leafy, idubbbz and ricegum in the title.mp4

IHE: Shark Exorcist is the worst thing in the history of anything e- Red Guy: Hey hey hey hey hey, stop whatever the hell you're doing right now IHE: What,why? People love The Search For The Worst

Red Guy: Nah man, just fucking forget it, there's only one thing on everyone's mind right now IHE:Wait really? The Leafy Content Cop thing is still going? Red Guy:Yeah man, even the skunk from Over The Hedge made a video begging to be Content Cop'd IHE:What? Is there no end to the abyss where Ricegum's terrible content will sink? Red Guy: Who knows man, who knows But you've gotta join in IHE: What, why? Red Guy: Because there's a guaranteed million views, are you kidding me? Jump on that horse man, ride it, play the Youtube game, are you kidding me? IHE: But I don't really want to

I'm a little bit busy doing something I actually enjoy doing Red Guy: Are you serious dude? You fucking pussy Since when is Youtube about creating content you actually enjoy making and taking pride in? Oh I know, you could always sellotape your socks up and crawl around on the floor like a fucking retard again If you get any shit for it just say it's satire IHE: What even is satire? Like, I thought I knew what it mean but everyone on Youtube seems to think it means something else

Red Guy: You know what, forget about it The definition of some unimportant word doesn't matter Look, the only way you can communicate with a pond scum, lowest common denominator, troglodyte in the comment section is with memes IHE: But I hate memes Every time I make a joke it turns in to a fucking meme

Like, all I need to do is go ZOOBOO and it'd be meme'd Red Guy: You know, I bet you're glad that this random conversation we're having in private is never gonna be seen by anyone otherwise that would almost definitely have become a meme IHE: Yeah Red Guy: So when you're done making the video, I'm gonna name the project file leafy,idubbz and ricegum in the title so make sure you change that before the video goes live Just change it to something slightly less cynical Try and trick people in to thinking you have anything new to say about this incredibly self explanatory YouTube drama scenario

Otherwise people may get a little bit mad that you're just using them to make YouTube ad revenue IHE: Yeah, I'll do that Red Guy: Hey are you okay? IHE: (Sighs) I think so, I just Sometimes I wish I didn't have to do this

The constant battle to remain relevant is kind of tiring, you know? Red Guy: What? Sorry I wasn't listening IHE: (Sighs) ZOOBOO Red Guy: Haha, you're a funny guy man, funny guy I'll see you later dude, let's make that fucking Adsense rain Woo! Zooboo! Haha, that's some good shit IHE:(Sighs) So, iDubbz made a Content Cop on Leafy the other day here are my thoughts

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