KSI vs Joe Weller Fight BEST MOMENTS (Reaction)

Hey! How are you all? I just uploaded a video yesterday and again today! All of you know my good friend KSI Was a YouTuber you know we have done with music, that's my brother! But I seem to remember last October, KSI and the other is a guy from a number of conflicts YouTuber However, their treatment, they decided to start a professional boxing match They really train every day from the beginning of October last year Today is the day they go to war The problem is that KSI keep playing the guy, I do not know him I do not know if he was a good boxer But I went to his channel to see this

I do not know, this guy looks pretty deadly, fast speed, he is very strong I'm a little worried for KSI So I pass a message to him, because I was curious I pass him the film, and said: "? Do you think whether he can be rather fatal" He then passed back to me: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Anyone can look good on pads Pads do not hit back Trust me, I'm gonna be slapping him up easyyyyy Is there seven '' Y ''? Where a total of six '' Y '' KSI obviously feel confident I feel very good and confident I do not know the story behind the boxing tournament Why are you acting like a professional You you ready for today's finale it Yes! I'm ready Ladies and gentlemen! He comes from Depraved (Eastbourne) Welcome to Joe Weller played! (Boo! Scream!) Ladies and gentlemen! He comes from Wafu Te (Watford) Nightmare! KSI my brother! Come on! brothers (Ready to enter into the first round) Game ready to begin My goodness! Amazing! Praise! Whose ass Why would she go here, I do not know how like her sister Well! To start the game (Joe looks very focused) Come on! (Two already seems to like to take a punch) Faster! Direct hit into (Joe have not punch, Joe must punches) (He finally punches a) (And hit, he punches again) (He is doubly counter-attack) (This is a boxing match, JJ are now at a disadvantage) Many of you saw Joe wearing shorts standards The other KSI I do not know what things are Perhaps skirt like And you know, more airflow into his scrotum (Joe continues to put floating around) (JJ are currently easily find hit points) (Joe came, now replaced his offensive) (JJ defensive) (Joe attacked his leg) Some people see it? The replay screen Joe low hand in attacking his second child Joe crushed this is not allowed You can not attack each other below, can not do this (JJ attack a wide range) (Blood have come out

) Joe's blood to flow out from the nose (Non-professional level play an extraordinary game) (Joe can not strike laid down arms, put pressure on JJ) Members they played too violent, too seriously I want to join later in the fight against fragments of sound boxing (Joe struggling ) (This is a record of the head blow) He had just resorted to hug the body Chongshuai Hold the body appears in a boxing match Chongshuai! what He knocked down (JJ continuous offensive) what? ! JJ why the referee when he was going to knock them apart (Great fighter, worthy of glory) The audience began to bad mood (JJ began to fully perfusion) (Attack his chest) (Standing hit head) (Attack head) (This is the kill ) Can immediately knocked down the referee has to pause (Basically come to an end) (not yet?) Continuous attack I think he should be in this verdict, the outcome has been basically set (Return to) (Back) (It should be the end of the game) He is not over (JJ full of power) competition is over ended (Sidemen members onto the platform) (Joe team was surrounded) KSI arch was lifted up Technical knockout He is now shaking chest KSI shaking chest, I do not know if he so and many more! This is a big Yaoshou belt I've seen a lot in life ㄧ belt, this is a big (how do you feel) Why would he hang it on the body (how do you feel) This is a big Yaoshou belt This belt is too great Damn! A big belt I can not go, too damn big Yaoshou great!

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