Logan Paul’s Brother Roasted Me!!! (EXPOSED)

Here we go again Last Week, I was in some drama,This dude some 30 minute video on me, A Diss Track And then yo, I responded and I also dropped a diss track And then he drops a response to my response and I could drop a response to his response But that would just kept going and I just had to put an end to it because he would just plain out hating, he was making fun of me for no reason And I would have shown you this That shit got so much dislikes ""so many dislikes""! most popularist video "NO" I guess that accumulated a lot of haters ""accumulated?"" why aren't we hearing these made up words in your song but yeah guys the drama accumulated alot of views and the reason why i dropped this because, i mean "Jake Paul" just roasted me there is alot of points in that video are just taking me down he said i was a bully taking me down saying he made my career he said i wanted to join team 10, i mean he was saying some INSANE, INSANE stuff but, the top of "Call your mom, and tell her it's your big day, because we'll make you the most relevant as you ever been", i mean he was saying some crazy stuff, but this right here is insane how can you take that? bro, the most relevant you made in your life is when you dropped "everyday bro", it's the song where he dissed alissa and magically i dont know a couple days, you and your brother started hating each other, you guys randomly just start in that beef but like, i know brothers do say the dumbest things sometimes, but like was it really serious enough to drop disstracks, and diss tracks, and videos about each other?, i mean how could you guys call each other up and SDSHDFGJH, i don't know, alissa's and jake's beef was actually really random, jake just randomly dropped diss tracks she was advance she didn't know how to rap, she came to me, we made a song, and it bang, and randomly a couple days later logan and jake no longer hate each other, they just magically love each other, and just another one big happy family basically, He'll cook you up are you really dumb enough this was jake before you got like really big but like you were a fan of me the funniest thing Is she was actually spitting some facts there's a reason why they call him rice gum Why you take it serious he does it just for fun you still couldn't rap back that he's still gonna rap now but a low Key and that song he was spitting some facts but never take it out He already won oh well what he says is mostly true that's why i bought this room is so straight-up facts like that is just for real though like that's a hundred percent accurate he knows what's up but you just understand that in His rose video he made it seem like he's my dad like he was above me and all along he's been admired like it's one thing To watch my video it's another thing to watch the video like and comment but jake went out of his way to make a song just type in me up like that's the next level fanboy Regardless like i said jake said some insane crazy stuff that i feel like i deserve to defend myself cuz that's not fair right so just, hear me out but this is gonna be a good one He talked about How nick and tessa are fat and he is body shaming then cause now for fascinating body shaming when i really wasn't and i'll just explain our elevator is spacious doors is just not that big where if two people were to go in there it would break you were just over capacity i'm gonna said anyways name it i just don't happen to not like nick and test them because of our past Experience you know we i have my reasons but i wasn't fat shaming body shaming if anything i was elevator shaming so sorry it's your elevator any elevators out there if anything ma'am but nowadays internet is very Sensitive and i could see why you know people might see that as body shaming a specially i mean i was joking i didn't mean To say that but i'm sorry for doing that no but that being said jay call has no room no Room, to call me out for this oh, it's just one muffin why not what their body saw this type of stuff like that would just ruin their experience at the pool they would always try to cover up It how do you come out and call me out when you? Film these type of videos and we treated these type of stuff i know if he were gonna say this was the old him this was back then on the find these are all old tweets guys i wasn't even gonna bring up all stuff i really wasn't but he Did it first the one example is like the rape thing like how can you support how can you even make fun of that as A human being but the thing is what i said three years ago was unexpected she rarely caught me off guard and i just flipped out i accidentally said something i didn't mean i said sorry jake on the other hand was purposely making these videos just fat shaving and body shaving It wasn't an accident he's sad that he directed it he failed it he was a part of it he was in it you posted It just for what to make jokes about fat people Like does that make yourself feel cool but look jake also if you're a firm believer of no fat jokes no fat shaming no body shake if you're that much of a firm believer that you need to call our own dad is that Your dad a grown-ass man went out of his way to call a fan fat you have no? room, to call me out for fashion any when you've been doing it for who whoever knows how long and we all know who He starts to make fun of suicide and by implying that i Should kill myself i guess i got some explaining to do so in jake's house tour video he asked the viewers he asked if you guys Comment where you think and what you think should go in different places but guys i don't know what i want to put