Rice: Guy's what the heck is this What the (bleep) is going on? Like give me a break give me a (bleep) break

Are you serious? Rice: Yo I was up all night editing I was like I'm gonna get some sleep It's been three hours And this shit just woke me up I'm so mad right now What the fuck? Rice: Alright guys that really pissed me off, like I really wanted to sleep in but the construction really woke me up It's all good though

I got this brand new tripod in the mailThis shit is crazy I haven't even seen what it looks like but I heard crazy stories Rice: Ima get some food, then we're just going to capture some dope visuals (music playing) (music playing) Rice: Alright guys I haven't ate in like two days we're starving, we're aboutd to grab some food ssreal quick ya already know (music playing) Rice: While I wait for my food I'm always on my phone checking you know Twitter, Insta you guys are always active on there Thank You!! Comment, I'm always reading them

You guys are the best But i'm hungry tho (music playing) Rice: Alright I'm on the phone with my personal driver, he's about to pick me up, about to go home cause I have some important business to handle (music playing) Rice: Guys i'm kinda trying to be instagram famous so I got to do this real quick guys Rice: So basically this sweatshirt just came out like an hour ago and basically the people that order it online comes in like a few days, so I'm one of the few people to actually get it you know what I'm saying

So ima take real quick pictures, trying to get insta famous Rice: Basically we're trying to find a stop sign and i think that will be a really really dope visual (music playing) Rice: Alright so now the moment we've all been waiting for Yes this is my new car if you're wondering why I'm not vlogging at the dealership you know signing the papers

This is not a brand new car, this is my first car Rice: I just learned how to drive like two months ago, I didn't want to get a brand new sports car and scratch it up and crash it Rice: I hardly know how to drive I'm also Asian So I decided to get this used car, has a few miles in it, a lot cheaper

And I could also use this to get experience Or you know just know how to drive in LA Rice: Obviously in a couple months imma get an exotic fast car But I just don't want my first car to be a nice sports car, cause if I crash it you know it's going to be very painful and insurance is going to go up and I might lose all my money Rice: just give me some time

I know that this car sucks but I'm only 19 alright I don't know why youtubers seem like it's some type of big deal when it comes to their car alright Rice: Like it's a big reveal Like it's my first car Like it's a big deal, Like I just need to get to point A to point B man Anyways thought you guys should know I got a new car

Rice: I'm actually happy cause like if all goes wrong, I could just sleep in the back of my car for the rest of my life, yeah but thank you guys everyone so much for watching all my videos you guys are going ham Rice: Please don't make fun of me in the comments I know it's not what you guys we're expecting but ayy Lambo or Rari in like you know two months You know what i'm saying man

Rice: Skkrrttt!!! (music playing) Rice: Now that I'm an adult and I live on my own, I need to like buy groceries and stuff that I need, and it's really hard (music playing) Rice: Nah, I'm just kidding guys I ain't buying shit I'm just trying to show off the cool visuals you feel me (laughs) Alright now let's actually go shop (music playing) Rice: Alright guys so there's a store called Supreme and they drop this today and there's like this really long line like a 3 mile long line, people are waiting to get this hoodie I already have it

Banks: It's not 3 miles Rice: alright it's not 3 miles but it's long like my dick Rice: I'm about to walk by to see there reaction So stand a bit back (random fan) (random guy whistles at rice) (random guy says 'fake') (music playing) Rice: So basically I've been out all day, shopping all day, just, you know making videos all day I'm so hungry Got to get something good in my stomach

(music playing) Rice: Alright guys, I'm about to cross the street real quick Guys I'm crossing the street illegally Ohh fuck fuck fuck dude I'm actually scared I'm alive, got my sandwich Rice: Just got home, ate my food and now I'm stuck here editing

People think youtube is all fun and games And my life is amazing, it's always fun fun fun but like every night for like 4-5 hours I just sit here and edit this whole thing Rice: Yeah but if you made it to the end thank you so much If you guys haven't seen my room at night It's amazing But if you guys made it to the end, drop a thumbs up, check out my video tomorrow, comment your opinions, and if you're new have a great day

(outro music)

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