Good Morning Guys! I Just Woke Up My last two vids were like sit down call me vids And I'm starting to realize like am I even a sit down youtuber I feel like I'm more of a vlogger now My life is honestly TO LIT to not be vlogging everydaySo today I'm letting you know i'm done with the"These kids must be stopped roasting" videos alright, I'm going outside today! Yo we have somewhere to be Were going to this concert and theres gonna be "orcschastras"Alissa:Orchus What? RiceGum: Orchestra Its Like Classical Music Nah, but in all seriousness, there's like this concert that started like since the morning time and were gonna miss out these girls are taking forever! Are you kidding me? What the Hell are you watching bro? Faze Banks: I'm watching you get COOKED by a Fourteen Year Old Girl Dude Why are you watching her, Unsubscribe from her NOW Boys and Girls we are at the concert

the homies are sleeping, lets scare them! Ready, one, two, three Ahhh!!!!! aye were here were here lets go lets go we just arrive we about to go see trippy red Follow Me on twitter betches yo how is the pussy going o yeah great bro the pussy is awesome aye the pussy is doing good hey kids watch this kids watch this i am very thirsty, its hot as fuck lets get water i secure it guys havent drunk water all day thats the last water on earth $100 dollars so 21 savage just performed right now i am gonna zoom in real quick that is amber rose yeah she es his girlfriend she used to date wiz khalifa and kanye west but i guess they are in love now AND SHES THICK Ok guys i realized i havent been vlogging all day i have been doing such a bad job vlogging Rice what the frick? You didn't vlog us coming here? Who's about to perform? Myself, here we go Go onstage, go onstage It's everyday bro with the same bully flow Shoulda never cheated now never cheated now, got fame from your brother now What is wrong with her? Now I'm f*cking on your b*tch now on your b*tch now Now i'm on to bigger things bigger things now Me and Rice in a house with like 8 floors Rice its like 4 floors 4 floors and a basement You guys are on the Billboard charts right? Yeah I don't know how Why aren't you guys up there? We lowkey should be bro Bro you should I'll be in the crowd I'll be like Alyssa stop it Yo pull that zipper down Whoo those titties though Hey do we know this kid? Like I thought he was a part of your crew but we fucked up Who is this kid I don't know I thought you let him in Security! Security, Security! Yo whats wrong with this guy Chance the rapper baby Security get him, security Kick me out right now Do you want a bite? Do you want a bite? No thank you What? what are you doing? You can't do that You can't, what are you, Alyssa you can't do that

Oh my god look this is is insane there's so many different people And one boy can only dream but one day guys I wanna stand up here and preform in front of this many people My diss track, one day Alright guys, Kendrick Lamar Bro the couch just broke, the couch, broke What the f*ck? One of the main rules of this table is don't sit on the couches We gotta get the f*ck out of here right now

We gotta go, dude we gotta go Shit happens in life Wanna meet my cat? Oh your pussy! I wanna meet your pussy I was literally at this dope event all day and I didn't vlog I got no vlog footage It's pretty late but it's time to turn up

Oh shit No no no thats Barry! That's Barry! I just wanted to eat him bro They tried to ? it They tried to ? it? What the f*ck dude? You tried to ? the cat Dude you need a bigger house bro He deserves better bro

He does he's been working he has 300k on Instagram He has 300k? I don't even know how he posts pictures Bro thats more than these thots out here Bro he doesn't even have a phone Well London's got almost 200k Follow London What the f*ck is that lightning? Bro is that shit real? Roman you gotta chill dude How much did you pay for him? No way! Put it in my mouth I love how the white stuff explodes in your mouth What? He bitted me

Wait that's a cat though That's my dog That's what you signed up for right? Wait you don't wanna go to LA? He doesn't want to go to LA I'm Alyssa this is my pussycat So we're like an hour away from our house We called an Uber And the Uber was like Oh shit he's abou to do a drive-by Oh shit They just drove by what is wrong with this Uber? Subscribe!

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