Preparing Deji for Jake Paul

– Yo what is up guys? I just woke up and the first thing I did picked up my camera cuz I'm posting everyday I have a friend at the house

He stayed here for a couple days Imma order him a surprise -It's mah chicken Oh dude! – It's breakfast right? – Yeah – First meal of the day Open it up, open it up

I got you a surprise – Are you jealous I didn't buy you a chicken– – Yeah, bro C'mon, what is this? Just cuz I'm half? Just cuz I'm not full- – I mean he's dark skinned, you're light skinned – I'm dark skinned too! *screech sound* (let that saliva rain) – I'm dark skinned, too! – You're light skinned! – You don't know how to work bags – You have to keep– you have to keep the receipt – Oh yeah, taxes! – Mmmmh

Yeah Claim it back in that – You know, I'm tryin'– – Why you've been dodging those for 2 years – Damn exposed! – Exposed! – Yo your Lambo's leased bro – Damn!! – Alright open it

It's like a mystery box – Oh – Oooohhh – Dude his eyes lit up – Oooh let me see, let me grab one *bleep* What the fuck you doin' bro? – Naah no! It's mine! – Bro, one chicken though – Come on, I'm–just cuz I'm half? – Bro, one chicken wings– – Alright, when is this going? It's 2018 man – Alright, you want something? Here you go – Good morning guys! I just woke up man

You know Deji, he's our guest and I felt like he needed breakfast But now I'm hungry man I need breakfast I'm going upstairs See what's popping See what's popping

– Ricegum! – Why you have a lisp? – Right why do I have a lisp lately? – I don't know – It's a new thing that I've done with my life – You like the change? – Not really – Like, lisp? You go from like a 9 to like a 8 I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding! *Sexual Music starts playing* – I came up here to get some breakfast, man

You know first meal most important meal of the day I don't even want food anymore I want to eat something else – But yeah guys There's really nothing to do today So what else is there to do than go shopping? – Yo aye you wanna come to the mall with us and go shop? – Yes! – Sommer's coming? – Why, let's go – I think I'm gonna hang back

I got some shit I gotta get done – You guys have fun – Hey, you clearly said you were going – Yeah – I'm coming! – Are you gonna come? – Yeah! – Two pieces of original recipe popcorn chicken crispy strips fries – This one

That one screams "I'm rich" – It's only 13– – He's taking off the UK clothes trying on the American heat you feel me? – Damn bro! You need to get–wait, turn around – Hi!!! – Rice! – Yo man it's time to take off this I don't know what he's wearing Time to put on the heat! – You better save this for Jake – OH the body bag! The body bag! – Take it off – Oh shit! – Oooh! – Aye you feel the special powers or nah? – I wanna flex more bro

– Ooohh! – I need to flex more! – Aye you go buy some more clothes! Let's go! – He got Gucci on the jacket He's about to pick up the LV – Damn Just wear them out the store – Oh, you're gonna wear them? – Yeah – There's no return, bro

– That's no return – Dude you already bought two items I haven't even bought anything – You come to the clout house for three days and you're already getting Gucci, Louis – One last stop boy

Why you flex it on me though? – I haven't bought anything and you really try to show me up? – Alright guys! I just got back home I had to get the homie ready for the big fight Jake Paul talkin' all that shit Gotta get him prepare for (Afro)No, wait a minute wait How does buying Gucci and Louis even prepare for a fight? (Rice) Bro like what is you talking about? – Yo, I swear to God all you do is clickbait that has nothing to do with preparing for a fight You always be clickbaiting – Bro just mind your own business why you always worrying about me? – Bro you always be clickbaiting for no reason

– Alright! Shut up! You're so annoying damn like we get it Like why is this guy tryna expose me? I thought he was on my team Anyway, at the mall earlier this kid came up to me And I feel like this is a frequently asked question like people are saying this all the time to me And they're always like "yo rice, I want to start making Youtube videos" "I wanna start doing what you're doing" And for the people who wanna make videos because they like making videos or they wanna make a lot of money or they want fame You should probably start because it's a good idea I feel like you guys spend a lot of time on the internet because I mean a normal person spends a lot of time on the internet So instead of wasting your time on the internet let's do something that makes some band The reason why I'm talking about this is because you guys say that I inspire you guys

– I don't know why I do or how I do but – If I inspire you guys if you really want to make videos and be famous and make money or whatever the case may be Just go and do it It's really not that hard people always say "what camera do you use? "What editing" this and that like it's really All you need is like a camera You can use your Iphone camera And you gotta start somewhere And if you don't know how to edit and do all these special effects, I mean Nowadays it's so easy like there's apps made for it

Check this out Now playing: Trash – Jake Paul Now Playing: It's Everynight Sis – Ricegum feat Alissa Violet – I'm home alone – But like making content you don't have to be fancy You can just do it all on your phone

Or just get a little cheap camera and guess what? One day you can blow up and we can go shopping and spend a lot of money because we're both making money off the internet Oh yeah, and how I did all those special effects It was literally on my phone It was so easy technology is getting way too advanced But yeah the app is called "Like" if you guys wanna get it

You guys probably should cause it's pretty useful I'll put a link in the description If you want to fly around blow out fire this and that The amount of things you can do on the app is pretty dope Yeah, guys

I kept seeing comments about I want to start doing social media I want to start posting videos Like guys honestly there's so many social medias: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube Doesn't matter what you do But if you actually want to make videos you gotta start now because day by day there would be more people, more competition

But yeah guys really random video But guess what? Tomorrow's a new day and I'm gonna pick right back up I'm probably gonna hit up somewhere and we'll probably film, I don't know! I'll (voice cracks lol) figure it out I see you guys tomorrow! Thank you guys if you made it to the end If this video gets more than two likes

I'll keep this streak going And I will post tomorrow *hopefully* I love you guys you guys are the best if I could give you guys a virtual hug I would I will see you guys tomorrow

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