Good to see you guys in person man Wassup man OH MY GOD! It's five days in a row I'm back I just woke up I'm kind of tired I'm always thinking though Why do i always film in the most randomest spot Like I'm just filming in front of my bed, the background isn't even cool I mean I have a whole house off background Hold on I'm not sure if you guys know this but exactly two years from today's day I uploaded the video that changed my life the first ever viral video i've ever had These kids must be stopped I can't believe it was two years ago it felt like yesterday today's the two year anniversary let's take a look back ♪I've been drunk texting♪ ♪drunk texting♪ ♪drunk texting♪ ♪drunk texting you♪ this fucker just said "I'll be drunk texting you" this fool is 13 I didn't even text at the age of 13 what Did she just say that she's about to play with her pussy But yeah guys if you've been supporting since back then I just wanna say thank you so much This video is just so important to me Because musically was such a toxic app And i had such an impact on the- [Playing Sweatshirt in the background] What are you doing? I'm just watching my old musical

ly What exactly are you doing right now I'm watching my old musically I did not know you had this past You know how i feel about musically I know, I was waiting for the right time you know how I feel about musically I was waiting for the right time to tell you man Today's the actual anniversary of my video and you're gonna do this to me? It's actually not that bad *angry, throwing hands up in the air* [sad music playing] *knocks* yo I just don't feel good I wasn't expecting that, just turn that camera off right now bro what the- YO! Martinez Twins right? What's up yo stay right there hold up, wait what the hell why are you guys in LA? I'm about to prank em ooh

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