Alright, so that's gonna wrap up day 1 Food supply, still a lot of food, so we're good with that Um, the only thing is, I'm just bored, right like, It's not, it's not too bad

Everything's cool I'm just bored Guys, I'm sweating so much right now, that like, it's like hard Have you guys ever been, like, sweating so much where, like, it's hard to take off clothes? I really wish I'd brought water Lemonade almost gone

I really should have brought water I had, probably, the worst night of sleep ever My neck My neck is, is in so much pain right now, because I'm literally just like, hunched over I have no leg room, or anything

Pretty annoyed I woke up, and I was just like, Where the *** am I? Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! Cradle it! What? Cradle that Bop-It baby I was, I was cradling it Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! Whip it! Bop it! Whip it! Twist it! Golf it! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! This is so awkward How do it golf it? How am I supposed to golf it? I'm in a tight area I actually didn't think about this, but my hands are really sticky From, I spilled some lemonade, hot cheetos were on it, I ate some fruit snacks, so like the sugar and stuff Aw, I missed But my hands are sticky

I just feel dirty, I want to take a shower Guys, I checked my phone It says I'm getting shipped out today! This all ends today I'm about to get shipped out And it's so hot in here

And like I said before, I'm getting shipped out to a random address I don't even know who it is That's the fun part of this, you know So, I don't want to come out naked Let me put on a shirt

Ah I'm getting shipped out, I'm not sure when I'm getting shipped out, I'm not sure, I'm moving Alright guys, um, once again, not sure where I am right now I just Woah, woah, woah! What the ***? Aaaaah! What are you doing, man? Woah, woah, woah, woah

Woah, woah Where are we? What are you doing in my house? Woah, where am I, bro? Boy, you're in my house What are you doing, man? I don't know, bro, I was doing some YouTube thing I didn't, What the *** where you doing in that box, man? Bro, I'm not, no, I'm not trying to hurt you I

I come in peace, bro You come in peace? Get out of my house That dude was gonna kill me, but he was like, you know what? If I shout him out, he wouldn't beat me up, so I was like, you know what? Alright, fine Everyone go follow my friend, Kali

Alright, he's chill He seems a down-to-earth person Go follow him But that's gonna wrap it up Thank you so much if you made it to the end

Like the video, if you liked the video If you are a new subscriber, welcome to the family I will be dropping a video in the next two days, probably, so be on the look-out Thank you so much for all the support and I hope you have a great day Peace

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