Q&A WITH MY GIRL FRIEND (Instagram Model)

Are you gonna make a disstrack with Sommer in the future? Oh guys it's already happening! Yo! What is up guys! How is everybody doing? Me and Sommer have not- WOAH What is all that Tic-Tacking? Sorry Me and Sommer havent filmed in a while Today i was like "I know you guys wanna know more about us on the DAILY" So i tweeted out #askRice and Sommer questions You guys were sending mad questions YEAH! Were gonna- sit here and answer- THERE WERE A LOT OF SEXUAL ONES JUST INAPPROPRIATE! We have kid fans, okay Okay so we're gonna jump right to it

Alright! First question! Thank you guys for asking! you guys were AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! If your uncle Jack is riding a horse and he gets stuck, will you help your uncle Jack off? What? Its an honest question! If you had an uncle named Jack- and he was stuck Cause he gets stuck a lot, would you help him? Get you uncle Jack off? *Gasping* I choked on a Tic-Tac If your uncle Jack is stuck you'll help him off (Inaudible) *Giggling* *Whistle* *Laughter* (Inaudible Mumbling) Ay, you wanna be in our Q&A? I'm down A'ight, so look-look-look-look- If your uncle Jack is riding a horse and he gets stuck, will you help your uncle Jack off? (Questions life choices that got him here) *Laughter* What was your answer, would you help your uncle Jack off? I mean if he's stuck on a horse If Jack is stuck- If he's stuck on a horse you're gonna help him jack-off? No no no- If uncle Jack is stuck I would help uncle Jack off the horse Okay yeah I mean that's a no-brainer

Yeah, I'd help my uncle jack-off *UGLY LAUGHTER* (Inaudible) Tic-Tacs I'll take a Tic-Tac, sure Yeah, just put all of those in your mouth No, you just put them all in your mouth at once That's what she said Ask Rice, Has someone ever slobbed on your knob? That's Inappropriate! but- There was this one time (Yea Im gonna take this to my room ) HEYYYY!!! Stop slobbing on my knob! I can't open the door!! What are your plans in case you lose your fame and won't have all that money? Me? I'll probably just be an Uber driver

Uhm, that's pretty easy, ya' know They make pretty good money How 'bout you? You have a lot of options, honestly If you ever start falling off Work at In N Out

You know the hats are so cute there Yeah, (In N Out tho ) May I get a follow back from both you role models? Aww- Since you called your role models I mean I really usually don't follow people back, but since you asked nicely We got to ding ding ding ding ding – You win! Ask Rice, do you eat rice? Do you eat rice? (RICE IN HIS NATURAL STATE ) COCK MUFFLED WHINING It's not funny "#AskRice, if a quiz is a quizzical, what is a test?" TRYING TO REMEMBER TAKING ANY TESTS

REMEMBERS THE ONLY THING HER TEACHER TOLD HER TO FOCUS ON MORE Testicle- Testicles!!! How do you deal with hate, Rice? Some people say they ignore it They won't look at it but, I like to read it I'm like, if he thinks, I'm ugly, annoying and all this, i just try to make myself a better person So I use it to help me Hate comments help me

You feel me? You know what~ you know what~ I FEEL that I really feel that! But I'm like, I don't know you boo I don't know you! Doesn't change my life Look at my boy Rice, he loves me, my friends love me, so you don't know me If you knew me you'd love me, yeah yeah yeah at the end of the day You guys know our youtube personallity, but like as a human, we're kind of cool people to hang out with, I'm telling you man (COOL PEOPLE DON'T NEED TO SAY THIS) -We're loving, and sweet What has been the hardest thing about having so much fame? You know the hardest thing about having all this fame for me? all the b****es on my d**k *Laughter* All these girls just want [censored] me And I'm like, "Girl! No! Not today, Honey!" I mean, Rice can't relate, but– – NO! *laughing* I can relate, I can relate Do you ever, get distracted, by Sommer's booty? No, I'm really good at focusing sometimes- Alright, I can't do this! I can't do this! *laughing* Are you going to make a diss track with Sommer in the future? Oh guys, it's already happening! – It already happened

AUTISTIC SCREECHING WAIT, what are you? WHAT? – What? – Cut the camera! It says– It says "big" – No, No – It says "BIG," You- you read it wrong! – I'm sor– – Oh my God – W-W-W-WAIT, Are we not doing this anymore?! – But yeah guys, that is gonna wrap it up! Thank you so much for– – wrap it up – *laughs* "Wrap it up"

– WRAP IT UP! – Kids at home, wrap it up, you need to wrap it up Seriously, 'cause our friend Fraizer, have you seen the colour of his piss? – No? – YO! YO! – DRUMROLL, PLEASE! Yo, yo, yo, You still have that video of you peeing? – Yeah – She wants to see it

* watching the video* *Chuckle* – I'm fine now, though – Yeah, no, guys, he's chilling NOW – No – No, no, no, no, no, no, no – WRAP IT UP! But anyway, that's gonna wrap it up – Abstinence is key! – Thank you so much for making it to the end Drop a like if you want a part 2! I know we didn't answer that many questions– – You guys need a part 2! – There was too many questions, too many sexual ones, I don't know! – But we have something to do Rice needs to get his hair and nails done- – Okay, okay, okay, guys, thank you, subscribe to Sommer, I'll see you guys tomorrow! PEACE! Tune back in for Sommer and Rice next week! – It's like, just like our own little talk show, and like– I, we, we tune in, it's like, they wait for the video

and we go only like do you find something int? but they can like say we can go "BORING!" *laughing* *Music Starts* NASAL ?RAPPING? They're telling me to stop flexing, but I'm stunting still I ran it up, all of the southern bitches wanna chill Aye, you done crawled out your little cave You got a girl but I can tell that you a little gay Somebody stopped the school shooter, he looked filled with rage

WOW RLY FUNNY CHILDREN AND TEACHERS MURDERED (Inaudible) Little bitch, I put you in the grave

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