IMPOSSIBLE GUESS HER AGE CHALLENGE feat. Alissa Violet (We Failed..)

I'ma say dude She has to be like Twenty -Two sub to me lorenzos vids Yo what's up guys here with my duel man, we don't lose We just drop bangers on spotify, itunes all that but were back today for a challen- Are you seriously eating? Yeah

You're doing a Ricegum collab video, and you're eating, like- You want some? like how disrespectful is this No, I don't Can we focus Anyway we're back here Alissa Violet here back at it again and today We're doing a- is it guess her age? Yeah, I saw other people do it It's really poplar

I'm assuming We just look at these pictures, and we just guess their age Yeah Like if you didn't know me How do I look? 14 You look 13

I look 13? Yeah Yes! My phone was on 4% but it's okay because this chargers longer than my d*ck, and we're about to start First picture, We just have to get their age Yeah, before we get started make sure to follow me on everything @Alissa- "Boring" All right let's get started, jump straight into it we keep stallin' First person, boom! Let's guess her age I know who that is

Really? Yeah, It's Meredith Mickelson I love her Wait, really? Yeah Wait, wait, how old is she? All right I'm just gonna say she's 16, what do you think? I think 18 I think she just turned 18

18, okay She's actually so hot She's so hot What she's 17! She's not hot, what the heck! All right So the next one she giving me like an 80 range, like 88

Giving me more like at 84 vibe She's 13 She's 13 No way She looks 13

All right ready? Ah, 14, f*ck! Told ya, I was close All right this girl Just spit it out Let's say 16, go, go, go, go

23 What! She's 15? I was close damn she does look mad old She looks old there right? Old a*s Okay honey light on the makeup please Wait, how did they get this picture of me? Who's that ugly ass baby? How did they- wait That's you? Are you serious, you just said that out loud No, I was kidding

You said that- You, ugh You're so pretty, rice I'm sorry come back! Rice! All right next one, um Wow, she's actually hot, Yeah, she's really pretty Like holy crap

8, nah like 20, 21 I'd say- yeah, like 21 21 What? 14! Nah, there's no way, there's no way There's no way, she's like way too hot

All right next Whoa, isn't this like the, like the catch me inside girl or something Yeah, catch me inside, yeah All right, how old do you think she is? I mean I think her age has been all around the internet She was 13 for like awhile

Now she's probably 14, 15 I thought she was 16 I'm a say she's 15 Ready, set She's 13! Are you serious? Damn Yeah, wait have you seen her jugs? They're bigger than yours

Don't point at mine They're bigger than yours There's nothing here They're bigger than yours You can't compare anything there's nothing there

Ah A tree, all right So now they really want to test us Hmm Ah, the wrinkles

The wrinkles on it Ah I might just go with 25, you're? 154 All right Yes, I'm always right, Rice

Yes! All right how old do you think this is? I am bored What do you mean? Can we take a break But guessing people ages is so fun I'm bored All right fine, break time guys

All right we're just going to pick up right where we left off this is a roommate, aye, the boy banks That's my boyfriend All right he told me 24, he's 24 years old Dude, he told you 24? 25, 24 He's 47

No, he's not He told you that? He told me he's 47 No he didn't- wait he doubling your age- wait that's why you're dating him cause he's doubling your age? Yeah I'm into the older men All right

See told ya, 25, like bro I know my homie Are you kidding me? That's so annoying Wait, what? Babe, you told me were 47 All right next one, uh, she looks familiar Dude, I think I her age just from people always talking about her age That's Maya Mallya

Yeah, yeah, she's like 15 I think, I think she's 15, yeah All right next one, this girl, ooh Father kels! Wait you know her too? How does Alissa know all these girls? She's like 23, 22 21

What, she's 17! Are you serious? I might have to catch a case Dude when I was 17 I didn't look anywhere close to them You look like what? I had like You look like that? Yeah Do you know who this is? Yeah, It's Kai

No way she does That's yeah All right , i'm a guess what she's 18? Mm I think I think I think I think she's 16, I think I feel like I shouldn't even look at her

Girls that are like gorgeous at 14, like no, you have to do your time Okay? You can't just like glo up that quick Yeah, you just need to- That's not fair, you need to wear the purple eyeshadow and like- "Boring" A baby wow, so they're just twisting it up This is the homie, Asal, he's produced an album with Dj Khaled Yeah, Yeah, he's really talented

He's probably been doing this for years Probably like 30's I'll give- i'll say he' 22 What? Now they want to test us on the ford's Okay, it's a car

I'm an expert at this We'll give it 2017, 2016? The wheels Yeah, 2014, 2015 I'm going 2015

I'd say 1972 Wait, what, they didn't- 72,73, 1972

They didn't even make cars back then Yes they did! During the ice age? Ooh, I know who this is, she actually roasted me once When you were 13, you probably had about 2 friends How old do you think she looks? Really yeah, I think she, I mean I know her age, she's 14, I think, yeah You were half off

You know, I try? Next one guys, here we go- Ooh Okay, again, this girl Is hot what's up with these hot girls Yeah, she's really pretty, but she looks like she's probably like 18 But he's wearing a lot of makeup so like Wait do you know this girl? No Yeah, i'm a say

Dude, she has to be like 22 like Yeah, I'd say 18 with a lot of makeup 18, 22 No, no 12! No, there's no, there's no way 12? No

No, what That's terrible dude All right next one Uh Sarah! You know this girl too? Yeah, she- Does she like asians? No

Alright, so I'm gonna just go with 18, go Um, I think 21 Yes! I guessed! Yes I'm good at this game All right so next one

Wait milk, oh, okay, so now things are getting interesting I might give it like it looks like two weeks old out there daily I'd say like 3-4 Damn it Close I was close

Okay, next one Oh, this girl is really pretty, wow That's Scarlett! You don't know her Yes I do, that's Scarlett No, she doesn't know all these

Yes I do You don't know all these hot girls there's no way It's LA I know everyone here Telephone up right now

All right so her age, uh 18, 19? I think- you guess go 18, 18, 18 You think 18? I think 18 or 19 Boom

You can't get, wait what? I said 18 or 19 and you said guess one You said 18 or 19 too Yeah Why can't I do that? Because i'm a girl Oh Okay, next one

Oh shit Wow look at her body she's been in the gym That's like Victoria's Secret She's been in the gym, okay That's goals, that's what I want

I'm gonna say like 22 ish around there may be no No, no, there's no way she's under single digits No i'm done, I can't do this anymore I'm done, because it's annoying Rice, like that's not the right age

I can't do it She's 8 I guess I can't, I'm done Wait, come on All right

All right guys We're gonna end it I can't even end the video like she's not I don't care, These aren't right Dude, just come down and finish the outro, like really quic-

No dude i'm done Really quick Really quick, all right guys I'm going to outro the videoThank you so much

If you're new subscribe, buy the new merch (like a god merch) I really, what are you doing? Stop it What are you doing, what, what are you really jumping off? She's not 8 years old She, dude i'll plug you, i'll tag you I'll tag you

Yeah no i'm down All right guys! No, I'm not busy bro what's up Yeah No don't do that That's retarded Yeah Yeah, it's pretty sexual Like oh, I'm on the right

Before we get started make sure to follow me on everything @Alissa Violet, that plug though yeah, but that edit though

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