Jake Paul Trolled By My Fans at Team 10 House

bung king cong hung bing doing sjung bing shong ddddoooonk Jake Paul is currently pulling out his car, I believe that's his Tesla Do you guys hear what's playing right now!! I thought I was gonna do something exciting today but once again man, I'm just sitting in the back at Sommer Ray's Photoshoot, I mean I could be hanging in the studio, doing something way more productive but me and Sommer are like this I choose the wrong day to wear black, I'm BURNING! I'M SWEATING my back is sweaty, my armpits are sweaty! are you sweaty? I'm dying (BEEP) Oh my god heheh I love it, youre gonna love it

You're gonna get some of that cool air and we're going to cool you down that guy is a weirdo but yea guys sommer is getting dressed right now she has a photoshoot man she's grinding, I'm grinding! I'm posting everyday! are you guys proud of me? we're about to go on a boat! I've never been on a boat in my life! im excited Rice stayed up till 5 today and woke up at 8 to go with me and it turns out we didnt even have to be here till till like 12 so we've just been hanging around sweating our balls off Wait, you have balls? You've seen them before Oh yeah

We never walk towards the back of the helicopter Ok weirrddoooo wait u are not slik a few million people know u kinda took a picture of her ass this guy gave me a wierd vibe all day summer even said that he was touching her allot and i was like how come he does not touch me like that goals uh uh summwe can i get a picture NO aww shit so right now there prepering what they would do in the air so just imagine her in the air just hannging of man thats kinda sketch the camra man is allso hanging of things could easly go rong but shes gunna be in the air hanging of like that i used to have a celing fan and i used to like jump and touch it and it would feel good on my fingers im tempted to touch that im kinda scared playing ym song

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