in here i need your help with this like what should i put in here does anyone know what he doped like furniture that size unique and Cool and oh i wouldn't just randomly tell him to put a chair in a rope in his house but he asked for the help and i just cracked a really bad joke and said for decoration put a rope there and for furniture put a chair there but i Wasn't implying jake to go commit suicide Tend to go commit suicide it was just it was a reaction video and i just tried to be funny and just did a really bad job but did what i say Encourage my viewers to go out there and kill themselves know did what i say increase the rate of suicide now the guys i'm not delusional unlike jake when i mess up i know i mess up and i will say your and own up to my mistakes So with that being said i am sorry to everyone that took offense to my joke it wasn't even a joke it wasn't funny at All and i'm so sorry to everyone that took an offense including Jake, i'm sorry it's all the families that had to suffer because of suicide i'm sorry deeply to you guys too for just being very very insensitive and it's just something that should be joe And for you to make fun of somebody for their attributes that they might not be able to control is And you need to be stopped stop being a piece of there is more to the world out there than bringing people down byxis steve in his video that like all i do everything i put out is just negative everything i put out is always a roast this this this when in reality that's not even true bro yeah i roast people but there's two days there's challenges there's vlogs there's music videos like i do other stuff besides just roast all These youtubers are always on the same stuff like they're always so happy only so oh i want to be a good role model please Change them a little positive i positive and like yeah that's cool but like i just want to be different and surprisingly enough there's actually people out there that enjoy and me making roses which also Encourages me to do it even more but the thing is i'm like kind of confused because why is he offended did he make that song I lost similar to my a million subscribers i thought that you would understand my sense of humor why you take you serious he does It just for fun but they're calling me out for being a bully and a terrible person he perceives the same you're making fun of something that could be out of Someone's control and everyone should feel comfortable in their own bodies and everyone can look however the they want i agree that is a very Very good point but how are you gonna just say that when you've done yes where are you from i'm from kazakhstan the reason but it sounds like you're just gonna blow someone up be like Send the news that's a fan where he was from and from the fans So if he makes a bob joke not only was he born there and something that he can't even control but dude that's racist that's how you good cuz you laugh like a walrus all the time it's annoying okay not only was that kind of mean but like that's something that she can't control you just burst out laughing sometimes and she was born with that laugh and to top it all off Every time she laughed starting up in the back of her head she's like damn should i laugh not, too loud cuz i might sound like lauren she's gonna be insecure and just kind of a shake of her laughs okay, so if you're confused on this picture it kind of looks like jake is just telling the kid what to say and by the editing i'm pretty sure that's what happened genique was really out in these streets talking to the kid like okay okay stagehands okay good now say still yeah okay good good good making out making yeah perfect perfectly with his ugly Make sure you say ugly ugly last one girl friend girlfriend that's all he needs to do now is get his editor to chop it up and make it good but wait wait let's top it all off and just put some towels just So she knows she's a little kid saying something savage yeah it's funny Hahaha! But then again your corner of the desert appearance she was born that way she can't control the way she looks Hey look, i'm not offended he was just cracking a joke all i'm trying To say is next time you try to call me out for something just make sure and just double-check that you haven't done it yourself because it just makes you look really dumb at the start of his rant the tone in his voice like he just seemed very serious and like as if he was very sad and distressed and then all of a sudden he just started switching ee and this poor Attempt they're trying to take me down he also tries to add a humor into the video like guys these are Actual words coming out of his mouth i am His and idubbbz is his mom's logan and i are your dad's we gave birth To you okay i thought my dad was asian wow this is a lot to take in just Give me a second to just process this all right so he said he was my dad right And they said items as my mother and then he said logan is also my dad So these three does i don't know how they made for me somehow but how do i look like this if they're actually but that's true it looked like this i mean i'm just confused right now but when a quake according to his project what does that make logan my grandfather because your career Am i adopted i i just Don't understand but before you was shot a minute when he called himself my dad he was basically saying that he made me and he's responsible for my success but wait hold on if we add up all the videos that you've ever made about me it equals 200 million of your views your biggest video is because of me I am your dad okay i only use them So much in my videos is because i realized that