Little Girl Drops Racist DISS TRACK (She Roasted Me…)

stop watching this please just stop now stop watching this I found out I was i was dropped as a child, dropped so hard i think I'm black! this "Black Girl"( NOT BLACK) This spoiled rich girl who only has like 100K subs made a professional music video, (No about of auto tune could fix that voice of hers) about me And my peasants supported me

The her singing was so bad people had to take the "music video" down Anyways, I got to hear this shit of a music video and lets hope I still can hear after this ***Why TF is her phone cracked*** White kid:WHA WHA WHA *Kill Me She Forced Me To Do This * Rice: that is by far the most cringiest acting i've ever seen Bruh I'm shitty at acting but, dam at least I'm better that Bro that Was so painful to watch Like you trynna diss me, at least put some effort into it

white kid dressed like a girl: HELP!!! HELP!!!! *MOAN* OK WHAT Why are they moaning THERES SO MANY QUESTIONS, I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON, like you kids are underage Why is this kids shirt bigger then your girl? You think with all the money she got she could get her friend a shit that fits WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!? Boy change your girl looking ass shirt

where she was trynna pronounce things in her house *noise* "NUT"!!!! (just a thought, WTF is with that face tho) IT"S TRUE THO HAVE U SEEN "NUT" LIKE DAM MAYBE THATS WHY SHES CALLED NUT SHE KINDA LOOKS LIKE ONE If you gonna dis me than you, best be sure your people don't look like a nut and boy wearing a shirt way to big for him Sorry, not sorry

Sure Everyone Watching This is probably Thinking Wtf is wrong with this girl sorry nor sorry WHAT THE FUGE IS THAT THINK VIKKI IT LOOKS LIKE FREDDY KRUEGER'S SISTER *FLASH BACK* Was That One guy that Was like chocolate chocolate and there Was that One grandma in the wheelchair all fucked up looking wanted chocolate

They LOOK SO alike WTF did i just seen Do i have to watch this whole video? HELP! I can't see anymore of this! You Guys i really don't wanna watch this i literally replayed this 4x and still don't know wtf she's saying Basically If you're a Duck Viewer Stick = GUN?!! This Shit LOl> IM tired so if u want more caps from me comment down below Really tries to portray like She's Like Gangster look at me i rap about guns i'm in the hood my Homies are locked Up Just Like in a gang or Whatever but Like The Cameraman pans over to like her squad her crew and it's like What is this Your Whole Crew Just Looks like a Bunch of high schoolers That all Get Bad grades But They look like They have Good Parents That care about them and like These Kids in the music video on This video But Like If you're Watching this you can change your life right Now What vicki is a Bad influence like all This gang Stuff is not Cool stay in school and don't do drugs you know no gang Stuff or Just you know Drop Out of School and do YouTube Fails i Mean That's the Way to go You Just Say erielle Made My asian Ass What are you Saying dude my mom made my asian Ass at first i didn't know What She was telling i was like with area What are you Tom and i Check on her instagram she took a picture with baby area on for other Viewers that day Now like a Year ago i took the baby Aerial dish track and It Was One of my Early Meals That Kind of Started My Channel and It did so Good i got so much news about it in a day all my videos Get so much view so she didn't make me how dare She even say They Know Just who she said that Let's Play back That Baby Aerial dish People Said erielle dissident Roaster After This dish track Your career is over I'ma call You Shrek Because you look like an ogre Heard you got accepted for the next World as Joker There Good ol times man okay back to the video Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching chime Believable Is This even Real Like no wonder the People got Taken down well this Girl's Races that is literally her hung Ching Chong Ching Chong Ching Chong a Bitch and She's Over here flexing all This Money Bitch Go fix your Phone streams but Actually Slow Down to the video and these were actually all twenties these are all $20 bills you Guys Heard My song god church you Guys Know how i feel about $20 bills Nice twenties i need blue on My Bills oh we were Halfway through The song right Now and i really don't want to listen to the rest of It It is awful this is It Doesn't get worse Than This Guys This is the worst mister never Change i change i change I'll Get paid enough to do this and You can look deep did i Just Get Exposed you know that caught me soft but i was not Expecting that and like That line is one of Those Lines Whereas Like Like You Know the Elisa said you come fast like the furious Type of line i Mean we're Just like Like Like It's a Burn Lane i Mean Know about wait did summer She's Saying That about me Because I'm Just Curious i Just want to know you know i'm Saying only did she say that oh I'm Just gonna text it i Mean I don't want to come off Weird or anything I'M Just gonna text it did you talk to okay i Just Texted her i mean i'm Just curious What's it She's Already Typing back okay hold on We're waiting right Now for the response oh? Yeah, no, she Doesn't know what i'm talking about nothing don't Worry about

It yeah so we're chilling yeah we're chilling Cha-ching Cha-ching Chime Bitch I'm done i'm Exit Now this is all Just Chicken Chong ching Chong She Just being Raised Just Basically Spinning in My face Right Now me my agent told me all my asian Viewers at home are Just like Man This Girl's Wagon This was Really Whacked i Mean come Quick he made another video about you Um so i Just want to let you know if anyone took offense to my Rice gum video AnyWay in the ag community took offense It Was Only to rice gum so so if you took offense i Just wanna let you know Please don't please don't take a Piss and Thanks for Watching okay What i let me get this stretch This Baby Said yo Guys Guys you know i'm not being racist to agence guys Everyone That's offended Stop it's not about you Guys Guys I'm only being racist to one asian and One asian Only and That's Rice Gum What about me man Felix Too But Yeah Guys it's gonna wrap up for a day Man i was away from YouTube for a Bit and the day i Come back I'm gonna come back to this Type of Show like come on man but iF you're Wondering if I'M gonna Drop a Diss Track back to vicki prime not Just cuz She's Like Really Irrelevant i Mean You Wouldn't do anything but like Just get her name out There more Just Because i'm talking about her whatever the little vacation IS done i'm back on YouTube Ground posted Tomorrow and Guys It's everyday Now i'm telling us i'm back before you Guys click off i want to take Myself you Guys see this shirt that i'm Wearing is? This Flannel and Then The Shirt Basically My Homie Bakes My roommate Man You Guys Know him he's basically starting Up a Clothing line and This Is one of The Pieces it'S free too if you guys Want To check Out all the Pieces Link in the description but Basically he's Been a Pop-up shop in la Tomorrow? I'm gonna be there unless They're gonna be there banks Is gonna be there basically you show up it's a shot There's a Lot of Closer if You See anything you like you can buy the clothes and if you do buy something You'd Go to the back and meet Me banks Alissa hang Out with us whatever Whatever Whatever and yeah It Should Be a fun time all the details? follow your daddy @crypserbx on twitter doe doe doe doe doe da doe doe doe do do da do do do do da do do do doe do do da doe doe doe do do

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