I Met My New Girlfriend On Fortnite Battle Royale (True Love Story)

You know what is up? Everybody how you guys doing welcome back to my channel How is it going look that it is no secret that foreigner is a very very popular game right now like what do you have? Dudes like drinking stuff playing and talking about the game like that's what you know is popping We're going this today I was thinking like in my song when I was like yeah, I got a lot of enemies I don't want to make amends

I don't want to make friends I just want to make Em's and although I do want to make millions I gotta do what a make friends today? So that's what we're doing a dead man about to hop it again goes for night and make some friends But not squads though because squads is this time free to meet and plan with people and I don't want to be forced to play With anyone, so we're gonna do it in solos and you're piling How are you gonna? Make friends and solos watch my guys hopping it right now man Make new friends This almost is easy, man Take some notes man first things first You've gotta gain that truck Wow crossbow first

Holy crap No This is actually perfect guys He doesn't have a gun perfect the game to start yo Why are you going? I'm trying to be your friend No, come back Look look look

I'm not sure to you I could I could already killed you I dropped you a medkit micron brah Why are you running for me? Let's team up Let's be friends I could have already killed you like I'm giving you my trust like I got the crossbow I could have popped you twice take my gun bro Take my gun let's be friends now come on Where'd you get the shotgun from or you get the shotgun from hi guys I didn't turn out how I planned it's all good We're drilling into another game

We're gonna find a guy I here we go we found a guy already You're already hitting me Don't kick me with a hammer He don't just put 50 damage on me with the hammer yo All right, I hear up in the house hold on Let's see this shit like I'm basically Where is this guy? Oh shit this dude's already dislike me? No

I have a shotgun plate I could have popped them in the head look look look drop the gun like bro Like I have a shotgun you had a pistol I kind of popped you I could have popped you Let's team up Yo, yo, I think it's working Yeah, take the shotgun take the shotgun Let's team up like I'm your homie look I didn't kill you I could have killed you

Why are you suing me? Why kill her potato world 6 Where are you doing 2 times? I have a gun first I could kill them easily by my you know I'm a spare them they turn around a Backstab do it's like make me look bad and shit anyways I hear people around me already yo guys if you're watching this and you play game, but you want to be my friend I'm trying to find some friends, but I'm going to solos try try to find some friends Yeah, yo, Oh God oh There's a good right there Go take it don't take it though Oh Yeah Take a potion Here we go guys

I'm gaining her trust Yeah I do you think it's an actual girl, or is it a girl character guys I think we're in oh My god She's crouching She's crouching up and down

I don't know what that means I shot the ground that means yes or whatever All right, I think we're chillin yo guys my first video ever like I started my channel playing games And now I Here I am again playing some games, but I hear a chest up here I'm not getting it Hopefully she doesn't take my loot like you know I'm sad all right Wow look How courteous she is she didn't take it? I want her to have it no cuz that guns trash Yeah Yeah, I was just thinking like her character as a girl in the game But you guys think she's like an actual girl cuz like that'd be pretty cool Oh crap This is building She's in the house right now I gotta save her life, man

Hop hop, but I think Now People think it's not be playing for like what else am I doing who my dad is gameplay from like thinkin Hey, we got a little stuff going on there We keep I Think I see someone Oh, yeah, I see em I see em yo I need some help this girl can telling me You know I'm not even microphone it I was talking to myself, and she said she got my back, but she got my back fighters Where is this guy going? This pool is just running this shit like get your 1 get your ass back here, man I really thought about it I only get excited over kills when like I'm getting girls to strip like just a random killing a game like it means nothing you Know oh, yeah, I know this room got a minigun It's not that good So I got this girl a little gift here we go There you go, I saw you that's all she took it All right cut off topic, but I was thinking like while you're sleeping you're really just laying there in the dark Unconscious what is this girl been following me, okay? But you're laying there doing nothing for hours hours of doing nothing add up all the hours while other people are out there Getting the money right so I gotta follow this girl, but always thinking like next year dope like I'm not stupid It's a waste of time people keep talking about friends come upload more videos this and that if I don't sleep You know I made like I will upload more videos

You don't like plate up facts, man Just don't sleep if you want to do stuff But I found the girl no can we get some kills like what are you doing like come on no? We're this deep in the game I still cannot find anyone You know like where is they oh she's a mansion over here? Oh? She's my minigun I dropped through that minute Girl gamer babe X finally eliminated What is that word there is an axel girl? Shut up shut up

Oh I see you go here Haha had a big boom all right know what huh? I might just buy my own business people use girl characters all the time Soleil I was just joking around I didn't think it was an actual girl But her gamer tag has a girl gamer and babe in it like it's a girl You know I'm saying and like not only she girl We kind of have the connection like she's holding me down right now like she's distracting him Like this is so lately I love doing this man like you'll come here Which you'll chew app Joe at this guy North she can't hear me, but there's a guy right here, babe I cannot let you die I got you I'm gonna hold it down Why is this guy so aggressive for chill-out dogs Chill out dog we're holding it down song oh She's so she's good at the game