there is such a big market for anti jay paul people that don't like jay paul jay paul haters like his most popular video has more dislikes than legs and i instantly Knew jay paul has more haters than been so instant had the hop-on and capitalize on the market and just get all these new fans but the thing is i understand why he's acting like he treated me like i already had five million subscribers before i even Roasted jake let alone already considered a top youtuber before he even came into the scene and before i even knew who you were i was already tough at baker's these were all from our own videos that i just played out did on my own i came up on my home did you film these videos did you edit these videos are your names in these titles no so stop acting like you created me and i'm gonna be honest last year i made quite a bit of videos on jacob sutorius i got a ton of views off of this kid but as of right now jacob sartorius is it nearly as big as he was last year because as jacob went down jay paul went up every year Youtubers come and go and you just so happened to be the jacob sartorius this year and the next One more viral and more annoying that you pop up i mean the first one to make a video bound get my subscribers get my viewers up and then i'm balancing but in your video you started comparing us you started saying that oh our house is this your house is that don't ever Compare me to your sorry ass alright man he has a point you know Just, because our house were you know in the same level of coolness there is no, way i can be comparing myself to him he has more subscribers than he has more infused with me he makes more money than me it's also an actor in a Disney show so for him to say we can't compare each other he has a point and he loki roasted but then after staying don't compare us he proceeds to compare us i bought this house with my own damn money you're paying rent for one room congrats on your house It looks like something i would want to raise a family in but as of now i need a place where i can't rap out of it you know buying a house is such a big commitment and i get bored really easily and chances are in six months or so i will get bored of this place and i'm gonna rent a bigger place made a video about your adsense earnings Let's check it out so last month i made a roughly Sixty thousand dollars if i make sixty thousand dollars in one day i come here to my bed and i cry myself To sleep as a failure sixty thousand dollars for me is a bad thing yeah i know You make more money than me i don't think you had to say that because everyone watching already knew that information you know all you had to say was don't ever compare me to your sorry app like that's all you had to say like we already got the message you don't have to keep comparing us after you say don't compare us but anyways about the 60k thing that was about a year ago when i was still in my mom's house you know times have changed but like everyone starts somewhere you know people would kill for 60km mom some people care, to make sixty can't hear but according to jake's paula logic you know i'm not on his level but you know according in logic i would consider 60 k a week a very very bad week terrible week but am i gonna cry myself to sleep over it no because money is it what makes me happy is a youtuber i am in the actor a businessman a ceo i run a multi-million dollar company is it that serious like she's like really getting into it guys when i was Comparing us this is all i said this is our house at night this is their house at night who has the cooler house from the outside just voted in the congress i'm just really curious in your video you started comparing us don't ever Compare me to your sorry ass dude relax like is it really that serious i was just curious this dudes over here like spitting and shit anyways He just keeps going on i'm a disney channel star i've done fox movies youtube read movies i have my own youtube? read show my page has 3 billion views I've been doing this for 1 year ok dude i'm gonna have to stop you there your accomplishments are impressive period like what you're doing is already good already cool i don't know why he keeps putting a time frame on it he's actually he just magically pops up and that is just making a 60 cams and like he just keeps saying it took him a year he Did all this stuff in a year you made a song just fanboy to me and sucking me off a year and a half ago like that alone is already over a year not To mention rewind three years back you were already actively trying on youtube and posting vlogs not bad He wasn't ready i've been doing this for one year But, even before that your brother was already big on fine and that's how you started out on fine and they proceeded to make instagram videos Facebook videos who are already getting views and followers like i didn't know you back then i wasn't a fan back then but like this Is all public knowledge dude damn near have put so many years into this so you have so many people around you constantly helping you you have a character we have a team that edits your videos you've been in la for like years now honestly which means you've been developing connections and you have more resources like you work your way up and you deserve all The things you have because you work for it but it did not take you a year so please just please stop saying that and then not only that though he perceived the slander and disrespect my name you've been a youtuber like since i can remember as long as you can remember why did this guy maybe To see like i've been grinding my whole life so let's go back and look at some of my first