Jake Paul DESTROYED by RiceGum with 1 Tweet! #DramaAlert KSI New Girlfriend REVEALED! Shane Dawson!

What Is up DramaAlert Nation I'm Your Host Killer Keemstar LEEEETTTTSSS GEEETTTTT ROOIIITTT Into The NEWWWWSSSS Now Our First Story Is More On This Jake Paul Versus RiceGum Beef We Told You The Last Two DramaAlerts About Jake Paul Having This Big Rant Going After RiceGum Well I Told Ya RiceGum Was Gonna Respond And This Is What He Tweeted I Got Roasted Once Again! My Response Will Be Ready And Out Tuesday! Banger On The Way And That's When Jake Paul Quoted RiceGum's Tweet Saying This Just Be Home By 10pm Kiddo! Have Fun! Dad WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RiceGum Responded By Saying This I Must Be Adopted Cos U Ugly As Shit BWAHAHAHAHAAA So The RiceGum Response Is Coming Out Today Right NO! 🙁 RiceGum Is Always A Day Late RiceGum Tweeted Out You Guys Should Be Use To This By Now I'm Always 1 Day Late Response Is Recorded But I'm Not Done Editing It OUT TOMORROW And In This Tweet He Posted A Video Of Jake Paul So Heres The Back Story On This Before Jake Paul Blew Up On The Internet He Made This Song Literally Sucking RiceGum's D*ck And In This Song Jake Paul's Lyrics Where He's Like Sucking RiceGum's D*ck Makes Him Look Umm Pretty F*ckin' Hypocritical For Jake Paul To Now Call RiceGum A Bully ROLL IT Ohh Shit I'm Tellin You RiceGum Has A Lot Of Ammo On Jake Paul And Tomorrow I'm Pretty Sure Jake Paul Is Gonna Get Set On Fire Now Remember Jake Paul And Members Of Team10 Were Tweeting Out Stop Internet Bullies Well Adam22 From No Jumper Quoted Jake Paul And Said This You Spread A Fake Story Accusing Banks Of Abuse To Millions Of Followers Who's A Bigger Bully Than You GGOOODDD DAMNNN Adam22 Went In And By The Way, Adam22 Is The Homie Because He Was At A Show The Other Night Rocking The Keemstar Merch *Buy it now :)* ROLL IT What A F*ckin' Legend Also Jake Paul Uploaded A Brand New Video Today Titled Jericka Gets Remarried I Don't Understand How These Fake Weddings Are Entertaining At All Like This Is The Second Time He's Done This Dumb Sh*t But Apparently Erika AKA Snake B*tch Like's It Up The A*s Today Jake Paul Tweeted Out Not Every Girl Likes AnalSIKE At Least At The End Snake B*tch Got F*cked In The A*s ALSO IN THEE NEWS Shane Dawson Uhh Wasn't Really Joking When He Said Jake Paul Stole His Video Idea He Uploaded A Video With His Ex Girlfriend Titled Our Drama With Jake Paul And Your Boy Shane Dawson He Went IN On Jake Paul ROLL IT As You Can See They Look Very Similar His Was Called Conversation With My Ex Girlfriend Mine Is Called Confronting My First Love Both In A Car Both Talking I was Like You Know What It Was Just A Coincidence But It's Not Here's What I Think Happened I Think Jake Paul Doesn't Know Who I Am I Think He Saw This On The Trending Page As Number 1 If You Steal Someone Else's Concept Which Is Fine It's YouTube Everybody Does It You Have To Throw Something In Like I Saw Someone Named Shane Do This You Know His Was Pretty Cool So I'm Gonna Do It Myself That's What I Do If I See Something On YouTube Like Boyfriend Buys Me Clothes I saw Ray Do This And Now Its Fine Now You Just Have To Do That Shane Dawson Is A Legend Shane Dawson Is A Legend*A* Also In The News Now We Reported A Couple DramaAlerts Ago That KSI Was Having A Breakdown On Twitter Well It Seem's Like This Dude Is Happy As Sh*t Today He Uploaded A Video Titled Some Weird Country I Can't Read With My Girlfriend That's Right Were Finally Gonna See KSI's Girlfriend ROLL IT Cash Me Outside We Just Got Back From Our Massages Did You Enjoy Your Massage ok well Lets Just Say Mine Was More Hands-On She Was Just A lot More Rough With me Um you know what in fact I'm gonna give you a visual point of view RelationShip Goals They Look So Happy And In Love And Now For Our Final Story Guys I Know There's Not Much News 🙁 But We Have To Wait Until Tomorrow For The RiceGum Response To Come So Listen, If You Wanna Stay On These Topics,If You Wanna Be In The Loop And You're New Here, Make Sure You Subscribe With Notifications On Cause We're Gonna Give You Every Single Detail Of This Jake Paul And RiceGum Beef But For Our Final Story, Ma boiiiii NetNobody Uploaded Like A Music Video That I F*cking Love He Uploaded ' NetNobody – LA Lights (Official Music Video)' And Honestly I Feel Like This Song Has The Best Courses Like Ever, Like The Hook Is So Good ROLL IT AHHH! I Love It , I Love It So, I Would Encourage All Of You Go Check Out NetNobody's New Music Song *Oo* That's ma boiiiiiiiiii, Gotta Give Him A Shoutout You Know He Helped Me Produce My Own Music Video, You Know Dollar In The Woods! So Go Go , Send Him Some Love From Keemstar Ladies And Gentlemen That Is It For The News Today Guys, I Really Hope You Enjoyed This Video Last DramaAlert, I Put A Like Goal Of 150,000 Likes AND YOU MOTHERF*CKERS HIT IT ! Now, Honestly I Should Put Out Another Like Goal Of Like 200,000 Likes But I'm Not Gonna Do That Because There's Not Much News Today I don't Fee

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