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[music] Lets get right into the news Enter subtile Oh my god, we got a big story for you! Jake Paul went IN on Ricegum I mean he really [Pause] went after Ricegum Jake Paul uploaded this video titled a 'Conversation with my Ex-Girlfriend' Now in this video Jake does have a conversation with his Ex-Girlfriend, but its a very small part of the video

The meat and potatoes of this video is him going after Ricegum HARD And this is all because Ricegum uploaded a video a few days ago titled: 'REACTING TO THE NEW TEAM 10 HOUSE' Where Ricegum and his friend like compared the Team 10 House to the Clout Gang House And Ricegum made some jokes about Team 10 members being too fat and whatnot And Jake Paul is furious, roll it: Jake Paul: And then he was making fun o- of Nick – Crompton and Tessa Brooks and body shaming them and calling them fat Ricegum: That's not a elevator like, I'm telling you; if Tessa and Nick Crompton hopped in that (censored) it would break! It's just overcapacity Jake: And so I watched the video, I was just like – I was blown away Everyone has seen recently that Brian is a terrible terrible person

He is a scum bag His mom, iDubbbz made a video about him Basically dissecting everything that this scumbag – this TERRIBLE human being has ever done, dude You are a terrible, terrible, terrible human being iDubbbz then proceeds in the rest of that video to expose him more, and more, and more and more

We don't even have to get into all of that because it doesn't involve me Brian's most recent video has extremely touched me and hurt me in many different ways, he can say whatever he wants about me I don't respond to hate I don't care about the hate, people can hate on me all they want I make fun of myself

I made a whole entire diss track on myself [Claps] That's great, like I'm not going anywhere like h- hate all you want on me But when you start to talk about things and people that I care about that are my family in a demeaning way And you don't stop and h- he never stops

Keem: So clearly Jake Paul is upset that Ricegum made fat jokes about uh – Tessa and about Nick Crompton, and you know he makes this point like; 'Don't you dare come after my friends' But like Jake, did you forget that you went after Ricegum's friend: FaZe Banks? You know the the whole 'he assaulted your assistant' the thing that never happened? I mean [Pause] It's a little hypocritical But then Jake Paul went on to say that Ricegum was making fun of SUICIDE And this is what Jake Paul had to say about that; roll it: Jake: But they start to make fun of the Team 10 house, whatever, blah blah blah blah blah I proceed to watch the video I'm sorry, I'm – I'm like baffled he starts to make fun – of [Pause] Suicide And by implying that I should kill myself or people in the Team 10 house should kill themselves Ricegum: And a rope hangin' down with like – the swirly thing And then like a chair underneath Just right around there somewhere, what do you think? Chantal: I think you should put like, vanity to do your makeup

Yeah, I think that would be really useful for him Ricegum: [Clap] There you go Jake: Whether he's joking or not, he needs to be called out for these ashes this is – unacceptable Hundreds of thousands of families are affected by suicide every single year, it's not something to joke about, or – or even to encourage anyone to do, and the reason why this is so dear to me Is because if you remember less than like four days ago I made a whole entire vlog about this bracelet that I'm wearing – about this girl who took h- her own life and whose family is completely affected by it and that the the little sister can't cope with it and has to go to a hospital just to be able to live her life And she's a Jake Pauler, and my videos inspire her and so the fact that Brian is sitting there making fun of it when there's people like that suffering I just don't get why or how people can support this kid

Keem: Ok ,well I gotta say Jake Paul kinda does have a point I mean he has every right to be offended about what Ricegum said But I don't really think what Ricegum did was really that bad So I feel like Jake Paul has a right to be mad about it, but I don't feel like Ricegum is a- a villain because he you know had this noose on a string, but then after all this Jake Paul gets extremely cocky and he starts going in on Clout Gang as a whole Jake: And while we're on the topic of Team 10 It's crazy how you guys want to copy us and create your little 'Clout Gang' when I have made everyone that is in Clout Gang I am the owner of Clout Gang I am the CEO of Clout Gang I have given all the clout to Clout Gang, and if you look at it I think Clout Gang actually spells Logang, because why not throw Logan into the mix Logan and I are your dad's, we gave birth to you

No more iDubbbz It's Logan and I Call us daddy from now on please, whenever you address me Keem: Obviously Jake Paul is a little upset about Clout Gang Then Jake Paul goes in on Ricegum hard about, you know, money and finances Because the whole premise of Ricegum's video here, is he was comparing his mansion to the Team 10 Mansion