days this was actually my first viral video and this video was actually posted before this video which didn't go viral sadly but this was a thank you for Okay that was posted after which means i didn't have 50k in the time i think i had like 10k and for people that make videos they know starting out from nothing and just start out brand new on a new platform it is literally almost impossible like a few video before my ds kids must be stopped i literally said but as this video gets 2,000 tons up by tonight i was literally asking for two thousand likes I'm getting two million now that shit was nothing i came up so let's clarify i went from nothing To eight male in under two years i built a name for myself Through the bottom of youtube do or the other hand had a famous brother you were doing fine so you doing instagram you were doing facebook videos and then you Transferred your fanbase you already built to youtube so we're gonna make it seem like i'm the one that has been grinding my whole life And you're the one that just magically pops off in one year and it's ridiculous because in reality you're the one that has been doing this shit longer than me this whole video that's because systems just jake saying the most Craziest things but wait it doesn't stop there he just keeps going it's crazy how you guys want to copy up and create your little Club dance is when was starting a team and bring it together youtubers To form a group your idea i don't know what the first person to do this was but it definitely wasn't you because do you know what madcon is we're all dividers join together to form a group or faze clan a group of just gamers do you know all come together or sideman david dobrik screw like the list goes on the only thing that separates team 10 from all these other groups is you guys just Have more fans that's it you guys are doing the same exact formula there's a proven formula to work and it just makes making content A lot easier make growing a lot easier you guys are all sharing failures are all to elaborate but the thing is you claim that team 10 is like one big happy family When elisa used to be in team ten and she told me everyone in t10 hates you they despise you they're just a rowdy to Get their followers how a gang is all my friends i'm living in a house with my friend there's no leader there's no head boss no One takes orders from anyone meeting banks had a vision so that's why we started up clapping but we're not leaders we're not above anyone like we're all equals we're all friends melissa told me what team 10min you actually even said this in an interview but it used to be named ten digit entertainment or sunlight a ten digit media some random stuff they switches over the team template anna and team ten represents Ten digits and there's ten digits in one billion dollars and the main goal is for jake's company team tend to be worth 1 billion Dollar one day simply only cares about his money he's doing all this team stuff just for the money which is okay because that's his Life i mean that's his business like i like money too Don't say we copy you guys when you guys weren't even the first ones to do it on top of that our goals and motives are just completely different klout and cloudy egg like don't google it the actual definition means power and influence that's what we care about that's what motivates us it is now a popular slang word that represents followers and internet activity i love making videos because it is fun and also might have a voice people actually listen to the things i say the things i say actually affect people in a good way or sometimes even in a bad way and that's why jake is maddening that's called influence i don't care about a 10-digit or making a billion dollar company i am driven solely off of power and influence you are driven solely off of money Stop saying we are trying to copy we are naive in the same i'm not sure you guys notice but throughout that whole video it was just filled with manipulation and if you are a bryan lee supporter Like i feel sorry for oh no guys should call feels bad for us we were you know doing brian lee supporters there is more to the world then dragging people down and being negative that won't get you anywhere that won't get me anywhere i Mean it got me somewhere there is more to the world and it's not too late To literally join a positive youtuber and change your mindset i'm like you really tries to like target my viewers in my fan base he says right stuff is very very negative stop supporting them right now Go support someone positive he's trying to make everyone turn against me you guys need a change of mindset or you're gonna live your life just being filled with hatred why Is this guy telling my fans what to do he's not saying like yo you guys should you know change my cell life he is really saying you need to change your mindset in life where you will be filled with hatred if you are awareness march That means you support all of this negativity and all that bad stuff which makes you mad cool in my book once again if you guys wear my merch it's not because you guys like me as a person or like my music it's not as you like the actual clothes it's because you support all of this negativity and all that bad stuff guys he is literally saying stop by rice's murphy come by my Brush, because i'm positive what is wrong with you if you are a bryan fan it is not too late To become a jig parlor, to switch, to the good side to change your life around for the better change your life for the better okay are you kidding me right now this was what it was all about in the first place it is clear now your view