iDubbbz Content Cop On RiceGum! #DramaAlert NetNobody DISS TRACK On His Dad? – FaZe Banks

*DramaAlert intro* Hey, what's going on guys its ya boy blue here aka the fifth best Drama Alert host guys it has been forever since I filled in on this channel Im excited to be back but i know you guys are missing Keem so much at this point He's been gone way too long and hopefully we can get him back here pretty soon But he didn't want you guys to go without a video today so I'm here to fill in for him And man some big shit went down so let's go ahead and get started Now this first one here is HUGE and it's coming from iDubbbz who's been kinda teasing us for the past few days saying that he's going to be posting a video On the 30th he posted this tweet saying "the truth is, I will upload soon" And ever since the the community has been patiently waiting to see what this video is gonna be Is it gonna be a new unboxing is it gonna be a new series Or is it perhaps going to be a Content Cop which everybody wants, it's been forever since we had one And guys, he dropped it today He dropped the fucking bomb He put out a Content Cop on ya boi Jake Paul Er just kidding it was on RiceGum That's right, he posted the video today titled "Content Cop – Jake Paul" And it turns out, it wasn't about Jake Paul at all It was a Content Cop on RiceGum And he did this to like Not give RiceGum the satisfaction of being in the title or thumbnail Or anything like that, and man this video, it was so damn good There was like ya know, him going at RiceGum for being like boastful and being a showoff LMFAO iDubbbz is actually next-level genius Which is a little strange To see because banks is like really good friends with RiceGum like they live in the same house and everything so I thought banks Would come out like you know going at idubbbz and stuff like that in defending rice, but it turns out

He enjoyed the video and Supported idubbbz's video, which is which is cool I guess so now the big question is how will this affect RiceGum long-term because as you guys know a Content cop can be a death sentence for a channel and for a creator I mean just look at leafy and what happened to him after that content cop went up It was just all fucking downhill from there we'll just have to see and it will be interesting to see how this plays out and how rice gum responds So really quick I have to interrupt guys I'm actually editing this video right now And I just got a huge update that the content cop on rice gum has been taken down by YouTube which is Absolutely fucking crazy apparently they took it down for like violating the Community Guidelines or whatever But it wasn't you know anything to do with rice gum or anything like that He didn't like you know try to get the video taken down or anything It was actually done by YouTube so the content cop is no longer accessible on YouTube idubbbz actually just put out this tweet saying lol suck my fucking shrew showing the Community Guidelines Notification that he got when the video was taken down he also put out this tweet saying rice gum did not strike the video It's a community strike because I did the bamboozle switch-a-rooney so yeah absolutely crazy stuff I cannot believe that video got taken down Yeah guys (its up again) I just wanted to give you a little update rather than leaving you hanging and I was just editing this video So I went ahead and put this in but yeah back to the regular video Okay, so now that I've got that one out of the way Let's move on to the rest of the news that I have for you guys today And this first one is coming from NetNobody who might be making a disstrack on his dad That's right he tweeted out saying my biological father who put me up for adoption is trying to get back in my life because I was Successful by starting internet beef with me? Then somebody responded saying write a diss track and roast his ass into his grave and net nobody actually responded saying I may actually have to for the meme Which would be absolutely hilarious if he ended up making a diss track on his own dad I mean it Just kind of fucked up for you to like go at your son on the internet where he makes his money and shit like that So I think he deserves a diss-track and you know netnobody makes pretty good shit So I'm excited to see if this actually happens alright, So uh just as a forewarning here this next one is actually really sad And it's a story that's coming out of the tragedy that happened in Las Vegas And umm, you know it really shows kind of how youtubers can have an effect on people and can really uplift them And how this community does good for people and it's actually coming from one of Faze Banks's fans who lost his parents in this attack Check out this tweet here from faze banks Thanks tweeted saying This kid stood in my line bought the entire first loose change season and his parents were both killed In Vegas brought me to tears

I love you Banks Then saying I remember you so vividly anything you need let me know Season two is on us, and if you want to come hang at the house Let me know, I love you which is just absolutely amazing dude, and it really shows You know how good of a guy banks is and just how the YouTube community if it's used right Can just it can help people and you know this guy is going through something Unimaginable, you know he lost both of his parents And you know just being a part of you know bankses fanbase and being a part of something like loose change It's gonna help get him through this at least you know a little bit which is like I said, that's it's just awesome alright, so uh I know that kind of brought the mood down But um I had to include that I thought that was just awesome How banks helped that guy out, but we do have one more story here today, and this one's actually really fucking funny And it's coming from a guy named Zander Dev who's like a game developer and a streamer, and he was playing a game the other day on stream And he just started going the fuck off raging and it was great take a look at this clip *Destroying the desk intensifies* FUCK, *beat* AAAK *some desk beating* *Continues Destroying his desk* *Continues Destroying his desk* FUCK *he has a strong grip tbh* FUCK *Beat* *Caveman noise* Okay holy shit so uh on that note guys that's all I have for you today once again Thanks to Keem for letting me come on and host and thank you guys for Having me if you want to see more of me You can check me out over on my channel where I upload consistently and stuff like that and yeah If you enjoyed this video don't forget to drop a like, and I'll catch you guys next time, peace *DramaAlert Outro*

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