JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! COME ON JUST CRACK JUST CRACK You're Just An Asian boy why you act like a black guy? Alright guys do you remember Yesterday Video next time I see chance guys imagine if this is chances face I see chance guys imagine if this is chances face I just want you guys to know that I have not washed this hand yet its been like 24 hours and What is up everybody welcome back for another day? I'm back at it again with Alissa Violet We are currently on our way to the gym man Summer has been motivating me to go to the gym more and I'm tired of looking little Tired of getting caught lacking so I'm going to the gym brought my bodyguard bro iam here to take a bullet for rice theres nothing hitting him today Today is so bright outside my eyes are looked at a super asian today, but we're supposed to go to the gym But I haven't ate all day breakfast is the most important meal of the day breakfast more breakfast Oh, so I started to eat out this veggie grill place It's a vegan place

I'm not even a vegan I eat meat every day, but he said no it taste like chicken alright if this place doesn't taste like her dog I'm gonna be really mad What the heck dude guys Ooo He stealing He stealing He brought a water bottle and he's filling up juice Guys, why waste four dollars on a cup of drink if you can just bring your own bottle our food just came I got some tacos this isn't even me guys This is like fake meat How did you get Buffalo wings? Wait try it try it guys it not chicken its like fake chicken Dude its chicken you know before we leave, but I think you should fill it up one more time So we just got done eating adele We're on our way to the gym the thing about this gym they're like really really like strict and every time you film there like yo stop filming So if anyone gives me a problem about filming summer behind the scenes

I'm going to give them some attitude slap em slap em eh it hurts so bad Hey, wait What are you doing though? So do too much the summer and he's spitting game I got love it just to sell it So we just get out the jams are pretty good work that you know What's that guy trying to talk to you about he tablet well? I'm a nice person, and I don't actually mean to people ever like I don't want to be mean to you guys I want to love you guys you guys want to make you want to talk some business I will short hole I give you my managers number take it He's trying to argue with me like um do you think I want to talk to you personally? He's like no Oh you should I can't get your personal moment pretty sure pretty shy girl dancer You just care about you oh I should do get a fake number and just give it a chance first the other videos of Popcorn strippers of Sasha try one Right now go to rich soup of the calm calm calm calm Tub

You sorry To get these games guys Does that look good do I look good? No? I would want you to look at oh my God boys and girls I'm really bored, so I want to try something we're off to this supermarket We're grabbing a watermelon so we have some watermelon right here should we just get these are oh? babies were Melon Do you think she's jerking off? It's that time though? What if I can't do it don't think that way? I think you can Drop the break that watermelon investor No I did Swartz's a nice book bigger ones are easier because there's like more to squish together oh Shoot the other one somebody got You may have won the battle but you won't win the war little guy so that Yeah, why is that rich it was over breakfast it is grown up with Hey, what is anyway, ya know? You will get another watermelon in the future, and you'll fucking destroy it I look at my work today I can't crash alone I'm sorry boys and girls this one on today they came out bus today ah Not so we're so we're not there split up All right, you got a second camera angle down there try to make in the hoop Oh oh My God dude it just exploded behind this so we just watch no it's not that funny You threw it like the worst place possible It was behind the hoop so they didn't really see it But I'm inspired by people in the color the way rice kids in Africa date that okay So I what do you want me to do picture back up into? Bears are going to be like oh You guys are wasting food not so fast already do the honors not so fast that's on us I Wish I ate some of this is actually really good Why is there pumpkin on the floor because dude that's pretty good it is good, right? Wow, so what you have so many, hey guys I want to help my friends But my parents are in La and I have to meet up with them

We alone cannot eat for like 12 hours oh Like these guys need me in their life at all times Oh, yeah, what are we going to do without him here? I got you What you did what were you guys going to do with them you're kind of spinning for no reason is is the regular Day-To-day? Oh, you want an award? Who do you like to thank first my mom okay? So this is what good friends do for each other managers? you know Help each other out get these good pictures alright guys this house were all about prank and he's about to climb up all the way There then jump off this and hopefully it will splash the females because we're trying to make them wet Do you like the pictures? Looking at oh my God Some of your room is getting a little bit better I see you working at it Okay, I'll see you tomorrow I'm gonna go play with my mom and dad and stuff Are you really all? You have a folder that balances out you got to get this paper You got to chill with the bitches you guys do this We always you always need that family time

Yo my boy I need you to hold it down I'm about to dip with my parents real quick wait is that it good? It's been a good while you clearly with the good you never know who to love yeah Honestly, and you never know though It's legal right okay I'll catch you later little violet hold it down Okay, way state in Chinese Meanwhile at the Krusty Krab Mom What's up? I'm back I'm back You know did you know I mean we haven't seen each other a while

No I'm a rapper now What I thought you didn't you two look now look um listen to my first song that I made peep this That's me Is it good? What it has 71 million Views? Or what don't you like about it? Aysen boy, why do you act like a Guy I know but mom this is like my dream to be a rapper Someday like do you think I should keep going with it Well long term I think you should go back to college and be a doctor We rip what I'm doing so good online That's right now You don't know the future right now

You don't know the future right now You don't know

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