started Dropping so you started dropping with me to get more views and then you try to manipulate my fans so you can gain that's what? this is all about bro there is enough views for everyone i'm not selfish you guys can like jake and you can also like me you can watch his vids and also watch my vids and also watch jacob satori's because you can watch whoever you want jake is the one Thing that there's two sides a good side a bad side negative positive you know it's not too late To switch over guys because sorry like i'm not about to tell you guys Who to support or who did not Or like i don't care and the funny thing is he literally calls all my fans not cool in my book but you're gonna live your life just being filled with hatred brian lee supporters there is more To the world than being negative which makes you not cool in my book then i don't know where Readily he's telling those same execs fans and he was just bashing on to go subscribe, to him it is not too late To become a dick pala i think that i'm really confused about as He claims, to be so much bigger and it's so much richer than me but he's still trying to stay relevant through drama and through me look guys Youtubers come and go every year jim you killed it during summer you were ever here on headlines you were causing so much controversy you were having so much reckless behavior you were dropping songs that they were blowing up your head all this hype around you but when the Hype started dying down you noticed the decline i mean you dropped the song and i seem like you've been a lot of work into The audio into the music video i need you now all this productive you're on a boat you casted all your fans or in the? background i did 10 million views in a month and a half like your jay paul dude that's the type of stuff you cry yourself To sleep to now you have me on the other hand where i just dropped a song last week it's already at 19 minutes already more than you in a week and guess what it wasn't about you and also a couple days ago jake tweet at me where he was claiming to be my dad or something i Replied and just looking at the activity of the tweets like come on jay paul is bigger than ever but as of now he has old news and the family can sit there and act like she almost and he's like my dad is ridiculous When this dude is my biggest fan when he's not done yet there is more this kid brian lee who has this platform where he promotes negativity jake pollard's we need to stand up against this we're changing the world for the better that's the type of stuff that Brine should be using his platform horse how is he gonna tell me how to use my platform Apparently guys if you don't use the platform the same exact way he does it's the wrong way it's bad and wait wait a minute Did you just say who is cheating in the world we're changing the world for the better We're changing the world for the better we're changing the world for the better we're changing the world for the better we're changing Bro, i'm not you you could go out and change the world and do all this good stuff that's you why don't i have to Do that i just want to make people laugh why can't i just make you a laugh and then he proceeds To say you're setting a terrible example for every kid who watches your video i'm a terrible example apparently no jake you can be a good role model Example the kids you can don't change the world that's your stuff why do i have to do that i just want to make people laugh why are you tubers health at such high past i was like we're all wrong i am just an ordinary kid that sits in my room and talks to a camera by myself with the light pointing on my face like that's what i do i don't have any life advice or Inspirational stories for you guys i signed up for this shit, to make people laugh not To be a good role model so jake stop try them and dip away people to tell them that there's a right or wrong way To use their platform like no I'll do whatever the fuck i want But i could have sworn you use your platform to try to ruin someone's career you like put his arm out Like this you like wash your breath yeah like he knocked the wind out of me and i looked up at him and i realized immediately that it was Banks and you use your platform to falsely accused my roommate of assault that was door phone you should have got more facts and proof I don't know how you're trying to change the world with your platform what you're doing shit like that but that guy that's gonna wrap it up i believe this is the part where i stayed now i'm mad and go to the studio and make a diss track but like i already made one on Him and it just wouldn't make sense i actually saw this on twitter and like people want us to fight it and i'm not really a violent person so i don't know what to say about this like it's just awkward i don't know what to do So i guess i'll just end it right here it's already been such a long video i highly doubt anyone's act on this whole entire Video and watch to the end but the real real support is there so little Comments surfboards so people are just confused anyways you meet today it makes you guys stop ally thank you for all the support you guys are the best and i will see you guys tomorrow humming still beats my pockets full of honey bill i'm in the hell bitch my soldiers did a hundred mill they telling me to stop flexing but i'm standstill i ran it up a lot of southern bitches wanna chill hey who does crawls out your little cave but i can tell that you a little gay Somebody stop the school shooter you look good with range speak on my name when i wish i put you in the grave

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