She's using my minigun All right guys the roller fortnight has every man is for themselves like it's solos You've got to kill everyone you see and try to be the last man alive like there is no teaming right like what I'm doing Right now with teaming with this girl I can get banned, but I'm kind of freaking out because I don't want to get man But like it's just what we have is so special and I don't even care if I get banned really like would you didn't kill Me to other people killed me You know I'm saying like I could have killed you with my burst gun, but I did it You could have killed me and now we're here Where are you going now? We're here at gal Look me in my eyes Where are you going? What we have is special you were defending me I was defending you we could have killed each other, but we did it What we have it, no good girls don't play games guys and the fact that this girl's kind of good at this game It's kind of turning me on she's really in this big building Causing all this ruckus like she's over here engaging in like drawing us attention you wild I like that day And she kind of freaking with it, and she's like shooting two people up I attack them Yo, do you draw a mad attention to us? There's Rockets coming as shit you wild what's all this commotion going on ya? Know did throwing Rocky's know and before? Gameplay I didn't know what to expect I was trying to find some friends You know and what I got from this is just so much deeper like like like like and we build a relationship Like and we trust each other now, you know I'm saying like it's just oh man It's super interested you

Let's go She got another kill She killed him off The top like do you have a dick or something like are you a dude? How are you so good? There's really six people laughs yo Like I don't know what to do like what if we're the last two legs do I have to kill her? But I don't want any kill her and I don't want to lose you Let's go chug chug no sigh topic guys like I have the best like it be est Best subscribers in the world like think about it man I'm not supposed to be in the hills in LA I'm not supposed to be able to fight number corny artists I'm not supposed to have ten mil, but I do because of you guys man What's up, girl? This Rose are throw me an RPG Are you kidding me? This is I don't need it But like the fact that she even thought about giving it to me like I'm not to life her up I'm about to wipe you off back to what I said about the fans and stuff you guys are the best I really do appreciate it if you're not subscribe to the channel What are you waiting for posting that daily pop that you already know? What's going on this game's up with sober, man I've actually said I'm gonna try to add her so we can further this relationship But like I'm sad man like this is really fun I ask you to really get that trust and that we build from berries on Satan Sure another kill like yo like like all the gamers that hold my prayer like oh my god

She's so good game well She's so hot She's so good All right guys There's three people left including me in her which leaves one person left Where is he? We're clarified up courses in apply get your ass over here What you think you do it you have no shot? What are you gonna? Do it come here with Joe beanie, okay? Wow I didn't expect us to actually go to the end and this is pretty awkward because do I kill her does she kill me? What do I do? This is so awkward I wasn't expected to get to the end like I didn't even know I was gonna be anyone If she follows me I might have an idea What should we do okay, I'll go there I think I have it I saw I'm gonna drop every single gun and hopefully she drops all her guns And we just have a little axe battle

Just to wrap it up just a job Hey She got the memo we're closing off the arena Yo, I don't want to do this man You know I don't use the memo man It's nights only I are you ready Let's jump in to admit

Are you ready oh? Gosh you're charging me Oh god I want to kill either, so what do I do I mean? I'm really not trying to die, so I'm just gonna go off that okay I gotta take her out Yeah, I'm over here building Just feel like it's LG It's it

Oh I'm sorry I gotta do it But I gotta do it, and I don't know what I was expecting for this game-mode This is life, and shit, so let's go I'm sorry I have to do it alright guys I didn't know what I was expecting coming into this man I was expecting to meet someone to play a game with to win a game with you No I mean instead I met a friend

I met a girl I met her late I built a relationship I built a trust with this girl, and we made it to the end together, and she as she protected me I believed in her and I keep like I can't just let her go out of my life like this I just can't have that happen you know and I feel like I should maybe add her on PlayStation maybe um Yeah, try that guys I'm a Hatter on PlayStation, and I'm a cetera message I'm sitting here I met like I have to I have to my guys I'm doing it, man I'm sure my shot man

Hey I Felt It too The I said hey, I felt the connection we had let's take it to the next step my love We're gonna See how she replies to this I'm gonna be patient I'm gonna be patient Yo, yo she just replied it took you seven hours what took you so long alright guys she just replied Do you know what you said that risky text like you don't know what the response is I'm nervous Where is she about to say? Oh my god alright? I'm a dude Lowell Are you kidding me dog? Are you serious dog on my video like that? Why do you have that name why do you have a girl gamer babe X if you're a dude, what's the point? Why do you have that name? That just ruined my day that just ruined my day You know come on

I thought I found the one guys My life sucks if you can make my day better subscribe Please I need it Please if you're new please just subscribe Oh my god It's a dude, and I just got a catfish oh my god You

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