Reacting To Diss Tracks About Me (FouseyTube & Little Kids)

Video- In his life, uh, the king is back Ricegum- Fouseytube (NANIIII), I saw he made these videos a while back, I guess she would know a lot about Fousey RING RING RING Lady-Hey RG-Oh, hey, what's up? RG-How is everybody doing man? I'm sorry

I know I haven't posted in a while, I missed you guys, man RG-Some you guys have been fans for a while you guys know I used to put out a ton of diss tracks (I've never seen a vid besides odd1sout reaction) And by doing diss tracks, I felt like random people on the internet saw that, and started making diss tracks of me (or they don't like you in general?) Misha-Ricegum is an arsehole(im family friendly), ricegum is a retart(not my nightmare misha, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) Ricegum-All those are old and stuff but like it still hurts my feelings and honestly I haven't done this in a while and I kind of do deserve to get roasted My upload schedule is awful man

So let's go back to the old days man I think we are just gonna be reacting to like these random diss tracks Ricegum-Dude, Like what are you guys even talking about? I tried to give it a chance guys I sat through like four lines, you know trying to you know, feel it But I'm not feeling it like what like he said a line while you were fortniting(why isn't that in a dictionary) I'm not even like, I'm making a video right now z nation was chilling in the lab What does that mean? Why are you guys in a laboratory for You guys doing a science experiment? Look, I'm gonna give it another chance but like, I don't know why these kids are even dissing me man Brah That was one time but why are they roasting? They're bringing up old stuff That was only one time guys Don't look at me like that

That was one time There's these two girls and they're like ricegum put makeup on and I did it but that was only one time Why is this guy even breathing up there? Yo, Whoa, wait, what whoa Whoa, it's time You learn from my father's son Do you mean your brother if he's your father's son? And you're also your father's son

You guys are brothers just say brother Why you saying as father's, why you makin it harder making a harder, so I'm sorry (don't be, they don't even english bruh) I'm making a big deal but like just makes no sense, right? So apparently this is the father-son guy that other dude was talking about came out of nowhere with the hook I know it's kind of fire But like I'm not a bum bro It's like I feel stupid right now I really do because I'm sitting over here with these little baby chains Stupid I know I look stupid because this kid has a chain that goes down to his nutsack The other kid has like three on (OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF) I just feel stupid right now, man I know enough man That's so bad

That's getting kind of catchy I don't know I'm just gonna stop listening to this(WHY IS IT CATCHY) I don't think I deserve this Man I take a two-week break from YouTube I come back I'm happy I'm back, baby And then I get roasted by the white, you know up-and-coming Nigos(wtf) man like this is not cool But the thing that makes me that most mad is like these kids really got bigger thicker a Cuban chains than me, bro Like they're chained like they're really iced out man And he really brought up the whole dress situation like he's digging up my passenger man next song Yeah Hey Brian, you know, how does this guy know my name rice? I ain't got no spirit

You got no deeper lay Yo, who is this guy? Ricegum-I don't have one of those, what(NANIIII) Yo show your face, who are you bro ricegum-Fouseytube( AHHHHHHHHHHHH, who is that?) What yo for you guys as a viewer, I see youtubers Rost youtubers all the time It might be normal But for me on a personal level I used to know this guy like we used to be friends Last time we talked was not too long ago and it was on a good hand shake know, friendly thing and like, where is this even coming from like I met this dude two years ago and this dude owes me because let me tell you something two years ago He hit me up like y'all rice Let's make a video where you fake punched me and we tricked the Internet Hey(so angry bro, chill), usually when you trick the internet or you know, cause drama, you know, it needs to end Well or you're gonna get a lot of hate, right so I was like so so how is this gonna end? You know like me fake punching you how's it gonna end He's like it saying all this stuff like trust me I'm to make a video I make it, you know talk about and it's gonna turn out good video comes out You know the video goes viral II don't know shnikes(family friendly), you know, I'm in the video Of course, the video goes viral, my name's in the tile and all that Of course But the video goes up we obviously like fake a punch It's gonna get a lot of hate I started getting a lot of hate and I really didn't even get anything much out of this because the vid was on his channel And he made all the money at sixteen billion views back then bro That's at least a hundred thousand dollars and I live an aspir and he still had nope This me like bro I gave you a bakery not to mention that other time where he did this video where he's like Pretending to be homeless for like a month where he just goes around be homeless I let this dude crash in my house, but I was like good friend a nap And now I'm getting roasted like why I just need to know I just do ask Google or something like Google why did Suzy roast me like come on, let me Months ago

Yeah, I'm gonna have idea but the flame when rice has my brother was on stream on Twitch And he called me irrelevant No, I've never called you irrelevant in my life You're putting words in my mouth, bro like I would never suggest from PvP and Frick and Fuzy to they were the biggest like you could be so big like that and that in a year You could just freaking be irrelevant That's just scary Okay, Maybe I did alright, but I didn't mean it in like an insult or like a mean way It was just like me looking at his numbers and he's not as popular as he used to be It's just facts man But like think about it though my 1 the word irrelevant thing to him or whatever Really started motivating this guy to start close to not YouTube again because he wasn't even uploading he made a song about me which he say spend $20,000 on the music video I put like 20 racks behind this video live event to premiere the song which he said he spent $100,000 on so that's crazy

I'm really over her motivating and changing people's life But like there has to be morally he can't be doing all this stuff just because of one thing I said like did I say? Some other stuff like I don't want to ask him or call him up because like we're not on speaking terms because they do drop The fool on this track just roasting me But like I saw you meet these videos a while ago and it was like his ex-girlfriend or something I don't know but like I Guess she would know a lot about fousey since they dated before so I guess I'll give her a call like, you know Because like there has to be more like he's not just roasting because of this one word I said like Lady-Hey Ricegum-Oh hey, what's up? Oh, hey, did you hear that a diss track? Fouseytube dropped on me Lady-Yeah, I saw that I thought you guys were friends Yeah, that's what I'm saying Like we were friends we were on good terms lady Knob said it just makes no sense You know, I honestly forgot why I was about to call you But uh, do you want to make a youtube video? Lady-What kind of video

ricegum-shoot I mean we could do like a dirty Q&A, you know, I mean those do a lot of views you do a little strip fortnite That's like a guarantee thing We can do like touch body challenge Doesn't matter? I mean anything, you know say, okay Lady- Sure, I'm down

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