My Daughter Reacts To Lil Tay

Hey BabyGum Umm This lil tay and I'm richer than all y'all broke ass nig big Ching Chongs YO ! What is up everybody how you guys doing man, today I got a busy day I know I haven't posted a video in so long I'm sorry, why are you here bro What are you doing? Anyways look look dude busy day today, yo all right look at this new clout gang merch you know what I'm saying

Were taking pictures now We got the homie goin' in right now So imma do it look at enough about me man let's see what my friends are doing No, no, no Stop it, don't bite, stop it stop it uh oh uh oh uh oh Damn but you should be in the nba yeah yo someone needs, to check her id because i don't know who this is Why do you look different today, it's violet its my alter ego who's mans is this? Yo who does this guy think he got two girls holding leaves for him does he think he's cool or something Sommer I Haven't seen you in so long Do you miss me or something? what :((! ( im joking ) Can you a friend that knows on you're a whore people keep thinking instagram is easy bro it's not It's not, look at those blisters like this shit ain't easy to live Look at that! This shit ain't easy tho Its all for you guys, you little jerks! The dog just farted Ew I smell it Or was it you just trying to cover up? How did you know? Let's see some shit Honestly though Thank you Don't be mean Don't be mad at me if I'm bad at your angles, I tried I really tried! Hey! You better tag her These are cute! Cuz that shit ain't free no Yo! Man you know that boston guy talking all that trash we got a bachelor game coming up soon luckily the photo shoot knew i had A game til they brought their booty down say i'm ready for it like i haven't shot a ball all day first shot of the day cut that shit cut that shit out poor shot of the day Let's go we're try the day boys man since we already in the basketball spirit We are kind of twinning unintentionally bro we did not plan this you don't say basketball if you make this shot All right why you wearing your own face your own picture on your shirt like you can't get more conceited like you're so good Yeah, man like she really mosted me like that bro like that heard it a little bit alright guys when i'm finally home i'll you Know a little busy morning you know how to handle a few things but look guys i feel bad because like i've been going these breaks i've been really active on youtube and i feel bad because you guys are always there for me and i feel like i'm always were you guys but look I'm finally back the only reason i've been gone for a while is because like you guys know i have a daughter i made like? One video with her but like i like spending time with my daughter you know i don't always like to camera it all the time So sorry i've been gone but i am back today and i'm actually back tomorrow and i'm posting every day now i'm not even joking around like i always say this but for real i'm not joking around oh yes this was the topic of my daughter you guys know little tear right like that's like a nine year old really bad kid like i would not want to be like her like she's just a bad influence Lilten is also asian and my daughter is you know also asian and she could potentially grow up to you know be a bad girl a little too they can not happen To see her go that route so i need to pull up on her you know and speak some sense into it hey baby gum can you pay attention for two seconds i need to tell you something like like i know you're watching your show okay can you stop jumping around no can you stop doing that it's like pay attention i need to show you something, okay like you need to make sure that never turn out like this girl okay Are you even like you've been paying attention why are you why are you spinning all y'all broke ass julie pub lookin ass nigga good yes yes good all right baby got man i love the way you just ran away from now like bassy Lillte is that no, no she's an example of what not To be you know i'm okay can you focus for 10 seconds like why are you always jumping around her teach you a lesson Or you really sleep with all day are you really sleeping on the lesson like that come on she's really so addicted to it No, idea what i'm saying but little tay be the opposite of her you'll need to go that route you're you're too young too innocent To be doing all that i just want you to know to to stay positive right but i'm gonna stop down here here now i'm part of the put the camera down i love you i Anyways this bill gets more than two fags who make more vids i know you guys want us to make more videos i'm sorry she's Not slacking I've been slacking we both this lacking this is our This is our next hoodie, you feel me And now we're twining again Aye Aye Aye Aye Anyways guys like the video if you guys want more

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