Yo, what is up, vlog! Guess where we're going! We're going to the KSI Logan Paul press conference right now! (oh boy) This is gonna be the biggest trashtalk battle of the century! *Dramatic Transition* I'm all about trash-talking Yahahiwqhasfjwl this guy loves drama! I love drama! We're here, live! (This is a Youtube video not a livestream boi) Ey you're about to see Jake Paul live! Face the fate! Do you have anything planned or are you gonna just go off the top? Nananana I got some plans Idk what Ricegum says here Okie-dokie! *Pans over empty stadium* Yo look at this stadium, these Youtubers out here doing big things! Who would be knowing that Youtubers are gonna be selling out stadiums (Again, it's empty) Yghnwgfghhwq this gonna be lit! Boi you look so confused, like why is this guy even standing in front of you? Y'know what I'm saying? Dude you're really gonna win, I believe it! (It's against Jake Paul Ya can't lose to him, duh!) Dude just tweeted this, "are you really *lazy censor* good" and he zooms in on kiss Why is he even looking there? I dunno, why is he looking at his d- *Jarring camera pan* Ya but he is kinda packing heat tho *Jake Paul's Army of Fools has arrived* Yo, bots yesterday I was at this club with KSI (Is that a KSP mod?) and randomly as soon as I left

*Jarring cut #1,000,00* Logan came and they started beefing I could'a been there! I missed it 'cause I left! Well it's all good buh-cuh-cuz the same thing's about to go dow- They're gonna go on the stage and start roasting eacho- Logan, Jake, KSI, KGB (I think that's what he said) Ohhh dude there's just so much drama! this shit is 100% fake (I agree, fellow captions author) Awww Ma gawd *Ricegum following people around while doing an air traffic controller impression* IT'S GOING DOWN! IT'S GOING DOWN! It's going down! It's going down! [Jake Pauler sounds, Ricegum faintly repeats "it's going down" like a broken record in the background] *Screeches of the damned* *In background* DON'T MISS SHREK! Eeiights goooiiin' doooon!!! It's goin- NANI?! What th- what the FFFFFFF what the FFFFFFF (2x) what the FFFFFFF (3x) The audio's chaos at this point Ain't gonna caption this Or this I know y'all wumbo! Let's give a big shoutou- a big warm welcome for mah man Jake! *Ear-shattering shrieking* *Jake Paul says something in Trogloditese* *Keemstar answers in Gnomish* Jake Paul's lookin like a 90s movie villain Aw sheet Something about something being the UK's biggest mistake *Drum sound* Oeeaauuuuuuuuu Are you sure about that? Aw-aw-aw- I got some cans! Are you sure about that Senpai??? (≧ω≦) *Hekkin camera spin, y'all* Gnome guy, thanks for being my biggest fan- *sound of a wind tunnel* Yet ANOTHER dramatic transition! *Keemstar prepares to eat the camera* Frick Cake Braul! Flip Bake Crawl! Flop Pake Jaul! Puck Darth Maul! *Shot of someone's legs* Crystal cam!!! *unamused* yaahhhhh! Yaaa!! Yeaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Logan PAAAAUUUULL!!! *Mumble rap plays* *Enter that guy who managed to weaponize children* It's official, Logan Paul's here too *Sigh* Abandon all hope ye who managed to watch this far DALE KNOWS WHAT'S GOOOOODDD!!! (Who's Dale?) *Logan Paul talks into a mirror* You grew a little dick today! It's a little one! And I'm vegan, so I recognize a baby carrot when I see one! Aeeeeuuuuiioooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh Roasted right now, they're just roasted! (Yeah, right) Idk what he says here too Yo what's up M'ladies *Screaming* Y'all poopy-faces got anything else to say besides that? Shut the *lazy censor again* up! Wat hte flip happened to January!? *Blue Whales mating* Was that you, just ge'in excited? 'Cause if it was, I'm about to end that shit real quick! Wait wut happen in January ??????????????????? *Flashback* I made a severe, and continuous lapse in my judgement (and continue to make it) Logan Paul, you Colin McGregor wannabe You dumb piece o' doodoo!!11!!!!1!1!! I can't wait to punch you in your stupid smug face! (Can't we all?) Aww Sheeet Boi you remember this – A wild caveman has appeared! A Toy Story ending, right? Aegeeguugghhghhhgghgh Yo these things are softer than you, bro and that's HARD (heh) to do! I gotta see this, I gotta see this! Blah, blah, blah, flawless Logan Paul impression *Logan Paul tries to think of a roast to retaliate* *Storage Device "Brain" is empty* Logan: Aw man if he keeps going he's gonna be able to steal my identity! Inner Logan: Punch him Yoink *Logan Paul resorts to violence* I'm back boi *Ricegum chanting in the background* Doggy pile around Logan!!! *Camera whips around, Ricegum's face is ominously obscured by shadow* What is goin' on!! I'm on the stage, I'm on the stage! (Uninvited) Ey we good, ey we good! Yo, now we on the way out right now! *Shouting* ching chong ching chong ching chingy ching ching chong chong chang ching chong ching ching ching chingching ching ching chingching ching ching chingching ching ching chingching ching ching chingching ching ching chingching ching ching ching ok no more lol rice u mad sub 2 kadept ok thx get me 100 subs Yeeeaahhh If you're gonna do duaishuiwhhsfekj like that, like, Digimon's mah boi But like, Jake is kinda toddler I don't think Budgie's ready, like, I dunno But look, maybe Duggy's seen us talk trash about- Maybe it feels him up so maybe Dude, Budgie we're rooting for you, but like Jake might take it, but Taxi, you're like a homie, I love you to death, but I may have put money on the other team (Poor, poor Digimon) *Ricegum comically overreacts* All right, no, but the other question Logan, KSI, man who dddgddhd Dude, I am rooting 100% for Kerbal Système Inventaire But I don't know! I dunno!! *In background* It could go either way! They both look tall and big and strong, who knows?! (that's what you're basing your judgement on?) Dude we were right next to KSI JJ Abrams is JACKED, bro! But so is Logan, I don't know Bhwuihjglshkjhgjwkeh if you guys didn't make it to the end, Make sure you drop (and shatter into bits) a thumbs up, I will see you guys tomorrow I'm posting tomorrow (uh oh) and

Um Yeah man, thanks for all the support, and Catch you guys! We've finally reached the outro It's over! Cheers guys, captioning's been fun

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