So [Pause] Jake Paul let him have it Roll it: Jake Paul: – changed so Brian, you can hate on me all you want, talk s*it about my house whatever you wanna say, but in your video you started comparing us You started saying that our house is this, your house is that don't ever – compare me to your sorry ass I bought this house with my own damn money You're paying rent for one room within that house You don't even have enough money to buy a house in California, but going back to my point earlier that wasn't the Team 10 house, because you can't do anything there besides make content in your f***ing room My backyard has a backyard

And once again, your renting it Hold on, let me keep going You made a video about your AdSense earnings Let's check it out: So last month I made a roughly $60,000 for one month, wow Jake: Wow <– *sarcasm*, you make sixty thousand dollars in a month, Brian? If I made sixty thousand dollars in one day I come here to my bed, and I cry myself to sleep as a failure

$60,000 for me is a BAD day And I know your merch sales aren't s*it But if you are wearing his merch, that means you support all of this negativity and all that bad stuff Which makes you not cool in my books I do not stand for that

Furthermore, my page has three billion views I've been doing this for one year, you've been a YouTuber for like since I can remember OH, But wait, hold on If we add up all the videos that you've ever made about me, it equals 200 MILLION of your views, which means 20 percent of your channel is because of me Your biggest video is because of me I am your dad

Speaking of 20 percent, if you want to sign in to Team 10 so you can become relevant again, I'll be glad I know you wanna join Team 10 Except, I'm taking 40 percent of your career because there's a lot of f***ing work to do Brian, you don't have a car, while I'm out here in California riding around in cars that spit flames All of the Lambos that you flex with are rented

And anybody else that is watching this besides Brian, – Guys, I'm not trying to brag I don't need to brag People see the stuff that I have If he wants to play the compare game Like I said, I'm going to put the nail in the coffin

Because this kid needs to shut the f*ck up And again, to anyone watching, this is not how you handle situations This is a once-in-a-lifetime rare occasion that you will see from Jake Paul We are in two completely different leagues Brian is a YouTuber I am an actor, a businessman, a CEO, who happens to vlog my life on a day-to-day basis I run a multi-million dollar company

I'm a Disney Channel star I've done Fox movies, YouTube Red movies I have my own YouTube Red show This kid wakes up at noon every day and can barely put out a video And Brian, I know this is the reaction you wanted out of me You're so happy right now

Call your mom and tell her that it's your big day Tell her to break out the nicest outfit that she has and that you're taking you to dinner because this will make you the most relevant that you've ever been, so congratulations It's your big day, go and celebrate I am your dad, and treat me as such I know you're sitting in your room right now, and you're starting to do math and you're going Hey wait today I can buy another Supreme sweatshirt, because Jake made a video about me Wow, now we have videos – Keem: God damn! I mean, I gotta give a point to Jake Paul

He's like mother f*cker, I bought this house Like now, remember Ricegum made this video with Chantal, and basically Jake Paul went in on her too Roll it: Jake: And Brian, this is between you and I We dont need to involve anybody else So tell your friend Chantal to leave herself out of these reaction videos or whenever you talk about your dad like this Chantal: I think you should put like, vanity, to do your makeup Ricegum: Yeah

Chantal: Yeah, I think thats really useful for him Because Chantal, you should retire The biggest moment of your career was when you dated Justin Bieber You're irrelevant now You walk around to all of these famous "Hollywood people's" camps and you try to hang out them just to get famous, which is why you are now with Brian in his room, reacting to a video that has nothing to do with you

And the Mercedes that you drive around in, your dad bought it for you You don't make any money Keem: Oh my god! Jake, this is the first time I've ever said this unironically Your a savage bro! So I reached out to Ricegum, Ricegum didn't even see this video yet, But I'm pretty sure he's probably going to respond but again, I'm kind of shocked Jake did better than expected And it's gonna be interesting to see how this turns out So if you guys wanna follow this drama, make sure you subscribe right here on DramaAlert with notifications on, because we're gonna keep you up-to-date with everything that's happening with this

Tomorrow's gonna be an exciting day on the interwebs Guys, that's it for the news If you enjoyed this video make sure you slap a like on it Last DramaAlert I put out a like goal of 100K, and we f*cking did it! So listen, new like goal Let's shoot for 120K likes

DramaAlert Nation now over three MILLION subscribers Ricegum you cant let Jake Paul punk you like this!

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